The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Capricorn Soulmate

The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Capricorn Soulmate


Capricorn is a mature sign that is loyal, hardworking, patient, conservative yet highly ambitious. A friendship or a relationship with a Capricorn is a harmonious one as long as there is consistency and trust in the equation. What Zodiac signs is Capricorn attracted to and compatible with in love and sex? Who should a Capricorn man or woman marry? What's their perfect match?

Here are the top 5 Zodiac signs that share a high compatibility score with a Capricorn native:

Virgo and Capricorn

As both these Zodiac signs have an earthy nature, they value all things tangible. They are highly ambitious and have a penchant for work. Goal oriented and resource hungry, they mutually believe that work is worship. Often, all work and no play is what truly defines these signs. Highly intelligent and focused, they have skyrocketing goals and dreams and in a relationship all their efforts are directed towards making it big in life. Capricorns and Virgos are hardworking and tenacious. This enables them to conduct themselves with dignity and grace in their personal relationships too.

They take their love life seriously and would rarely fool around or have a casual approach towards it. They are patient and stable, seldom dropping bombs on each other with unpredictable decisions. In fact, this is a couple that has the potential to get married to each other and stay together the longest if not forever. A high sense of maturity and discipline makes them very responsible and dedicated lovers making them an inspiring power couple.

Scorpio and Capricorn

There is a good compatibility between Capricorn and Scorpio. Saturn ruled Capricorn and Mars ruled Scorpio can become friends and eventually have a strong relationship as they share similar values about love and sexual intimacy. They fantasize a perfect family life and expect to give and get back loyalty in return. They can build deep chemistry as they feel an intense attraction towards each other which won't fizzle out soon.

The men and women born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign are amazing in bed, skilled and blessed with an amazing libido to satisfy the sensual Scorpio. Scorpio looks for dependability and reliability in a partner to pursue a long term relationship and this is exactly what draws them closer to Capricorn. Capricorn will be overwhelmed by the intensity of emotions that the Scorpion is capable of showering over them. Scorpios can be patient with a Capricorn native, slowly learning about them and creating an environment where they can feel safe expressing themselves and discussing their future together. Scorpios are dedicated and protective and Capricorn is a provider, ambitious and driven to secure their lives together.

Cancer and Capricorn

The dynamic of this relationship rests on stability and dependency. Cancer is the best match for Capricorn (see Cancer soulmate). A union of the feminine and masculine energies makes this a perfect combination of the yin and yang. While Capricorns are immensely ambitious and Cancer is the giver with motherly instincts, they'll complete each other in the true sense of the term. The polarities in their aspirations adds to their mutual attraction for the relationship to stand the test of time. If they find themselves physically attracted, this union will be extremely satisfying and electric. There is harmony in the elements to which they belong so this further strengthens their affinity for each other and is able to handle insecurities and vulnerabilities.

Capricorn appreciates Cancer's compassion and the attitude to do things with a big-heart while the latter draws inspiration from the former's dedication to their goals and aspirations. They see each other as trustworthy and no matter how trying the situation seems, they'll always find a way to miraculously work through the difficulties in their relationship. They provide the perfect balance to their inherent weaknesses and this makes them extremely likeable and fond of each other. As cardinal signs, they'll respect each other's space, mutually inspire the drive to achieve and lead in their individual arenas.

Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces is a dreamer, a mystic who wins over Capricorn with kindness and compassion. The polarities of their interests is what causes a strong attraction between these zodiac signs. While Capricorns are traditional, rigid, practical, ambitious; Pisces personifies all the softer aspects of life like creativity, compassion, mystery and spirituality. They could get lost in each other, especially when they explore their bodies and make love endlessly.

Pisces is able to open up the Capricorn native emotionally with their patience to understand and pay attention to their gestures of love. In Pisces, the Capricorn male or female finds a partner who can instill inspiration to make their dreams come true. Pisces will be able to make the Capricorn lover give up control over all aspects of life and leave things to the supreme energy that drives life force.

Capricorn is shy but sincere in his or her commitments. With Capricorn, the Pisces man or woman will put aside the tendency to lie and live life on their own terms as they feel understood with a patient and reliable Capricorn. The latter grounds the flaky Pisces and brings out the best in them with a stable emotional relationship.

Taurus and Capricorn

The friendship between a Taurus and Capricorn is a pretty solid one. They get along very well given the similarity of their elements, earth. There is stability and dependability in this friendship. Both these signs are hard workers who set ambitious goals. In Taurus, Capricorn finds a true mate who is kind, understanding and empathetic. These are highly practical individuals who make concrete decisions and patiently walk through life together keeping the bigger picture in mind. Conscious about their social status, Taurus and Capricorn have a natural tendency to create assets, helping each other find a beautiful balance.

When in a relationship, despite being workaholics, they will find time for romance as their mutual attraction is really strong and they trust each other. Sex life is rewarding and satisfying for these intensely passionate and sensual individuals. Together they are powerful as they bring in the best characteristics to achieve success that's lasting. They are materialistic signs who value money. Therefore, building assets becomes a common theme in their friendship. As both start getting more comfortable with each other, they have the potential to create a fortune and live the best life.


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