How to know when a Capricorn woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when a Capricorn woman is done with you? 10 Signs


If a Capricorn woman decides to break up with you, she will be open about her feelings. And if you are able to notice the changes in her behavior, you may be able to redeem your relationship. Though there is very little you can do to change her mind, the little must be enough to get back a Capricorn woman.

Here is what astrology can reveal you about the psychology and personality and some tips to help you to know when a Capricorn woman is done with you.

1. Suspicious and jealous

When a Capricorn woman is considering a breakup, she will become more suspicious and jealous. You may notice that she will try to show that she doesn’t trust you. She may insult you for whatever you do or say. She will be looking for a reason to end your relationship. And if you try to tell her about her changed behavior, that will be another opportunity for her to hurt you.

2. Becomes unresponsive

If your Capricorn woman no longer cares about you and your feelings, then it is likely that she is done with you. It is possible that she is maintaining the relationship because she is using it as a foundation for the future. And if you try to make her change, it is possible that she will tell you about her feelings and will check out of the relationship.

3. Will not consider you in decisions

There are high chances that she will stop thinking about you while making decisions. She will stop taking your input for her decisions. You will find that she will no longer send you any gifts or will not try to make you feel special. This is because she doesn't think that you are worth investing time into. And she is trying to make you get out of the relationship, as this is the very simple way to end the relationship.

4. Start finding faults and humiliating

When your Capricorn woman is done with you and ready to check out, she will begin to find fault in everything you do or say. She may become judgemental for your acts and statements. Whatever you do, she will get irritated. She will try to humiliate you in public or maybe in your friends. If this behavior of her becomes consistent, then it's a sign she is likely done with you. She knows that if she behaves that way, it will push you away from her.

5. More negative and moody

If your Capricorn woman has become more negative and moody lately, it means she is trying to keep you away. She will pretend not to be happy with any of your efforts. In this way, you need to know that she must be thinking about how to end your relationship. It is possible that she will be full of negativity while being around you. And if you try to do anything to forcefully establish a positive presence of yours in her life, she may break up with you.

6. Becomes bossy

If your Capricorn woman is trying to break up with you, she will make you feel inferior. She will always make you feel that she is better than you. She will choose to spend time with her friends and do whatever may interest her. Whatever you do, she will never appreciate it. No matter how hard you try, she will just boss around and will never let you speak a word. That’s a sign, take it. She is done with you.

7. Will behave in a risky manner

A woman born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign is a smart individual. She will try to put the stress of your relationship on her social relationships so as to make others feel that you are doing something wrong to her. She may start behaving poorly with her friends too. This will surely damage your image. If you find that she is maintaining those of her social relationships which are not fitting your relationship, then you must know that she is ready to break up with you.

8. Stops texting and won't reply to the calls

When a Capricorn female has decided to check out from the relation, then she will stop responding to your calls, messages on social media and even your text messages. It is likely possible that she will not answer your calls, or give a reason not to talk to you at the moment. She may also avoid meeting you in person. That is she will avoid having any type of conversation with you. If you find this behavior of her then there is very less you can do to get her back.

9. Get busy with other things

A Capricorn female becomes busy in her life all of a sudden, once she finds that you are not worth her time. She will start planning things for herself, that may be about her career or future trips. If you find your Capricorn woman suddenly becoming distant from you, it may well be a sign that she is done with you. You need to understand this and if you try to discuss with her about the weird behavior, she may probably let you know her feelings and will end the relationship.

10. A Capricorn woman who has lost interest will be going cold, getting distant and avoiding physical contact

Not to be missed at this point, a Capricorn woman will distances herself from you, not only for her decisions but for everything. She will suddenly be cold and avoid getting physical with you if she’s done with you. Well, this sign can be misunderstood because of the other reasons. But if this becomes frequent, then it becomes the solid sign.

The woman born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign is a director personality who doesn’t like to be told what to do. She is always ready to take her decisions without any support. But when it comes to relationships, she will always act and behave differently. She can be direct with her behavior but in a very tricky way. Above mentioned are the signs to know if she is done with you. Hopefully, those were helpful.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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