The Dark Side of an Aries Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of an Aries Man in a Relationship


In love, you'll be floored by the Aries man's vitality and electrifying aura. The Mars ruled Aries man is a warrior inept at containing his fury when he is offended or in grief. Expect him to be ready for attack under a challenging atmosphere. What are the Aries man negative traits, bad characteristics and weaknesses? What happens when an Aries man is hurt, angry or mad at you? How does the Aries man show his temper and act when he is upset or sad?

Here is what you need to know about the Aries man dark side and his behavior when he is hurt, annoyed or provoked in his love life:

1. He is quick tempered

Aries men are hot-headed. They like being in control of their lives.

The Aries male is defensive and hesitant to accept differing opinions. Rub them the wrong way and they'll wont stay quiet.

He is the kind of man who wants to win at all cost. This tendency causes him to make a number of enemies as he walks up the success ladder. He would outwit everyone if he truly involves himself in the activity at task.

He is however ready to make compromises and therefore, it's a clear policy of achieving his goals by hook or by crook. Such competitive spirit does not augur well in a healthy relationship.

2. He is arrogant

The Aries man is too full of himself. He is super confident of himself and loves to be at the top of his game. This makes him driven and ready to take up challenges fearlessly. He may never accept anyone as an equal, often neglecting the efforts or capabilities of others. He wants to be victorious and crush his enemies so that they look up to him and express their admiration. This could cause him to lose out on goodwill and frankly, he does not care.

3. He is proud of himself

He is a boastful guy. He likes to beat his own drums. The Aries man craves attention.

He'll fish for compliments because he believes that he is second to none. He is like a ticking time bomb ready to explode. Unless his ego is stroked, he would never feel better after a dual.

To calm him down, reflect his achievements to him and communicate your adoration for all that he is capable of doing. Such negative qualities makes his partner frustrated as this requires undivided focus and devotion from his partner.

4. He is unforgiving

The man born under the Aries Zodiac sign is infused with an element of fire.

Ruled by Mars, he will flare up in no time when he is angered or upset. He is quite confrontational and won't hesitate to take his enemies to task. If you cross his path, he will make sure you learn a lesson even moving to the extent of getting physical with you.

He is charged up all the time. In case you hurt him or push his buttons, he won't spare you one bit. He will not go back to his ex who caused him humiliation or neglected his emotions.

So, a relationship with an Aries man could be quite a challenging one for he does not forgive or forget easily.

5. The Aries man is flirty

Aries men are opportunists. High on testosterone and full of energy, they would want to experience the best of everything and this innate nature operates subconsciously too.

Anything that glitters would grab their attention no matter how dangerous it might be. They want a taste of everything that is seemingly appealing. They'll be easily tempted surround themselves with the opposite sex.

They'll casually engage in flirty conversations or offer backhanded compliments to express their intense sexual character. This is perceived as insensitive and disappointing to the partner who may not be comfortable or supporting his vibrant social life.

6. He has a foul mouth

He may not think twice before lashing out at someone if things don't move as per his expectations. It's always his way or the highway.

He struggles to handle his irritation so he'll lash out impulsively caring not about the repercussions of the words uttered in rage. He is an inborn warrior so if he fails to channel his anger into constructive activities, it might as well befall on someone dear to him unintentionally.

7. He makes decisions in haste

Aries males want to take up many tasks at the same time. And they want to finish off quick.

They'll be reckless and this affects the execution of their work where minute details may go unread or misunderstood. A lot of their energy may go for waste in the process.

There is such intensity ingrained in their physical body that they'll be depressed if they do not vent it out. In fact these very qualities make him so passionate and excited about jumping into a problem and solving it quickly.

8. He will swiftly move on

As he belongs to a sexual sign, he would not hold himself back from finding someone who fits his bill.

The Aries man looks for the ideal woman to spend the rest of his life with. He wont settle soon unless he has found the perfect person. Until then he will have a casual approach to love, breaking many hearts on the way.

If he does not feel strongly for someone or falls out of love, he'll start searching for a better partner. He is stubborn so once he has made up his mind, it is difficult to make him compromise.

9. He is controlling

He is a dominating personality.

Such obsession could stifle the efforts of his partner who may wish to do things according to her plans or exert her choices while making decisions that have a mutual impact.

He may expect his partner to be answerable to him and never shy away from being pushy around her. Super egoistic, if wounded, it could take a long time to win an Aries man back.

10. He is sarcastic

He is terribly harsh to those he wants to cause harm to. His cold sarcastic responses could burn the thickest skin.

He'll mock at your weaknesses showing no consideration for your circumstances if he has a deliberate plan to trouble you.

He'll look down upon his opponents and speak out mean or rude words being unaffected by the consequences. This could cause him to remain lonely in the long run when his partner is disillusioned by his charisma and charm.


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