The Dark Side of a Cancer Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Cancer Man in a Relationship


Is a Cancer man attracted to you? Are you in love with him? What should you be aware of while dating a Cancerian? While a Cancer man has floored you with his irresistible charm, he is not far from negative traits. So, what are the weaknesses of a Cancer man that you should know before starting a relationship with him? Here are a few pointers about the dark side of a Cancer man that will help you know his personality and psychology on a deeper level.

The Cancer man can hold grudges for a very long time

The secretive nature of a Cancer man enables him to keep his inner turbulence far from the eyes of even his partner. A Cancer man is very sensitive to unforeseen changes in everyday life. He will take deep care and time to place his trust upon someone. He treats the woman he loves with love and respect and expects the same from her. However, if the foundation of the relationship is built on critical assessment of his behavior or actions, then he will be resentful for a very long time. It is not in the nature of a Cancer man to be confrontational. He would let things build up in his heart till he cannot forgive anymore. Being emotional to the core, he might be affected by the littlest issue leading to an accumulation of unresolved conflicts.

He is prone to mood swings

The men born under this Zodiac sign of astrology are ruled by the moon which governs a person’s emotions. This means that most likely, this person will be moody. This might be difficult for a partner to follow up when the latter herself is having a bad day too. It is difficult to put a finger on what triggers a Cancer man the most and hence, he is quite the unpredictable kinds. His emotions operate in the extremes. At one moment he may be happy and jovial and at other, he may get distant or cold. While a duality of nature is characteristic of the air sign Gemini, the Cancer man operates in a similar way with regard to his emotions or feelings.

He is quite introverted

A Cancer man will be quickly judged because of his introverted nature. A Cancer man doesn’t trust people too easily. He is quick to build strong walls around himself to keep himself protected at all times. He will face difficulty in showing his real self or shed his guard. He has had lingering issues from the past and this stops him from being involved with someone too quick. The partner needs to be extremely patient with the man born under the Cancer Zodiac sign to make the relationship work. Initially, she will face hurdles in winning over him. Once she has won over him, he will open up. In order to cover up what he is feeling in the present, he would disappear without notice and this can be seemingly frustrating for the woman in his life.

He will be jealous

When in love, anyone can be jealous. So, a Cancer man is no exception. When they are in love, they see the whole dream of marriage and having kids. The emotional needs of a Cancer man has to be met every time or else he won't feel cared for. This might be because he takes a long time to be vulnerable with someone and hence becomes quite possessive about the person. He loves his partner dearly and it affects him when she gets the attention of others. This lack of faith in his partner can be the cause of this insecurity which causes problems early on in a relationship. He will have difficulty believing in what his partner says or starts keeping a close eye on every move of hers. This kind of breach of privacy may harm the relationship if unchecked in the long run.

He tends to be very protective

When a Cancer man puts his mind somewhere, you could just conclude that his soul also follows. He is fearful of the unknown. His personal life means a lot to them. He would guard the person he loves like his life depends on it. A Cancer guy is territorial and protective. His possessiveness spills in every interaction with his partner. His possessiveness though doesn’t become too direct at all times but his partner would easily feel it in all the subtle ways he uses to express it. It means that a Cancerian needs immense care and love to be able to stay comfortable in the relationship and enjoy every moment without worrying about what could go wrong.

Cancer men cannot face rejection

A Cancer man fears failing in his endeavors. This is also true in the case of his love interest(s). He needs to stay positive rather than sulking over every little thing in the relationship. When rejected, he would withdraw into his shell and brood about it. If he feels any negativity around his partner, he is more likely to give up on her in order to avoid facing the difficult situation.This affects his confidence in making tough choices which may put immense pressure on his partner to keep the relationship going smoothly. Perhaps the reasons for his unambitious nature is the fear of reaching his goal. He loves security and is quite easily contented. Enter the home of a Cancer guy and see for yourself how cozy it could be. He needs his home to be warm and comforting to his senses. In all probability, a Cancer man would rather be happy with something simple rather than tread out of his comfort zone and try something adventurous.

He can be very needy

This sun sign which element is the crab is super needy and dependent on his partner for emotional support. This is likelier to project him as a weak man, seeking validity at all times. The Cancer man needs to feel loved and appreciated. He is difficult to comprehend with the sudden change of moods in the blink of an eye. So, his partner needs to keep a tab on him all the time. He is clingy and his shyness makes it difficult for him to seek solace in anyone other than the one he trusts. He finds it hard to let go easily. If his partner gives up on him too easily, she may not get enough chances to come back and prove herself. While he wants his partner to be there for him and giving him the necessary support, he also doesn’t appreciate pushiness on her part. This fine balance will be difficult to maintain at all times.


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