The Dark Side of a Capricorn Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Capricorn Man in a Relationship


Are you dating a Capricorn man or did you fall in love with this man? You plan to take things to the next step but would like to be really sure of what to expect? If he is really the man you think he is. The science of astrology can reveal us precious knowledge about the dark side of the personality and behavior of a Capricorn man. Here are the most negative traits you should be careful of if a Capricorn man has entered your life and tries to win your heart.

He can be extremely stubborn or immovable

When a Capricorn man decides, it is an absolute decision. He can rarely be forced to change his mind. One permanent complain that the lover of a Capricorn man could have is that she rarely gets to see him because all he does is work without indulging in leisure much. The reality is he is motivated to build his own empire and who go to great lengths to make all his dreams a reality. If a woman is too clingy and dependent for the littlest of things on her Capricorn man, this relationship could go downhill in no time. So, the relationship could work well only when his lover is fine with not seeing him for days, being patient doing her thing without much complaints.

He is a very logical man

This man works methodically, idealism rarely having a meaningful space in his life. Everything needs to have a rational explanation to capture his attention. But sometimes, situations may demand the softer aspects of life to precede. This is where he may fall short of his partner’s expectations. A task master and keeper of time as he is ruled by the planet Saturn, the Capricorn man may appear gloomy and serious for most parts of the day. A light- hearted approach to life isn’t really his thing. You may find him being too hard on himself, so naturally, the effect of it can fall on his lover as well, if she behaves differently than expected.

He can be mean

A bit of a snob, this man knows how to pick faults in others. It never dawns on him that he has his own set of flaws as well. His sense of self could be so exalted that his partner might have a hard time in convincing him of anything that fails to resonate with his understanding. He can be prone to exerting his masculinity in a way that can appear toxic to his partner. Even though he may be ambitious and driven, his attitude can turn overly aggressive which could be misconstrued by his lover quite easily.

The Capricorn man can go cold and distant without a warning

He never approves of choices made of out emotional considerations. The Capricorn man could seem emotionless without a warning. Speak to him about feelings and he might annoy his partner with his “I couldn’t care less” attitude. The partner of a Capricorn will need to work really hard in conveying what she feels otherwise he wouldn’t really understand. This could end up being frustrating for his partner if she happens to be impatient. He might expect his lover to understand that he understands but he really is quite oblivious of what hurts people because of him. If his partner expects hugs and kisses from him to comfort herself when she is upset, it may never come on its own until both of them have really made strong efforts at communicating the expectation they have from each other. And this takes time.

He lacks empathy

The partner might just feel uncared for when he doesn’t sympathise with her. Your desires or wants may be completely overlooked by a Capricorn man. He is so focused in his work that he rarely understands anything beyond his work. He derives extreme sense of satisfaction when he can earn the bread for his family. So, a highly active work life can make him appear aloof, even when he claims that he understands the plight of his partner who may be suffering with some difficulty. This man could give his lover a great time in bed, going on for hours endlessly. However, this could be very mechanical especially since the Capricorn man could be branded emotionless.

He likes being in charge all the time

Could go arrogant and rude. The Capricorn man takes pride in being the bread winner of the family. His attitude may turn extremely bullish with time. When he wants something, he wouldn’t entertain anything less than what he deserves. The men born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign are highly determined to achieve all their personal goals. If you have heard of a “rags to riches” story, it could be that of a typical Capricorn man, who could also become a tyrant if he misuses his position of power. This could also reflect at home where he could end up being controlling and authoritative, choking his partner if she is a dream and wanderer innately. As stubborn as he is, if he wishes to be unfaithful, things could go haywire.

He sets high standards for his partner

This man already understands or thinks of himself as perfect and irreplaceable. Hence, he tends to become too cocky. While choosing a partner too, a Capricorn man knows exactly what he wants in a woman and would rarely make a compromise on that. The level of a perfectionist attitude can irritate his partner. He might just casually pick faults or flaws in whatever she does, which can trigger the wrong emotions in his partner (especially if she is ultra sensitive). He thinks differently, never the herd follower or understanding of why people could think polar opposite to him. He is a difficult man, whose expectations are difficult to meet. Barely flexible, it is hard to have him do anything for his lover if he decides to do anything the other way.


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Maria Alifa


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