The Dark Side of a Leo Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Leo Man in a Relationship


Are you in love with a Leo man? How does a Leo man act and reciprocate when he is in love? Ruled by the Sun, the bestower of all the light on earth, the absence of it is complete darkness. This entails that your Leo man may have an intense dark side in his personality which is to be understood in order to make a relationship with him work better and longer. The bad and the ugly, here we are with a list of all the negative and dark traits that a Leo man has when he is in a relationship.

High on ego is the first negative trait of his personality

Ego clashes with a Leo man is very common. Rarely will you find a Leo man give up when he sets his targets. His pride results in a boastful behaviour and a high and mighty attitude. This may lead to ego related problems between the partners if both are in a competitive mode all the time. He would not accept his mistakes and lacks humility which is essential to the success of any relationship.

An exalted ego means he could distance himself from his lover for a long period of type refusing to bow down and share the brunt of the problem with his partner. On an extreme level, he will silently burn himself in his rage instead of talking things out. The men born under the Leo Zodiac sign hate to show their vulnerability. So he will cry and mourn what affects him in silence while he hides his face from the whole world.

He is an attention seeker

Being ruled by the sun, a Leo man needs to be the centre of attention everywhere he goes. It is a matter of prestige and pride. He wants to be in places where he is noticed. He wants to be treated like a king at all points of time. Leos need people to acknowledge their presence and clap for them to show their appreciation. This is almost like a basic need for their survival.

Lack of confidence in each other may become the order of the relationship by and large. In all fairness, people are also drawn to him like a moth is to fire. He wants people to praise him. So, in whatever he does he is looking for external validation. However, it may not augur well with a partner who is shy and introverted. The frequent urge to garner the attention may irritate a partner who is more likely to be distrusting of his whereabouts.

The Leo man can be dominating in a relationship

It would not be wrong to say that there is none like the Leo that craves for power among all the signs in astrology. For a Leo man, it is their way or the highway. A Leo guy wishes to have everything his way. He will never take No for an answer. A Leo native would rarely accept the fact that he could be wrong and there could be a different side to a story.

He is extremely passionate about what he believes in and can be seldom influenced to think on the lines of someone else other than his. He likes giving orders and that haughty tone may not be palatable to many. A dominating partner like a Leo will expect his partner to submit to him both physically and psychologically. This cripples the individuality of his partner and makes her slavish. So, "down to earth" isn’t something that describes a Leo man rightly.

This man can belittle those he considers unequal

A Leo is capable of mocking those who he considers below him. He sets high standards not just for himself but also his partner. In case, a Leo man fails to appreciate his partner wholeheartedly, he could go on a rant, making the other person feel bad about themselves while trouble brews in the relationship. He could just overstep the thin line between confidence and over confidence, looking down upon someone who he holds grudges against. This kind of arrogance is sure to hurt a partner who is at the receiving end of his emotional upheavals.

Those who fail to think like him are never in his good books and there will be a clash of opinions at almost all occasions. Quite a sadist-like tendency, he suffers from a superiority complex and feels the need to reinforce his superiority above everyone else. In making hurtful comments, he boosts his sense of self which he refuses to admit could be fragile at times.

The Leo guy tends to lack empathy

When a Leo man holds grudges against his partner, he could turn a blind eye to all her problems and issues that his partner may undergo. A conceited character might lead him to believe that his problems are the bigger problems while that of his partner aren’t noteworthy. This is a dangerous situation which might make his partner feel uncared for when a Leo decides to be upset about a trivial issue.

If his nature turns malignant, he can completely forget about the woman in his life to cater to his needs. As he craves for someone to be there at his beck and call every time, he might go cold and turn a blind eye to the issues that may crumble the foundation of the relationship in no time. So, when a Leo man is frustrated or feels dejected, he has a dangerous capacity to display no expression of love whatsoever.

The Leo male is not grounded

A Leo often believes that his achievements deserve an applause, even the smallest tasks that he has accomplished. This kind of attachment to the fruits of his work might make him less humble, often coupled with an impression that he is the most efficient person to do any job while his partner should take a backseat.

Leos could ask for anything they want or need without the slightest bit of hesitation. Their confidence may be dubbed as arrogance when they fail to look at things from the point of view of their lover. The self-centered character could wreak havoc in the relationship when the other person feels neglected. Leo men have a tendency to think that they are the only persons who are important in the whole wide world.

The Leo man in love is a bit too jealous

The man born under the Leo astrological sign is capable of upsetting someone who he considers the closest to him with his possessive nature. If a woman has a naturally sociable character, her Leo man could quickly accuse her of things that she may not be guilty of. This could be extremely disrespectful when he is in no mood to understand her part and is on a blame game spree.

He expects the highest levels of devotion from his partner and wouldn’t settle for anything less. In case he senses external threat to his relationship, he would go green with jealousy, unable to control his madness in the process. The king of the jungle, he is territorial. What belongs to him is his only. Therefore, a Leo male will never stand someone trying to compete or chase of the love of his life.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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