The Dark Side of a Scorpio Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Scorpio Man in a Relationship


The intensity and passion a Scorpio man can stir is awe-inspiring. Everything that he does, he does it with all his heart. He can set the heart of his lover on fire when he decides to give it his all in the relationship. Nothing is casual to this man. He wants to know the nitty gritty to everything that he engages with. He is a lover that every woman could possibly dream of. But is it all glittery? What are the dark sides a Scorpio man tries to hide? Which are the negative traits of a Scorpio man that could possibly ruin his relationships?

Here are a few characteristics that will shed light on the most common dark, male Scorpio personality traits:

He could be very jealous and possessive

Scorpios are known for the self-centered nature. They could get pretty much obsessed with or possessive about their partners. But that’s how he behaves when he is in love and expresses his feelings for his partner. He knows what’s his and would never part ways or share it with anyone.

While it all seems great for some time because he focuses all his energy on one person, it can get pretty much suffocating for the partner in the long run. If he is actually triggered, it could all go wrong with the Scorpio man. So, treading the troubled waters with caution is always the way to go with a Scorpio man when he shows all the signs of annoyance because you chose someone else over him.

The Scorpio man tends to hide his true feelings

A Scorpio man takes a long time to fall in love with someone. This is because he can hardly place blind faith on anyone. He builds high walls around himself so that he does not appear vulnerable. He is more of an observer, carefully processing and storing all information. If you rub him the wrong way, he could just flip and divulge it all out without a warning. That’s how this Scorpion stings at the most unexpected hour. A Scorpio male who has had a sad past will tend to be more guarded and secretive with his emotions.

He tends to be stubborn

A Scorpio man though ruled by the Water element is a Fixed category sign. This explains his deep rootedness, his fixation on what he feels is right and stubbornness to pursue whatever he deems fit. Once he makes a decision, it is difficult to convince him to change his mind. This water sign is deep and when water is deep, it becomes stagnant in its thoughts and actions and this transpires into the partner in a negative way who may give up on the relationship very quickly.

This man can be a workaholic. So, an intense level of activity can drain his partner who would appreciate him to wind up things and take a break to enjoy the little moments of life. Again, even if he takes a break, it won’t last long. This man doesn't believe in long breaks where he isn’t productive at all.

His sexual expression is dark

A Scorpio male is highly passionate and deeply intense during love-making. He explores the emotions of his partner with full intensity. His approach in bed is never half-hearted. He dives right in, wanting to experience all the pleasures and pains of love. In fact, he would fall in love, drown in it and also emerge out like a phoenix with renewed vigour and even greater passion than it previously existed.

His stamina will exhaust his partner in bed because he is always brimming with excessive energy which needs to be channelised somewhere. His method of expression of affection is extremely powerful, enough to keep the partner satisfied for a long time. Don't be surprised if he expects you to engage in BDSM! ‘Your Fifty Shades of Grey’ guy is truly this man in all sense of it.

He can be vengeful

Highly observant and intuitive, never take his calmness for granted. Give him a cold shoulder and see him react in a manner that will upset you for a long time. Try hurting a Scorpio man and wait for him to sting you at the most opportune moment. You will be treated exactly the way you treat a Scorpio man and don’t be surprised if he holds a grudge against you forever. This sign seldom forgives and will attack you in hurtful ways. ‘An eye for an eye’ is how he likes to deal with his enemies. His emotions play in the extremes, it is always black and white, never a mid-way for him in relationships.

He can be controlling

While the exterior of a Scorpio man can appear aloof, he is very emotional on the inside, much more than he wants the world to see. He is very protective. He wants to keep himself and his partner away from all threats. He will be very specific about what he expects from his partner and any deviance could upset him in the blink of an eye. The partner is more likely to feel that she doesn’t have much room for self-expression, often being there at his beck and call and doing exactly what he wants.

He is sure to struggle in assuring his partner that he has faith in her which might trigger her quite easily when she feels mistrusted every time. This could break the relationship if the partner loses all her patience in building the trust (which might take forever).

He will be competitive

Highly ambitious, the men born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign know what they want and will never depend on anyone for anything. The Scorpio man is usually self sufficient. Not the kinds to be easily influenced, he has his own methods of drawing conclusions out of a situation.

There is no hindrance to his will power once he makes a decision, rarely accepting defeat. His stubbornness can be annoying for his partner in a relationship, especially if the relationship comes to a point where his partner is doing better than him. He is very hard working and appreciates undivided attention from his partner.

He has high expectations from his partner

He sets massive expectations not just from himself but his lover as well. If he is let down in a relationship, he might just withdraw, refusing to get out of his protective shell. He takes time to evaluate a situation and person. So, if his partner forces her expectations from him, he might feel suffocated or pressurised.

He is also prone to intense mood swings and a hot temper. He expects his partner to be equally adventurous, expecting them to keep pace with him, whether in bed or publicly so.


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