The Dark Side of a Virgo Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Virgo Man in a Relationship


Virgos are in a relentless search for perfection that takes them down the rabbit hole in relationships. They are agitated and ruthlessly calculating the unpleasant situations. What are the bad, negative personality traits of the Virgo man that impact his relationships? What qualities of a Virgo man makes him undesirable and weak? What makes a Virgo so critical and complicated?

Let's explore the dark side of the Virgo man! Here are 10 challenging traits of a Virgo man as per astrology that explain why they are so difficult in relationships:

1. Lack of empathy makes Virgo men bad in relationships

The Virgo man wants his woman to have compassion and kindness as strong characteristic traits in her personality. He is drawn to women who are of service to others and have a tendency to help people in need. Virgos can be cold and self-centered. But extremely needy of care and love in the core though they do not express it explicitly.

2. Virgo man misses his ex which makes them difficult to love

A Virgo man takes a long time to commit to a relationship. This means that he would be more prone to having emotional baggage that he refuses to let go for a long time. Sometimes, never at all. This hangover of the past can mess up this current relationship as he may continue for years for his ex. He usually attaches himself too deep to someone who loves him. This makes it difficult for him to let go and move on with someone new easily.

3. Virgo man may lead you on before he trusts you

As love is slow to happen for a Virgo man, he may linger around for a while trying and testing his potential mate before he is ready to commit to her. While one can count on him once he has confessed his love, he may give the other person all the feels and leave her high and dry if he finally realizes that they do not click or meet his standards. So, his partner may get attached soon if she is emotional while he could insensitively cut off ties easily owing to a sense of apathy.

4. Virgo man needs his space

The Virgo male is picky and may be hard to love. He needs his sweet time and space to get along with someone. Love brews slowly with the Virgo guy. Even when he falls in love, the Virgo man is particular about his work. As a mercurial individual, he has a tendency of overworking himself or overstretching his thought process. This makes him needy of his comfort zone and to be left to himself so that he can rejuvenate and recharge for his routine work the next day.

5. Virgo men tend to be detached in relationships

A habit of being independent in his work and personal life causes a Virgo man to keep people at a distance especially those who do not conform to or meet his expectations, which honestly is above average standards. He could become indifferent without notice or offer passive aggressive behavior when he is hurt. This is due to his primary difficulty to emote himself and not because he does not care at all.

6. Virgo man may keep his partner a secret for too long

Keeping a partner a secret could send off a whole list of wrong signals causing tension in his relationships. He may always seem cautious of who he is with causing his mate to feel unworthy. The Virgo male is always analyzing his partner and whether she is capable of being his lifelong lover. An excessive indulgence in picking flaws drives him to keep his private life a secret till he is sure of her. Misunderstandings could eventually show up leading to a series of accusations and blame games.

7. Virgo men are too timid which makes them so annoying

The shy Virgo man is not someone to take impulsive decisions. He is logical and likes making informed decisions after he has taken all matters into consideration. He lacks the Martian traits to get into an active combat mode. He is the kind to think and use his tact and diplomacy to navigate through a challenge. This lack of pro-activeness can make him laid back and lacking initiative.

8. Pessimism is a con of being a Virgo man

The men born under the Virgo Zodiac sign can have a negative attitude towards life thinking majorly about what could go wrong in life before assessing what could be positive. They sometimes lack the optimism that makes a partner feel secure. As they dislike change, they aren't resilient to sudden transformations and could get critical of their partner if they do not approve of the new version. It's difficult to make Virgo men understand that change is fun and he should be open minded to accept it.

9. Fussiness is the worst trait of a Virgo man

An extreme focus on making things perfect can reflect a fussy behavior or the Virgo man. He is finicky about having things in order and organizing or arranging his space to a point where he could go paranoid when there is unruliness or untidiness around. He is planned and methodical. So, he also expects that from people who live with him or it annoys and upsets him.

10. Stubbornness causes Virgos to end up alone

He is quite determined as an individual when he decides on something. It's difficult to convince him to see a problem from someone else's shoes. This lack of ability to accommodate and make sense of someone's opposing views makes him quite hard to love and someone who does not get impressed easily.


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