Dating a Cancer Woman: 8 Tips to Conquer her Heart!

Dating a Cancer Woman: 8 Tips to Conquer her Heart!


Do you have a crush on a Cancer woman and want to know how to win her heart? What attracts her and what kind of man does she look for? How does she express her love and behave when she has feelings for a man? Astrology has a lot to reveal about this woman, her personality, her psychology, what she likes in men and what makes her fall in love.

Here are 8 tips to help you be irresistible when dating a Cancer woman!

1. Shower her with limitless love

A Cancer woman is always guarded. She is forever trying to protect her heart from all the pain that lies on the other side of a perfect relationship. She values companionship and in her you’ll find a woman who deeply cares and wins over people with her kindness. She cannot see her people unhappy or struggling with challenges. You’ll find her diving right in to bring you out of your troubles.

Reciprocity is what she expects. Any betrayal will upset her. Be as crazy about her as she is about you. Treat her like the queen she wishes to be in your life. She suffers from insecurities and fears that she won’t generally talk about. Boost her confidence and motivate her to be her best self. Praise her and make her feel like she is the best ever that has happened to you. Strive to be an equal and she will never leave your side.

2. Give in to her motherly instincts

Moon is the celestial body that rules the Cancer sign. This brings out a strong feminine energy in her personality. The Cancer woman is territorial. She cares deeply about the people she loves. She values their presence in her life and would kill to protect and keep them safe. She is a perfect homebody and the confines of her comfort zone provide her happiness like no other.

Let her take care of you, make you the best meals. Enjoy her presence and compliment all that she does for you. However, be cautious of comparing her with anyone else and criticizing her. She is sensitive to the tee and you need to tread carefully into her life, exercising forethought before making any move. You could be easily misunderstood if you express yourself in a way that she doesn’t fathom.

3. Win her trust

It takes time for a Cancer woman to trust someone with all her heart. If you make her scared or drive her crazy with your unpredictability, she might just choose to walk away. She needs your attention and presence to feel safe. She is the least bit tolerant of those who aren’t looking for a serious commitment. She is fiercely loyal and expects the same from her partner when she likes him. In order to win her heart completely, you would have to provide evidence that you are a one woman man only.

If you have any plans of toying with her emotions, she would just know for her intuition is on point. While she might appear delicate, she is an incredibly strong woman who knows how to protect her honor when she is hurt. Express your true feelings to her and remind her that she is your priority. In return, you will have a faithful and kind woman whose world centers around you.

4. Respect her emotions when you make love

There is no casual approach to sex with a Cancer woman. To her, the beauty of sex lies in the seamless merger of emotions and physicality. On the hindsight, she is a sensual, flirtatious woman who knows how to build anticipation in bed. However, she might even struggle to express her sexuality, needing the help of a partner who would patiently listen and take time to analyze her moves.

Genuine investment of understanding and patience from a partner is requisite in order to understand her flickering emotions. Once she feels safe in the arms of her man, lovemaking with a Cancer woman can be delightful. She expects to be treated with respect and care in bed and any amount of manipulation, aggression and non- consensual activity will disappoint her.

5. Talk about a future together

The Cancer woman dreams of her family. She is a nurturing soul that wants to love, care and surrender. She is adventurous. She wishes to explore and learn but she also wants to come back home and be in the arms of the one she loves. Tell her how much she means to you. Talk about your dream life and how well she fits into the perfect picture of the woman you have always dreamt of.

Be honest about the relationship. She will cherish your presence in her life when you can wrap her in the sense of security that she craves for in her man. Take your guards off and tell her things you have kept away from her. You’ll need to be vulnerable in order for her to be willing to break open her shell.

6. Date her mindfully

There is no room for carelessness when dating a Cancer woman. Any form of recklessness distresses her. If you don’t prove to be worthy of her time, she wouldn’t have a hard time dropping you. She is equally caring about her family and friends. So, if you wish to conquer her, make sure you value her family and love them equally. Family reigns supreme in a Cancer female’s life.

Unless they accept you with an open heart, it is hard for her to stick to you for a long time. She will be smitten by you if you remember the littlest details that she shares about her life. Your gestures should prove that you are always listening to her and what means the most to her is important to you as well.

7. Respect her individuality

You will seldom find a Cancer woman enjoying chaos. She wants peace in her life. And romance for her is private, often in the coziest places. She isn’t the social butterfly seeking attention desperately wherever she goes. It is best to never force her to be someone she isn’t capable of being. She takes time to trust but once you prove yourself, she will open up. She is an easy woman to love with little demands and an abundance of love to offer. She would take the bullets for you and support you through thick and thin.

Stand by her and help her out even when she doesn’t ask for it. Make her feel like you are her home. Learn to give her the space that she needs when her emotions overflow. She isn’t cranky, she expects people to understand her just the way she is. She is equally craving affection as much as she offers that to you.

8. Make her feel special

The Cancer woman is very possessive of those who are dear to her. She fights with her deep-seated fears to put her guards down and hence, she wants to hold them close to her. Her empathy is heartwarming and she wants an equal amount of attention. There is a constant emotional turbulence that she faces all the time.

If you ever give her something, she will be attached to it. Ensure her your refuge, your protectiveness and your safety net. Avoid any superficiality or shallowness if you want her attention for life. If she means the world to you, share the most trivial details of your life with her.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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