Dating a Pisces Woman: 7 Tips to Conquer her Heart!

Dating a Pisces Woman: 7 Tips to Conquer her Heart!


Is it hard for a Pisces to fall in love? Absolutely not! This is the one zodiac sign that loves love more than Libra and Cancer. Then why isn’t your Pisces lady falling for you? You need to know the secret to this woman’s heart to be able to woo her. There is a secret recipe that is almost always successful. The beautiful, graceful Pisces female deserves a man who knows how to treat her right. She doesn’t ask for a lot. And gives more than she gets. But I don’t need to tell you that if you are here. You already know she is a gem. Want to know the secret recipe? Here is everything you need to know from astrology if you are dating a Pisces woman and 7 tips to conquer her heart!

1. Work on your romance game

The key to any Piscean’s heart is romance. They live in a world inside their minds where everything is like a dream. So, don’t be surprised if she expects a fairy tale romance from you. now, you don’t have to go out of your way to impress her. All she really wants is for you to be thoughtful in whatever you do. And be mindful of her emotions. So, bring her thoughtful gifts. Small but thoughtful. Even small gestures that speak of romance can do wonders in the long term with this woman. But don’t go overboard with the displays. Don’t creep her out. The best way to do this is to figure out her romantic fantasy. Talk to her about the books she reads or the movies she loves. Find out her favourite kind of romance surprises and pull that off. Now, I know this sounds like a lot of work. But she’s worth it, you know that.

2. Be the wind beneath her wings

The Pisces girls are extremely mature to form a very young age. It might not seem like it in some cases. But they have a very wizened outlook towards life and the world. Remember that Pisces represents old age in the Karmic wheel. Apart from wisdom, old age also brings insecurities. Now the Pisces insecurities aren't as pronounced as that of Aries or Scorpio. But they can affect their belief in themselves. If you encourage her and believe in her, she will love you for it. Be the person who always supports her. Someone who is always cheering her on. There will be a lot of times when she will need this encouragement. I know they seem like they are above all these small needs. But that’s just a show they put up. Be the wind beneath her wings.

3. Open up to her

The women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are incapable of being in a casual relationship. At least, in the traditional sense of the term. They need the presence of some level of mature understanding to be able to go ahead. They never enter a relationship simply with the intention of passing time. If you want to seduce the Pisces woman, you will have to make an effort to understand her. But that won’t happen till you show an effort in making her understand you. open up to her about your feelings and emotions. Talk to her about your day. Make her a part of your life. Don’t keep secrets unnecessarily. The more open and honest you are with her, the better.

4. Always be a gentleman if you want to seduce her

Chivalry and nobility are extremely important to this lady. She is a firm believer in living with grace and class. If you think finances have anything to do with fine living, you haven’t met a Pisces female. So, she expects the people around her to maintain those high standards. Now, her friends might make you feel otherwise. But you aren’t planning on being a friend, are you? If you wish to share her life, you will have to live up to the expectations. She will never settle for a successful barbarian. But she might fall in love with the humble gentleman.

5. Never rush to abrupt conclusions with her

She is a smart, sensitive and mature woman. You don't need to treat her like a child. And she shouldn't have to treat you like one either. I have seen many Pisces women in relationships with a man-child. But none of those relationships has ever lasted long. This is because they might entertain tantrums at first. But never for long. So, everything you have a problem, try discussing it with her first. Trust me when I say that she will always be able to come up with a solution. If you try the way of pouting and making a scene, it will turn her against you. Maybe not instantly, but bit by bit. Until she decides to leave you.

6. Get along with her friends and family

Most Pisces women are extremely close to their family. And even their friends. So, naturally, the opinions of these people matter a lot. If her friends or family members don’t approve of you, chances are she will try to get them to change their opinion. If that fails, she will leave you. So, rather than letting that happen, try to impress the people who are dear to her. Spend time with them. Never criticise them, even when she is doing it. It wouldn’t be hard. Most of the people she surrounds herself with are just like her.

7. Never try to jerk her out of her fantasy world

If you think she needs to be given a reality check, you are not the person to give it. It is a well-known fact that Pisceans tend to live in a fantasy world of their own. Ever so often, that world collides with reality. And that is the most devastating thing that happens to them. A lot of the times the people around them try and bring them to reality. No Pisces has ever thanked anyone who has done this. You are trying to impress her, right? And you want to do right by her. Then let her figure things out on her own. Or find better ways to make her aware of her surroundings. A rude awakening won’t help her or your chances with her.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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