10 Things to know when Dating a Virgo Man!

10 Things to know when Dating a Virgo Man!


Perfectionist of sorts, the Virgo man is the ultimate boss guy of the Zodiac. Conservative and highly organized, he might not floor you with his charm at the onset but get closer to the Virgo man and it's hard to not like him. How should you behave with a Virgo man to impress him and spark interest? What attracts him and what kind of woman does he like? What should you expect when you are dating a Virgo man? And ultimately, how to make him fall in love with you?

Here are 10 things that you should know when you are dating a Virgo man!

1. He has an eye for detail

The Virgo man has a penchant for orderliness. Any haphazard action or behavior irritates him. He always wants the best and is never ready to settle for anything average. Whatever falls into the blind spot of an ordinary guy can never miss the hawk eye of the Virgo male. He is looking for flawlessness everywhere, not to forget, even the woman he wants to settle down with. He would observe so much that flaws may be everything that he sees. Spoiler alert!

Dating a Virgo man could be challenging for a feeble heart who takes everything personally. To satisfy him, one needs to be more patient and kind. One needs to try understanding things from his point of view to sweep him off his feet.

2. He has got the brains

The Virgo man is an intelligent sign, nothing short of a genius. His vast expanse and depth of knowledge is hard to match up to. However, he is the last person to show off his talents. He wouldn’t mind taking a backseat if the situation demands so. Unlike air signs who need to communicate all that they know (often to the point of seeking unnecessary attention), the Virgo man is the mute spectator and analyst in most cases. The challenge here for someone who dates him is to understand his silence, admire him and express or act selflessly even when he doesn’t ask for it.

3. A Virgo male needs to be cared for

The brilliance of a Virgo man makes him juggle between too many activities at the same time. He is often so engrossed in everything that he immerses himself in that he forgets to take care of himself. He wants to outperform everyone so all the effort is invested in his work. He will honor and respect your relationship with him as much as he expects that back. When the Virgo man is in love, he is equally passionate, taking care of your needs and forgetting all about himself. Be kinder to him for he is highly critical of himself anyway.

4. He is highly organized

Talk about organizational skills and this man will blow your mind. It is crazy to observe his meticulous planning skills, his discipline and his home so neat and tidied that one could eat off the floor. A word of caution: avoid touching his things or changing their positions without his permission. He is absolutely obsessed with orderliness in his life. This could possibly freak out anyone who lacks the same level of desire for symmetry. In case you have difficulty in arranging things as well as he does, learn it quickly before he notices.

5. Lover of chivalry

The men born under the Virgo Zodiac sign like graceful and elegant women. Any proposition for casual flings or one-night stands pisses this guy off unless he has given up on love. He is a passionate lover but knows how to value consent. As well-organized as he is, he also exercises due diligence in respecting his boundaries. If you act stupid, he wouldn’t mind calling it out with his sarcasm. That wit could leave you in splits so the company is a Virgo man is truly delightful to bask in. Just be patient enough for him to open up to you, you would love him more.

6. The Virgo man is highly skilled in bed

While they may appear shy when you first meet them, do not be fooled for the bedroom stories are different than what you may expect. He will leave you stupefied with his knowledge about love making. Reciprocity is the key and if you extend a hand, he would make love to you like it's poetry. He would not fail to surprise you with his understanding of the human anatomy and a high libido that is easy to be mistaken when you meet him. However, they expect things to flow with ease for aggression in bed is scary and violates their understanding of love making.

7. He will stand by you

The Virgo man admires honesty in his lover. When you shower him with unquestionable loyalty, it will be acknowledged and returned to a greater degree. He doesn’t leave when confronted with challenges. Persevering through good times as well as bad is a personality trait that the Virgo man needs to be applauded for. He will be your confidante for life. He has learnt to separate the right from the wrong and is adept at making the right decisions for himself and those who mean the most to him.

8. He is a conscientious worker

The Virgo man is hardworking and a dedicated worker. He gives his all to his job, never losing heart. If he has found his dream job, he will turn into a workaholic, slogging ungodly hours until the goal is reached. His speed and accuracy are well-appreciated by his workmates. The Virgo men love being independent and self- sufficient, exhausting themselves like their life depends on reaching their desired level of perfection.

9. He is a super sensitive guy

Virgos are careful of keeping drama in their life to a bare minimum. They would rather be in their lone company and work on their goals than tolerate something that’s way below their dignity. When in love, they give in their 100 percent. Be careful of never making them feel like they aren’t your priority. You would be shown the door out of their life without much hesitation. Their intuition and ability to dissect bullshit with logic works all too well for them in seeing through someone’s deceitful intentions. They might put up a straight face but deep down is a tender heart that longs for care and devotion.

10. He doesn’t like mind games

Your Virgo man wants things in black and white, just as it is. He would call a spade a spade even if the truth hurts. He values integrity above everything else. Be careful not to add unruliness to his life. Passive aggression will never work in a relationship with a Virgo man. Whatever you feel make an effort to tell them in all clarity otherwise it is draining for them to continue assuming and never reaching a fair conclusion. He would love and respect you more if he finds it easy to communicate his emotions to you without much difficulty.


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Maria Alifa


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