How to Flirt with an Aquarius Man? Our Seduction Guide

How to Flirt with an Aquarius Man? Our Seduction Guide


The Aquarius man is unemotional and detached when he is trying to pursue someone. He has an unconventional taste and his sexual intentions are ‘strange'. If you are trying to woo the Aquarius man, you'll have to do it differently. How to make an Aquarius man obsessed with you? How to seduce your Aquarius guy and make him want you more? What can tempt an Aquarius and lure him to bed?

Here is our seduction guide as per astrology on attracting and flirting with the Aquarius man!

How do you seduce an Aquarius man?

Aquarius men need to be seduced in unfamiliar ways. They are suckers of everything that does not follow the traditional norms or values. Truly rebellious, they'll be excited around you if you motivate them in their unusual pursuits. He loves being around intellectual women. He finds himself drawn towards someone who shares a similar bent of mind. Encourage him with your creativity, boldness and knowledge. He'll be floored by your fearless streak and willingness to adapt to change. Be confident with your moves and blunt in your expectations from the partnership. While he does not love control, he'll want to experiment with sexual acts as long as he does not feel the need to be attached to heavy emotions.

Where do Aquarius men like to be touched?

To take your Aquarius man to bed, you'll have to open up your mind to him. He'll want to analyze your intellectual heat before he immerses himself in making love to your body. His ankles are the most erogenous area of his body. Trace your hands over his legs and make sure you frequently touch and caress him there. Kiss his feet and lick his toes if you are in the mood for it. He would show no inhibitions in having sex with in the most craziest places. So, get him wild by suggesting strange spots just to turn him on with your kinkiness.

Do Aquarius like to cuddle?

Aquarius men may not like being in a single place for the longest time. They'll be happier surprising you with their incredible stamina and long hours of sex that's experimetative and extraordinary. However, you could trick him into cuddling as long as there is role play involved while he lays down next to you. Play some games or engage in rapid fire questions that involve a payback when the answers aren't what you expect. Talk dirty to him and let him know your dirtiest fantasies. This will give you extra time to keep him involved in foreplay. He just wants to be around an open minded woman who can be herself in bed and never hesitant to try out the new.

How do you please an Aquarius man in bed?

Pleasing an Aquarius man should be a fun-filled activity. This would make him come back to you for more. Mark no limitations for him when he wants to please you in bed. Unleash your most daring side to him and trust us, he wouldn't mind your physical flaws as long as you have won over his heart. Let him watch you admiring his body. Put on the sexiest lingerie you own and do the things he craves the most when he makes you feel ecstatic. Keep your emotions aside and your sensitivity off the charts when getting intimate with the Aquarius man.

What are Aquarius attracted to?

Aquarius wants a crazy partner who would be equally thrilled to have sex with him in the outdoors. He'll have no trouble getting naked in unexpected places as long as you are willing to be his soulmate with no strings attached. He won't keep his hands off someone who can make him feel powerful and can surrender to him without a doubt. He'll flirt with you and charm you into giving in to his whims and fancies. He would love to satisfy your sexual desires anytime and anywhere. He would passionately follow you if you satisfy his humongous sexual appetite. Be prepared to have a mind blowing sexual experience with the Aquarius man for he is driven to please the woman he takes to bed.

How do you turn an Aquarius man on sexually?

The Aquarius man would be turned on by a woman who can take an extra mile to unleash the sexy animal in him. He is confident of his sexuality and isn't shy to tell it like it is if he only wishes to have a one-night stand without commitments involved. No matter how weird he seems, he would want to be accepted for his individual sexual preferences with no judgements involved. He does not care about what the world thinks of him. Be weird with him and follow his lead. Confidently express your darkest fantasies and what you want to do to him. Explore his mind and fall for his ideas and he couldn't have enough of you.

What does an Aquarius man like sexually?

He hates monotony. He wants to change things around him so that he can make the most of a thrilling experience. While sex sans emotions may seem superficial, that's how he likes it. Keep it simple with him and set him free of expectations. He'll be charged up to satisfy your sexual needs if she adores his insanity. So, a sentimental approach to sex will dim his carnal needs and he'll lose interest completely. He wants flexibility in his woman when he is getting intimate with him. He is well-read and knowledgeable. So, suggest trying something from the Kamasutra. Read erotica to him or sensual poems to seduce him. A hot body may not be enough, he needs to have a display of the fire in your brain to be sexually attracted to you. Sexual compatibility with the Aquarius man needs to be full of surprises and detached.


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