How to know when a Gemini man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when a Gemini man is done with you? 8 Signs!


The Gemini Zodiac sign represented by the twins is a charmer and lover with a low score on reliability in long-term relationships. He exercises concrete discretion with such difficulty that when he is over you, the signs may not even show up for you to take shelter. So how to know when a Gemini man is no longer interested in you? How does a Gemini man act and behave when he is out of love? Or when he is hurt? How does he handle breakup or end a relationship?

If you want to know if your Gemini man has fallen out of love, here are 8 things you need to know about his behavior that will tell him when he is done with you and the relationship no longer excites him!

1. He starts lying

Count on a Gemini male to deliver the finest performances like an actor. When a Gemini man is not interested in you anymore, he starts to conceal what’s truly going on in his mind, knowing the fact that he might hurt you. Geminis are very intuitive and pretentious, and they use this strength to their highest benefit in order to escape difficult situations. The Gemini man may have a bad name for being superficial given their flexible characters. The air element allows them room to move away from a painful event in their life quite swiftly. Of course, when their heart breaks, it hurts equally but they prefer masking their emotions, acting like the relationship never made an impact.

2. He will confront you

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini twin is quite an incredible communicator. He will speak his mind without much hesitation if he cares to vent it out. He values his sense of freedom. This corresponds to both his body and mind. Infused with a dual personality, the Gemini man has difficulty making choices. He might do the exact opposite of what he had thought of just a minute ago. So, dependability is hard to be affirmed with your Gemini male. He may talk about his emotions frankly and without a logical explanation that satisfies his curiosity, his temper could possibly flare up not having no intention to entertain your lying deceit hole.

3. He is likely to be anxious

The air sign Gemini man may suffer from anxiety disorders when he is nervous or disturbed. It is a coping mechanism to handle turmoil. When you spot your Gemini guy restless and disoriented, there is something he is keeping away from you. In the event of recent spat, it is likely that he is fighting out or resisting a decision that likely to have an impact on you. Trying to suppress and hide their feelings is common for a Gemini man when he is unsure of how to react to a challenge. A breakup is devastating to him. If you spot your Gemini guy unusually strolling across the room pensively or staying up nights looking for solutions to an unsaid problem, it is quite possible he may be planning to quit the relationship.

4. He makes hasty decisions

The man born under the Gemini Zodiac sign suffers from a flaky attitude. He is spoilt for choices since being the twin zodiac, he is able to look at a problem from a much wider angle. He can see two sides to a situation and therefore, drawing a conclusion could put him on a cross road. When your Gemini guy is trying to move on, he starts planning much before he drops the actual bomb on you. He wants to get out of a messy relationship as quick as he can without much noise. If he is drained or exhausted by abuse of trust, he is likely to make a rash decision with stems from a lack of direction.

5. He takes interest elsewhere

The Gemini man thrives in a position which is fun and spontaneous. He loves change and an unpredictable character revitalizes him. He has an active social life and because of an incredible gift of the gab, he makes friends quite easily. His flirtatious nature is never tucked away and women seem to get drawn to his magnetism, wit and intellectual strength. He will usually stand out in a crowd. You will rarely notice a Gemini man fading in the background because they are usually extroverts by nature. However, he respects his boundaries when involved in a serious relationship. In case you notice your Gemini man cheating on you, it's an obvious sign he has definitely lost interest.

6. He might disappear without notice

If a Gemini man is shaken by the hurt (that may have been caused by you), he could ghost you without explaining anything at all. The past does have an effect on his mind if he has been holding on to his emotions for a very long time now. It might so happen that you may never hear back from him. It is hard to tie down a Gemini man. When a relationship becomes heavy and unbearable, curtails his independence and suppresses his free spirit; he will take every possible measure to get out and find greener pastures. He will stop spending time with you and probably block you on all social media platforms so that you never find a trace of him or try any means to connect back.

7. He acts aloof and distant

The Gemini man is a smooth talker. While at one moment he might make you swoon over him, he is also capable of displaying a very dark side when he has no plans to continue a relationship. He doesn’t care about justifying his intentions or the reason for his actions. There are no efforts to initiate sex too. Worst of all, he is insensitive to your needs or desires. You will notice a stark change in his personality. He is distancing himself. He becomes reserved, cold and takes no interest whatsoever to generate any spark in his relationship with you. This is an unlikely behavior of the Gemini man which is important to be observed, for there is never a dull moment when you have a Gemini man seriously interested in you.

8. He may not be done with you just yet

Sometimes, the Gemini guy may get stuck. If he has invested himself in you to a point where he has surprised himself, there is also a great potential for him to make comebacks in waves. He might be stalking you, keeping a tab on all your moves, calling or texting just to ensure you guys are still friends. He might go around making brilliant stories of your breakup, sharing it with people over drinks and spilling some details here and there. They believe that talking about it might just be the right medicine to get over the heartbreak.


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