How to Make a Gemini Man Jealous?

How to Make a Gemini Man Jealous?


He doesn't seem to feel anything at all expect happiness, does he? I hear so many women complaining about how their Gemini boyfriends or partners don't care about them. That they are not affected by anything they do. But this man does feel! He feels a lot. The duality of his nature just makes it difficult for him to express what he feels. So if you want to get him better understand you, there are better ways to achieve that than making him jealous. And if you want to get him back, read the following advice very carefully since Gemini men are different from the other zodiac signs in this respect.

Let me reveal you how to make a Gemini man jealous and if it can help you get him back after a breakup. Let's see what astrology can teach us about the psychology and personality of the man born under this zodiac sign!

Are Gemini Men Jealous and Possessive?

I have said that they feel a lot of emotions. But does the Gemini guy feel the emotion of jealousy? The simple answer is: not really. The Gemini men might get jealous once in a while but it is not easy to make them jealous. That’s just not how they roll. This is mainly because they have a very positive outlook on life. Anything that disturbs the eutopia they are trying to build is not welcome in their life. Only when they have been deeply wounded by a loved one will they react negatively.

He just doesn’t understand the need to be jealous. Even when his friends get jealous of someone or something, he is unable to understand why. It can be said that he is content with what he has been given. And sees obstacles as adventures. So, what’s there to feel bad about.

He is confident about himself. This is probably the real reason why he rarely gets jealous. Most zodiac signs get jealous because of their insecurities. But when you feel like you already have everything you need, why would you be jealous of anyone?

He hates drama. And the Gemini man sees jealousy and possessiveness as a drama. He will never engage in something that will only give him trouble and worries. This is why he avoids confrontation too. It’s just too much drama.

He sees your infidelity as an opportunity. The Gemini man likes to flirt around. So, if anything else, the thought of you cheating on him gives him the opportunity to flirt around. He doesn’t see it as a betrayal. He sees it as a blessing in disguise. Can you ever make a man like that feel jealous?

What Can You Do to Make the Gemini Man Jealous?

If you ask my advice, I will counsel you against trying to make him jealous. He might end up being angry at you for applying such tactics rather than being jealous. So, the better way to go about it is to make him feel responsible for hurting you. If you broke up, there are other ways to get him back. Which we will talk about in a bit.

  1. Express your gloom in his presence. This is about letting him know he did something wrong. He is used to people being happy and cheerful when he’s around. So, obviously, when your face is down, he will know something is up. This will be a good opportunity to bring up your concern.
  2. Avoid him. You are trying to get his attention and make his own responsibility. Do that by not giving him any attention. When he is around, start texting on your phone. If you walk past him in a hallway, act like you didn't notice him. Just the standard procedure to avoiding someone. You know the drill.
  3. Make it known that you are finding comfort elsewhere. His lover has to go to someone else to share her sorrows with? How bad can things be? You don’t necessarily have to find another man for this job. Even your girlfriends will help to the trick. But the underlying requirement is that he knows you have to find solace in someone else.
  4. Come back home late. If he knows you are avoiding coming back home, he will get worried. What is it about the house that you are not eager to come back? Is it something he did? Doesn't he make you happy anymore? Your sadness will be a lot more problematic to him than your unfaithfulness.
  5. He will figure out the rest. The Gemini male has great analytical skills. This is why he always has a solution to all your problems. So, if you are able to convey your unhappiness, he will eventually figure out that something is wrong. Don’t confront him during this time. Confrontation will only make him walk away or become distant. When he asks you what’s wrong, talk to him. Make him understand what’s going on.

How the Gemini Man Shows Jealousy?

Oh! So, your Gemini man does get jealous? Well, you have chanced upon a rare species. Maybe his Moon or Ascendant is in Aries or Cancer. Then the way to make him jealous is everything that one usually does to achieve that. Anyway, here are some signs that will help you figure out if he’s jealous.

He gets unhappy when you talk about other men. Does his smile turn upside down when you talk about your male friends? Or does he try to change the subject in that scenario? Well, either way, you can tell that he’s jealous when he behaves likes that.

This man that avoids confrontation lets his displeasure known. The Gemini guy deals with things that make him angry by avoiding them. So, if he’s risking confrontation to make his displeasure known, you know he’s upset with you.

When you talk about something that makes him jealous, he’ll act like he isn’t listening. This is him trying to avoid confrontation again. Maybe if you see that he’s disinterested in what you have to say, you’ll stop talking about it. Pay attention to his behaviour and attitude during conversations.

Is he acting strange? I’m sure all of the things he has done so far are strange as it is. But does it feel like there’s something wrong with him? Like he isn’t himself anymore. That’s probably a sign of jealousy.

Making a Gemini Man Jealous After Breakup: Will it Make Him Come Back?

No, making him jealous doesn’t work. But if you are trying to get your Gemini man back after a break up, here are some other things that can help you win his heart back.

Start by being confident and independent. A Gemini male will not fall back in love with a woman who is immersed in self-pity. That is the most unappealing things to him.

Stay in touch even after the breakup. This is key because he will not be following your profile to see what you are up to. After your initial sorrow is past and you have collected yourself, get in touch with him again.

Show him how fun you are. Life is about adventures and happiness to him. So, if he feels like that’s what he’s missing by not being with you, he is sure to reconsider.

Let him know you still have feelings for him. Get the opportunity to tell him what you feel when you talk about your relationship. But don’t make it sound like you expect to get back with him. If he still hasn’t gotten over the breakup, then the expectation will make him run away. Just play it cool and smooth.


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