The Gemini Man in Love: 10 Unknown Traits & Characteristics

The Gemini Man in Love: 10 Unknown Traits & Characteristics


A Gemini man, ruled by the air element, loves his freedom. And when in love, he will catch you off guard. How to know if a Gemini man interested in you? How does a Gemini man behave when he is falling in love with someone? Do you love a Gemini man and wish to know how he expresses his feelings? Here are a few unknown personality traits of this Zodiac sign that you would have never known!

How does a Gemini man show his feelings?

When a Gemini man is interested, it is quite evident in the way he takes you on a journey with his engaging stories. This man loves to converse and when he gets a little extra chatty around you, it's a sign you are special to him. He is quite the expressive kinds unlike other Zodiac signs in astrology.

So, when he cares to share, you should seem interested instead of acting aloof and unconcerned. Lend him a patient ear and be mindful of everything that he tells you. If a Gemini man is truly interested, he will be touchy. You would know for sure because unless you sweep him off his feet with your intellect, he wouldn’t come close to you.

How to know if a Gemini man loves you?

When a Gemini man has moved past the stage of liking you, he will share his emotions. This goes beyond the level of just stating facts about himself and his experiences. This is the stage where all his feelings will surface. He is a practical man and believes that there is no "fairy tale" ending to a story. But he will settle down in his own pace. And when he does, he does it for good.

A Gemini man’s partner need not fret when he acts aloof absorbing all information while he indulges in his favorite shows or immerses himself in a library of books. He just loves being informed and hence, craves for the “me-time” to know anything his level best.

Gemini men can handle a long distance relationship like a pro. Because his space is so important to him, he likes that fact that someone won't breath on his neck the whole time. When a love story begins with a Gemini man, it is an unexpected twist in the plot. You may not even realize when he caught feelings for you. He loves adventure and the thrill. So, a love story needs to have sparks flying which gives him major memories and stories to talk about.

Are Gemini men loyal?

Gemini men are unpredictable. A bit flighty, expecting strong commitment can be a bit too much for a Gemini guy. If he is pushed hard, the relationship will crumble in no time for he loves himself all too dearly. He is loyal and his woman should be secure enough to accept his gregarious nature as a major part of his character which he can’t change. Variety is the spice of life. And this goes perfectly well with a Gemini male who wouldn’t entertain doing the same task again and again. When a Gemini man gets bored, he will change colors like a chameleon. So, if you don’t ignite the spark or bring no new flavors to the relationship, it is hard to keep him interested for long.

A Gemini man hates anything that gets monotonous after a while. He needs time to accept the fact that he is in love, his flaky nature may distract him even before he knows it well. He is the man who lives in the moment, without worrying too much about what is to come in the future. To have his loyalty, a woman should be able to just let him be. Being commanding and forcing one’s will never works out with a Gemini man who will always strive hard to defend his independence. He needs his space to do the bit of the boyish stuff that he adores while having someone grounded to take care of the serious stuff.

How does a gemini man act when hurt?

Insecurity envelops him. A Gemini man appreciates being valued just like anyone else. He has an opinion on everything under the sun. So, when you don’t ask him questions and make him feel like his opinion isn’t respected, it could hurt him deep. You have to be careful of not hurting his feelings. This Zodiac sign is so intelligent that he knows all the right ways to interrogate and have the answers that he wants. So, even when you are unaware, he is taking note and observing everything about you.

Just to have an extra layer of added guarantee that you are into him, he will travel great lengths to have the information that he wants. If you don’t pay attention to him, he will notice that. His thoughts run at the speed of lightning. So, even when you feel you have made a harmless move, he might take offense at your littlest mistake if it hasn’t been communicated to him well.

How to tell if a Gemini is lying?

The men born under the Gemini Zodiac sign are smooth liars. The ability to blend comes very easily to a Gemini male. It is an attractive trait in him because anyone could just fall for someone who can be what they want them to be. This could be read as manipulative behavior. It is very difficult to catch this man red-handed. They tell the perfect lies. They could give you a  mouthful of lies and you wouldn’t ever know. This is a fact which their closest people know too well.

They are witty and sarcastic. Words just flow like a river when they speak. When they do get swayed in the moment, they have a tendency of exaggerating things. So, certain stories may be blown out of proportion when a Gemini man is narrating an incident or answering a question. He doesn’t wish to hurt anyone but he just ends up being hopeless with his narrating skills. This could turn into a major source of disappointment for his partner.

What a gemini man wants in a woman?

A Gemini man is the life of the place where he goes. He loves to talk and keeps people engaged with his amazing storytelling skills. He is buzzing with positivity, so people like his company. There are a few who could actually resist him. His intellectual capacity is awe inspiring so striking a conversation with anyone comes to him naturally.

So, it is important for a Gemini man that his partner should be able to understand him. She shouldn’t try and restrict his freedom or else it will push him away. He doesn't appreciate being around a "girl" who cannot handle her life and craves for his attention all the time. This man needs his space and there is no bargaining in this case. If a woman can give him the space to breath, he will come closer. He has a life of his own where he cocoons himself and won’t have anyone disturbing him.


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