​When a Gemini Man Wants to Marry You!

​When a Gemini Man Wants to Marry You!


I don’t blame you if you are unsure about where your relationship is going. The Gemini man is the master of duality. And with duality comes indecisiveness. But if you want to walk down the aisle with this man, then there’s a lot you need to know. Or has his interest in getting married brought you here? Either way, marrying a Gemini male is no easy task. For starters, he is the most likely to cheat. So, you have that. And then, you never really know which way the wind will blow with him. So, how do you pin this cloud down and at the end of the aisle? And do you really want that?

Here’s all you need to know about his true personnality and what to do when a Gemini man wants to marry you!

Signs a Gemini Man is in Love with You

The only way to be sure of his loyalty is by finding out if he really loves you. with the always changing personality that he is, this can be difficult. So, how do you know when a Gemini man is in love? Here are a few signs to look out for.

The most important sign is that he opens up to you. the Gemini male keeps a lot to himself. There's so much conflict inside of him all the time. But he would only share all of this with someone he loves enough to trust. He has many friends, but not all of them are as close for him to share the deep and dark stuff with.

He chooses to spend more and more time with you. The Gemini guy always likes to spend time with the woman he loves. In this meeting, you will get to see the real him. You will be able to understand the complexity. But don't let him fool you. If he treats you wrong when people are around, his intentions are not good.

He likes to stay updated on your life. I’m not talking about the following you on social media kind of a thing. I’m talking about checking in on you if he doesn’t hear from you for longer than usual. Worrying about you if you are sick. And caring for you as more than just a friend.

And the more confident Gemini man will tell you he loves you. It will be long before he says those three magical words. But when he starts opening up to you the day isn’t far. And the people of Gemini zodiac sign don’t throw around these words lightly.

Gemini Man in Marriage

The Gemini husband isn't your average controlling man we are used to expecting.

No other man compares to the kind of independence he gives his wife. The Gemini man believes in living and let's live. So, he will never bind you to anything. But he expects the same from you. Will you be able to give him the same freedom?

He is a social man, so the family life will be scarce. He won’t be the husband who likes to come home to a wife and relax. He’s the husband who picks up his wife after work to party. He is always entertaining and you will have to keep up with that.

There won’t be any drama because he absolutely abhors it. Marriages with Geminis are usually very peaceful because they hate angry confrontations. Even if there is a fight it gets resolved faster than it begins. But this can also lead to a lot of bottled up anger for later on. Make sure you don’t let that happen.

You will have to have the patience to deal with his flirtatious nature. It isn’t a sign of infidelity unless he’s unhappy at home. He is a flirt by nature and often does so without realising the harm. But on the plus side, he lets you have that freedom too. So, win-win?

But if you let him know how you feel, he will hold himself back. Especially if he’s madly in love with you. If you can work this out, then you couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

How to Get a Gemini Man to Marry You?

So, maybe he isn’t giving you a hint. Maybe you don’t know if he wants to get married or not. But you do, and you want him on the same pace as you. So, here’s what you can do to get him to marry you.

Bask in your own glory. Let him see that you are a prize. Just by being awesome at who you are, you can win this man’s heart. A lot of this has got to do with your confidence and ability to get the job done.

Be as patient as possible. You cannot force him to do something. Remember he's all about the freedom to live. Let your wishes be known but don’t make them commands. The more frustration you show around him, the worse it will get for you.

He needs to see you as someone who can handle differences without drama. The lengths that a Gemini male can go to, to avoid confrontation are legendary. So, naturally, he will run away from a woman who doesn't seem to have control over her temper. Handle all issues in a calm and calculated manner. Don't hide your issues under the rug either.

Be his role model. The Gemini guy has a lot of shortcomings and he's aware of that. What he needs is a woman who can help him wade through all of this. Be the constant in his life.

Inspire and motivate him. He needs a support system. Someone who he knows will be by his side always. This man doesn’t even depend on his own self. He is aware of his duality. But your consistency he should be able to rely on.

Match his spontaneity. The Gemini male seldom gets too tired to party. Neither should you. In fact, make sure that you are more spontaneous than him. More social than he is. And all the times you spend together should be some of the most memorable for him.

Who are Geminis Most Likely to Marry?

Love is a mystery no one will ever be able to solve. So many people who look perfect on paper separate within months. And the most unlikely of couples last till eternity. All we can do is just make some recommendations based on the few facts we know. Based on that, here are a few zodiac signs that the Gemini man is most likely to marry.

Gemini men are most likely to marry Gemini women. The similarity in their nature tends to keep them together. The understanding that they have for one another is unmatched.

But if the Gemini man is to go beyond its own zodiac then Aries woman is the most compatible match. Their energy levels often match which brings them together. There are passion and intensity in this love affair. Which often translates to successful marriages.

Leo, Libra and Aquarius women are other zodiac signs that are most compatible spouses for the Gemini man.

On the other side of things, the Gemini man is the least likely to get along with a Capricorn woman. Their diametrically opposing natures makes it impossible for them to get along. While one is too serious for the other. The other is too laid back for the former.


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