The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Gemini Soulmate

The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Gemini Soulmate


Geminis are great friends to most people because of their child-like and fun-loving nature. They are born extroverted so, if they really wish to, they could magically find their way into the hearts of anyone. Who are the zodiac signs most likely to be Gemini's soulmate? Which zodiac signs are compatible with Gemini natives? Which is the best zodiac sign to be a friend to a Gemini? What makes a good partner for a Leo male or female? Who should a Gemini man or woman marry? Which signs are the best love match with a Gemini native?

Here are the top 5 Zodiac signs that share a high compatibility score with a Gemini native as per astrology:

1. Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Why do Gemini like Aquarius?

Gemini likes Aquarius for their ability to rebel and bring forth change, seldom thought of by others, they are driven and persevering. Aquarius is a sign of change and Gemini feels comfortable sharing their ideas and finding a common goal to work on with an Aquarian. Aquarius further stabilizes this friendship with its emotions while Gemini adds the vitality with their child-like persona.

Aquarius and Gemini share a fun connection that's exciting and dynamic. These signs value their independence and intellect. Gemini and Aquarius are witty and smart. Blessed with sharp minds, they are driven by out-of-the-box thinking. They hate routine and live recklessly. If these signs come together, they have immense potential to bend realities, cheat or lie to make tremendous gains.

Why do Aquarius like Gemini?

Geminis are articulate and extremely smart. They have a wide knowledge of almost everything under the sun. They are expansive and love adventures, a common ground for both zodiac signs to get along with. These air signs believe in shortcuts which is their true mantra for winning in life. Ask a Gemini and Aquarius ideas and they will boggle your mind with their crazy ideas. Thus, the pairing of Aquarius and Gemini is a surreal connection, built to last a long time.

While they do have their share of problems, it is a match highly compatible in friendship. If these signs are careful and use their strengths for the benefit of humanity, they can accomplish revolutionary tasks with ease.

2. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

What do Gemini like about Sagittarius?

They love sharing ideas and Sagittarius' intellect expanse will seldom bore a Gemini friend. Gemini and Sagittarius want to learn and seamless communication brings them closer. They are wild, untethered and seekers of the truth, Gemini being rational and Sagittarius interested in the metaphysical. Nonetheless, it is the desire to learn and gain experience that forms the common ground for this friendship to blossom.

What do Sagittarius like about Gemini?

Their grand ideas stand out as extraordinary. In an ideal situation, they will get along pretty well as Gemini is this childish energy that loves the unknown and who is a better guru than a Sagittarius? Both are freedom lovers, opinionated and value their spaces. The fire sign, Sagittarius, receives great support from Gemini, an air sign. They can basically depend on each other to grow and reach great heights. So, they will enjoy a solid foundation early on.

3. Aries Zodiac Sign

Why is Aries attracted to Gemini?

Geminis are the most articulate among the zodiac signs. The Aries native will be floored over Gemini's communication skills and adventurous spirit. Geminis also draw in Aries with their youthfulness and vitality. They are witty and wild which also makes them attractive to the Aries native. Aries has a thing for intellectual conversations and Geminis are gushing with brilliant ideas to inspire Aries. So, when the energetic Aries needs words of inspiration and motivation, Gemini is around. Sexually, these signs love experimenting, something that glues them to each other for a long, long time.

Why is Gemini attracted to Aries?

Aries have an attractive persona, one that garners attention. They are confident and driven in life. In an Aries, the Gemini native can depend on, he is protective and stabilizes their airy nature of Gemini. While Geminis could have difficulty making a decision, in an Aries native they find their perfect mate, someone who directs them and guides them. Aries and Gemini get along quite well. In fact, an Aries will attract a Gemini and hook them for an eternity. They'll have so much fun and enjoyment in each other's company, it's never boring or stagnant when they meet.

4. Libra Zodiac Sign

Why is Gemini attracted to Libra?

Libra and Gemini make great friends. Libra loves to bring peace and joy wherever they go: this makes them an asset to a Gemini whose life can be chaotic. Gemini and Libra are known to be gossipy, they love to chat and have a huge circle of friends and acquaintances. They are generally interesting people with creative thoughts bombarding their headspace every minute. Yes, they are quite well-informed and inquisitive people. Gemini loves spending long hours discussing ideas to satiate their inquisitiveness.

Why is Libra attracted to Gemini?

Libra and Gemini are air signs who value their independence and seek adventure to keep their lives interesting. These are intelligent signs who help each other mentally expand. Libra is all about balance and this anchors the Gemini native. In their private affairs too, Libra and Gemini get along seamlessly as they both share the same airy element and can relate to each other's needs. Gemini is friendly and infuses the light-heartedness that Libra needs. They value people's contacts and as a team they can widen their network and discover newer avenues of learning. Variety is the spice of their lives and with a few adjustments they can respect their individual spaces and find ways to amplify their joys.

5. Leo Zodiac Sign

Why is Gemini attracted to Leo?

Leos have an in-built grandeur, one that screams for attention. Leos are confident, fun-loving, and creative. In a Leo, the Gemini native finds a dependable soul, one who is duty-bound and faithful. While Geminis could struggle with routine, in a Leo they find the ideal partner who grounds them and spoils them with loyalty. Leos are generous and loving. When their emotions take over, they'll be charged up. Their dignified demeanor and intellectual prowess will draw a Gemini close. They'll have so much fun, it'll be hard to keep their hands off each other.

Why is Leo attracted to Gemini?

Geminis are easy to get along with. They can effectively communicate their heart out and make a Leo fall weak. The Leo native will appreciate a Gemini's skills and adventurous character. One of a kind, Geminis draw Leos with their intellect and vivacious aura. Geminis are witty and their child-like traits make them oh-so-attractive to the Leo native. Leos are suckers for good conversations and Geminis are expert communicators. So, when Leo fishes for compliments, none does it better than Gemini.


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