What is Gemini Spirit Animal and its Meaning?

What is Gemini Spirit Animal and its Meaning?


There can never be a single spirit animal for a Gemini. And I don't mean that different Gemini will have a different spirit animal. What I mean is that every Gemini has more than one spirit animals. After all, they are two spirits residing in one body. This is also why it would be sufficient to just know the spirit animals of Gemini to understand them. “What does it mean to be a Gemini?” is a much bigger question. There are a lot of elements of the Gemini Zodiac sign that go into answering this question. The Gemini ruling planet, their element, the Zodiac symbol, all are factors that make them who they are.

So, to improve our understanding of them, here is what you need to kown about the Gemini spirit animal and its meaning in astrology!

What does a Gemini represent?

The Gemini represents the pre-teen stage of the human life-cycle. The age where everyone keeps telling us that they are neither adult, not kids. An extremely confusing stage at an extremely important life stage. No wonder Gemini are in two minds all the time.

A unique feature of the people born under this Zodiac sign is their split personality. Hot and cold, love and hate are just two sides of the same person. and you never know which one you will get when. But we cannot blame Geminis for this inconsistency in their personality. Even they cannot control themselves. But they make up for it with their flamboyant personalities and big hearts.

A lot of the discrepancies in the personalities of Geminis can be explained by a multitude of factors.

Their Zodiac symbol serves as a perfect summary for all these contradictions in them. Their ruling planet represents all the things that salvage them from this double life. Geminis are gifted with exceptional wit. And a natural talent to make friends wherever they go. Armed with their wit and charm, Geminis emerge as one of the most powerful Zodiac signs to reckon with.

What is the spirit animal of Gemini?

The Gemini may always be in two minds, but they have never been accused of making those around them suffer. In fact, they are life and soul of all parties. Their social life is legendary. And so, only the most exquisite animal makes it as their spirit animals.

Our list starts with the Gazelle. The fun and frolicking gazelle touches all the right chords in the heart of the Gemini social butterfly. Their beauty attracts everyone to them, much like the Gemini’s. Much like the Gazelle, the Gemini love to live in herds. By that, I don’t mean that they actually live with a group of people. But whenever they go out, which is often, they love to hang out with a group of people. They do not survive well enough in isolation.

The next animal they share with the Aquarius Zodiac sign is the Dolphin. Dolphins are another one of Gemini’s spirit animals. Much like dolphins, Geminis love to be the center of attention. And they usually are. But they aren’t egoists like the Leos. Much like the Dolphins, Geminis have a humility about them. And like their aquatic mammalian spirit animals, Geminis are extremely social in their demeanor. They are rarely alone and spend most of their time in the company of others. Dolphins relate with Geminis because of their creativity and intelligence as well.

It would be a mistake to not talk about the fiery side of the Gemini. Their evil twin. At least the evil twin that they live with at all times.

The Black Panther is another well-known spirit animal of the Geminis. Much like the sleek and intimidating black panther, the Gemini rests within themselves a genius. Very rarely does the panther show its wild side. But much like the Gemini, beneath the calm and calculated surface lies an evil twin. Leaping from the trees, without being seen, the Black Panther appears when the prey least expects. And just when the evil twin surface, all hell breaks loose.

Which planet is Gemini ruled by?

If you know a Gemini, you would find this quite amusing.

The Gemini Zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the Roman messenger God, whose Greek equivalent is Hermes. Hermes has been recognized throughout Greek mythology as the troublemaker.

Many victories of the Greek gods have been attributed to the work of Hermes. Yet at the same time, many troubles also trace their way back to him. Apart from this taste for dual intentions, Hermes also bestows flexibility and adaptability on the Geminis. Mercury controls the mind and plays tricks with it. No wonder the Geminis themselves have no understanding of their true feelings.

But Mercury also blesses them with their intellect and the hunger for knowledge. With that comes joviality, youthfulness and cheerfulness which makes Gemini such great company. They know how to have fun and they know how to keep and build friendships. After all, Mercury is the God of communication. Their subjects will certainly know the right words to use.

This also blesses them with another power. The power to manipulate people with lies. A consequence of this superpower is their ability to figure out when someone is lying to them. It's amazing what the Geminis can do!

What element is Gemini in the Zodiac?

Gemini is the first air sign in the Zodiac cycle. Air represents the ability to flow with ease and take everything in stride. Unlike water, air doesn't drag everything with it. Air bends through the obstacles in its way. In some sense, it avoids what's in its path.

This can explain the Gemini's tendency to avoid conflict. They would much rather bend around the problem than face it head-on. But air also signifies clarity of mind which makes Geminis the intellectuals that they are. One thing that remains undisputed, is the fact that to this day, there has been no substitute to air. Much like the Geminis in our life. Once they become a part of someone's life, it is tough to let go of them.


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