Gemini Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Gemini Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?


The Gemini woman is bold and sexy. She is also smart, skilled and sensual - all great qualities to entice a man and satisfy him in bed. What turns a Gemini woman on? How to arouse a Gemini woman? What does a Gemini woman want in bed? How to attract a Gemini woman and keep her hooked? Who is a Gemini woman sexually compatible with?

Here are a few traits and characteristics of the Gemini women in bed:

Gemini woman sexuality traits

Gemini women are seductive personalities. Communication drives these natives and they have a great ability to form connections just by their intellectual prowess. Quite flirty, Geminis are the life of a party in their social circles. So, most of their flings and one-night stands happen through their wide network.

They value their freedom and independence. This reflects in their carefree lifestyle and wild choice of partners. Sex to a Gemini is uninhibited. The twins that symbolize the sign of Gemini stand for the physical union which denotes their deep-seated passions for love and life.

So, a Geminis sex life could involve a number of stories, not one being similar to the other for they love the risk of adventures. There is no boundary that a Gemini would respect if they wish to pursue someone physically or emotionally. They live each day like it's their last day. Geminis have difficulty expressing themselves emotionally which means that sex with them need not necessarily be accompanied by an exchange of emotions or feelings. In fact, they will always struggle to emote.

The women born under the Gemini Zodiac sign are not diehard romantics. So, more often than not, they would be in search of a connection that does not tie them down but helps them grow. They wouldn't waste their time being hopeless romantics looking for love in places where sex is free. Yes, Geminis can be rash and indiscriminate in their choice of sex partners. As they are quick-paced, they don't waste time when they don't find the "right" one.

What does the Gemini woman like in bed?

Gemini is a sensual sign, even though it may not be too obvious right at the beginning. They are all about oral sex, both giving and receiving it. So, as your Gemini woman for all kinds of oral experiments and they'll love to treat you well in bed.

Everything with a Gemini woman starts with the mind and then transcends to the body. They love all the intellectual stimulation and that's a filter before they lure someone to bed for sexual pleasures. As air signs, they are quick. So, it may be tough to keep pace with a Gemini woman.

Expect quickies when you are sexually involved because she likes to keep her partners on their toes. So, spontaneous sex with lots of experiments is their kind of satisfying sex life.

Gemini woman in bed with Scorpio man

These signs are all about sex. While Gemini can be superficial, Scorpio is too intense to handle. Gemini women love the mystery that Scorpio men exude. They will be instantly lured by their magnetic persona and the secrecy that their personality holds. Scorpio loves sex without boundaries and Gemini wouldn't hold any bar when they indulge in a sizzling sex life with a Scorpio man. This could be a relationship that's full of conflicts especially after they have sex when the Scorpio man starts asserting his control, dominance and possessiveness.

Gemini woman in bed with Capricorn man

Gemini women are patient and reckless while Capricorn is prudent, stable, and slow. However, the Capricorn man's libido will keep the fire burning all night long. When it's about sex, Gemini brings the flirty playfulness while Capricorn will introduce the serious and passionate love-making style of the earth signs. They are pleasers who won't stop unless the satisfaction is mutual. They might struggle with the face as Gemini women move from one thing to the other quickly while Capricorn would need the slow and steady route for lasting satisfaction. He grounds her while she shows him the ways to enjoy sex a little carefree.

Gemini woman in bed with Leo man

The sexual compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Leo man is based on fun, creativity, and entertainment. They will laugh a lot and have a ball of a time no matter where they are. As sexual indulgence makes these signs happy and content, they would get wilder and more passionate in each other's company. Dirty talking keeps the passions alive between these zodiac signs and they would never hesitate to try anything new while lovemaking. They'll do great together in the bedroom as long as Gemini is cautious about stroking the Lion's ego and accepts his dominance.

Gemini woman in bed with Sagittarius man

These signs of the Zodiac love the rush and adventure even in between the sheets. They are in it to experiment, indulge, and leave as quickly as they are done. Both these signs may get along quite superficially in the first place. So, they will have a good time but one that's not fulfilling. This connection is nonetheless steamy and erotic with plenty of room for something new every single time. These signs are open, non-judgemental which allows them to get vulnerable with each other. Pretty weird and unpredictable, they might find the perfect fit in each other, bold enough to try the kinkiest fantasies they have harbored.

Gemini woman in bed with Libra man

The Gemini woman and Libra man will struggle to keep their hands off each other. They charm each other's pants off the minute they engage in creative and engrossing conversations of everything under the sun. Gemini and Libre have an instant connection and having sex with each other just seems to natural to these signs. They are passionate freaks who'll get dirty the minute they are in each other's company. They have a hard time striking the right balance, feeding off each other's magnetic energies, and getting messy as they lay their hands on each other. Libra men are highly sensual and romantic, so sex is almost always on the menu when they are together.


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