How to know when a Gemini woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when a Gemini woman is done with you? 10 Signs


I'm sure that when Katy Perry was writing 'Hot and Cold', she had a Gemini ex in mind. After all these years of studying astrology, I am still baffled by how quickly they change their mind. The duality of their personality confuses everyone in their life. But it is also a part of their charm, isn't it? If you've fallen in love with a Gemini, you would know. Things in the love life become complicated when this duality hides their true feelings. Especially when you might have cause to worry that things are about to end. So, how to know when a Gemini woman is done with you? What are the signs she has lost interest? How does she behave when she falls out of love?

Here are 10 signs that will help you understand better and act sooner!

1. Her disinterest in you is a sign that she is done with you

It isn't easy to keep a Gemini woman interested. But if she's in love with you, you will always have some part of her attention. Is you Gemini girl not paying you any attention anymore? Does her interest seem artificial? This isn't a sure shot sign that she is done with you. It could very well be just one of those things that she does when her evil twin takes over. But if her disinterest in you has been there for longer than usual, you might want to keep reading.

2. If she has a hard time focusing on you, she might be over you

So, maybe you have been trying to spark her interest back again. you are doing everything she loves. Taking her out to fancy restaurants on date nights. Movie nights on Fridays. Everything that she loves. Yet, everywhere you go she seems preoccupied. Well, it could be because she has something more pressing to take care of. But if she hasn't shared anything with you, it might mean she just doesn't enjoy your company as much as she used to. Which is why she would much rather think of something else than being in the present.

3. She is weirdly disoriented when the two of you are alone

When you are in public, things are normal. At least by public decency standards. But when you are alone with her, she seems uncharacteristically nervous. Does that sound like your Gemini woman? When a Gemini female realizes that she is in a loveless relationship, it makes her uncomfortable. She doesn't know what to do, because she probably hasn't made up her mind about breaking up yet. Instead, she will get awkward and clumsy. And you know that it's not her style.

4. Your troubles are insignificant to her

No one has ever accused people born under the Gemini Zodiac sign of being unsympathetic. And she has always been there for you whenever you were having a bad day. While she is still there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. She is not as proactive in reaching out to you as she used to be, right? Is she going cold and getting distant lately? Well, she doesn't want you to keep depending on her emotionally. Because soon she will break up with you and she doesn't want her to worry about hurting you.

5. She is partying more and always seems to be surrounded by people

Gemini women love to party. This is also one of the reasons why they breathe life into every room they walk into. They love to attend parties and host too. however, now the frequency of these parties has increased. It has started to feel like she just doesn't want to be alone with you or by herself. And you will see new faces at these parties. Because her friends are also tired of attending so many parties. This expansion of her social circle is not normal, and you know it. she might be doing it to keep you away too.

6. The Gemini woman will be rude and inconsiderate to you

Remember the evil twin? She shows up her head from time to time. but her visits will become more frequent now. She will become manipulative and rude. The regard for your feelings will be totally absent. Instead, she will accuse you of being too sensitive. Something she never did before. She will no longer filter what she says to you. And she will hit you when you are at your lowest. I'm not saying that this behavior will become the norm. But it won't be an exception anymore.

7. …worst still, there will be no remorse in her demeanor

Usually, when her evil twin rears her head, she goes away soon. And when she does, your Gemini female is extremely remorseful of her words and actions. She would spend days repenting over what she said. She might not do it directly if she is one of those Geminis who hate to show weakness. But she will make up for her behavior. Not if she's quickly moving on. In that case, it is better if you feel bad because that will make the breakup easier.

8. The Gemini female start lying when she wants to break up with someone

Have you caught her in a lie before? The answer to that is probably, yes. But has her lying become so frequent that it borders on problematic now? To begin with, she doesn't tell you things. Where she's going? What she's doing? She won't tell you anything that goes on in her life. On top of that, if you were to as her these things, she will lie to you, point-blank. Even when there is no need to lie. She just doesn't want you to know stuff about her life. Worst still. If she gets caught, she shows no remorse.

9. She will reach out to her exes and be seen around with new flames

Here's a really odd thing that will crop up if things are going south. Usually, like all normal people, Geminis don't bring up their exes that often. But now that she is looking forward to moving on, she will revisit all the options she has tried before. So, she'll start talking to all of her exes again. they will meet up at parties, go out together. She might even ask you to get to know them better because they are ‘friends' now. If her relations with her exes have soured then she will look for new men to hang out with. Suddenly, all of her expanded social circle will be comprised of men. Men who are totally her type.

10. You will hear rumors that she wants to break up

A desperate Gemini woman cannot keep things to herself. She has to share her feelings with her friends. Many of whom will be your friends too. If a concerned friend reaches out to you with sympathies. Or an evil frenemy asks how things are working out with you Gemini girl, you might want to check in with your Gemini girl. Unlike the fire signs in astrology (and Scorpio, the honorary fire sign), not all Geminis are good at breaking up when things go downhill. But if you see these signs, you might want to start taking action. You might still have a chance to make things work!


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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