10 Things a Gemini Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things a Gemini Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


The woman born under the Gemini Zodiac sign is a delightful company when she is in love. What are the qualities a Gemini woman looks for in a man? What attracts her and makes her fall in love with someone? What is her ideal partner? If you are wondering what personality traits the Gemini woman likes and dislikes in man, here are 10 things you definitely need to know!

1. Rigidity of thought

The Gemini woman is childlike. She likes to explore new avenues. Her curious bent of mind propels her to seek answers that she does not already have. This inquisitive spirit adds to her adventurous personality. She is enthusiastic and loves a man who showcases the sportiness to experiment. What spoils her interest in him is his steadfast hold on order and planning. A strict disciplinarian may not be able to understand the craze of her interest to learn and expand her horizon. Any form of parochial mindset curbs her ideas and fails to accommodate the diversity of thought which disheartens the lighthearted Gemini woman.

2. Lack of knowledge

Gemini women love engaging in engrossing conversations. The Gemini woman ruled by the air element easily blends into a variety of groups because of her excellent communication skills. Hence she is often the heart of a party or gathering. Someone who stimulates her mind with his intellect is quite attractive to her. She can be easily turned off by a man who fails to hold an interesting conversation at length. She is a chatter-box of the zodiac, moving from one topic to the other. The expanse of her knowledge is wide. Unless her partner can keep up with her speed of thought and open up her mind to wider perspectives, he may not be an integral part of her circle.

3. Emotional attachment

The Gemini female can suffer from a lack of attachment. She may often seem aloof and distracted even when physically present. This might often project her lack of interest which may not really be the case. She champions the idea of letting go which works in her favour to save her from drowning in dark emotions. Highly emotional people sap her energy but this does not mean she lacks the ability to empathise and express compassion. Actually she might fall for a man who helps her get in touch with her feelings rather than avoiding them. Someone who acknowledges her grief and pain and helps her deal with them without judgements is appealing to the Gemini woman.

4. Lack of communication

Often people hold grudges and refuse to confront their ego. The Gemini woman will open up quite easily, admitting to her flaws and faults unreluctantly. She likes transparency in her relationships, making all possible efforts to nip the problems in the bud. However, if a man is in the habit of building up resentment, practising passive aggression and accumulating anger; his relationship with the Gemini woman will fall apart. She prefers to have honest conversations and find solutions to a crisis (if any) rather than exaggerating the issue and building conflict.

5. Lack of confidence

The Gemini woman might get irritated when in the company of a man who expresses a suspicious attitude. It spells trouble in the relationship when she feels mistrusted. The detached behaviour of the Gemini woman can trigger a person to build walls and maintain a distance, refusing to befriend her. Her active social life makes people often dub her as “gossipy” and “unfaithful”. This might force her to suffer from an identity crisis in a relationship. The woman born under the Gemini Zodiac sign is confident and smart with a high sense of self-worth. Unless she feels respected, she may not be willing to compromise with a man’s lack of faith, insecurity and extreme sensitivity.

6. Strong vision

A man with a solid sense of self can attract the Gemini woman. She loves visionaries who think “out-of-the-box”. A go-getter, highly driven personality makes her go weak in her knees. She is an ambitious woman herself and being in the company of a man who has an achiever mindset hits off an equation right from the beginning. The Gemini woman is naturally attracted to those with a high sense of self-worth. Lack of ambition is a dislikeable trait in man for a Gemini woman.

7. Creativity

The Gemini woman wants to avoid boredom in all walks of life. She desires a man who is creative and adds an element of fun in all their shared activities. A relationship where both make equal efforts to stay entertained adds drama and playfulness makes her happy. While being a matured individual, she is also bubbling with high energy like a child. She wants a man who can feed her childlike tendencies and has no qualms being kids together. This equally applies to bedroom experiments when they engage in physical intimacy.

8. Loyalty

While the Gemini woman has a wide variety of interests, she is passionate about the man she likes and seeks a stable relationship. This is a woman who exhibits major contrasts in her character but is also able to hold on to a secure relationship. She values the intensity and commitment of a man and respects him more when he occupies himself with her as his priority. The unflinching dedication of a lover makes her understand what real intimacy is.

9. Generosity

When in love, the Gemini woman loves a generous and kind-hearted man. Someone who cares and makes her feel special with his genuine gestures of love seals a strong bond with her. The warmth and support of a man sparks deeper emotions. Someone who can only focus on his own needs disregarding her likes and dislikes will lose her easily. A big-hearted man can strike a long-lasting friendship with the Gemini woman. A man who values her uniqueness can keep the relationship for the longest.

10. Excessive Control

Gemini women dislike men who try to act bossy. She doesn’t like a haughty attitude that tries to stifle her thoughts and movement. She loves her freedom. If a man likes to be the centre of attention, vying for attention and appreciation 24/7, she may not entertain such high-handedness in her life. If a man fails to be flexible in his approach and forces the Gemini woman to follow his directions, it might lead to heated debates. She is an independent woman and caging her to realise one’s personal whims ends up on a disastrous note.


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