How to Know if a Gemini Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Gemini Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!


The Gemini woman is perhaps among the least emotional zodiac signs, or let's say they have utter difficulty in expressing what they feel. So, when a Gemini woman is playing you, it could be hard to tell because her wordplay game is strong. She is a smooth liar, and seldom leaves space for doubts. So, how do you know if a Gemini woman is playing you and taking advantage of you? Is your Gemini woman using you for sex? How do you know if the Gemini woman you are dating is not trustworthy?

Here are 10 red flags you should be able to notice when the Gemini woman is faking her emotions and is not genuinely interested in pursuing you:

1. A Gemini woman playing games avoids defining the relationship

When a Gemini woman is not interested in pursuing a serious relationship with you, she'll mention repeatedly that she isn't ready for a commitment yet. She'll avoid all your requests to define the relationships and clarify the status you share with her. While she may engage in all romantic expressions and playful activities with you, she would freeze at the mention of a relationship tag.

2. A Gemini woman will play hard to get when she wants to impress a mate

When a Gemini woman is using you, she may not show her emotions at all. In fact, she will forever have difficulty telling you what she feels. Sometimes she may deliberately play hard to get because she enjoys the game of being chased and chasing someone she has her eyes on. It's a technique to showcase and enhance her desirability quotient, something most don't understand when she acts cold.

3. A Gemini woman testing you when she debates with you

A true Gemini woman is a brilliant orator, articulate and adept at playing silly tricks with people. When a Gemini woman is argumentative, she is testing you. She wants to understand your outlook and check if you guys share a similar wavelength. So, she'll throw caveats and speak about all things under the sun, not just to display her intellect but also to gauge yours.

4. Observe her lying to know if a Gemini woman is cheating

The Gemini woman is manipulative. She's swift at making plans, often hard to keep up with. So, when she is cheating on you or betraying your trust, she will go behind your back to engage in sneaky business. She'll lie so well that it's hard to separate fact from fiction. In fact, Gemini women seldom get affected by the pain their disloyal behavior causes to other people. They are detached from the very beginning unless they are won over.

5. Gemini woman's disappearing act is strong

The Gemini woman is ruled by mercury. So, they are quick and difficult to keep up with. As they hate being answerable or explaining themselves, Gemini women will resort to ghosting in the blink of an eye. So, when they play you, they get their work accomplished and hop on to someplace else. Gemini women take a leap of faith as they have a huge appetite for risk. So, they won't hesitate to leave a spot and move on to something else that catches their attention.

6. When a Gemini woman stops caring she will be detached

The Gemini woman is seldom invested in someone unless they've tried and tested their options well. They may fall in love as quickly as they fall out of it. So, expect your Gemini woman to be less affected by your requests, your needs, or your convenience if they are in the mood to exploit and use you to bits. Gemini women aren't selfish but their nonchalant behavior stems from their frequent mood swings and instability.

7. When a Gemini woman is using you she'll be flirty with other men

A Gemini woman can have multiple sexual interests if she isn't truly invested in you emotionally. She is skilled in the art of communication which allows her the opportunity to connect with a wide network of people. She'll be openly flirty, disregarding your pain if she is playing her heart out with you. Yes, she will be aware that you could be hurting but as long as she has not promised you a commitment she considers herself a free bird.

8. When a Gemini woman isn't interested in you, she'll be pretentious

A queen of pretentious activities, it's hard to really understand what a Gemini woman truly wants. She could put on a facade and pretend to be with you but mentally she could be somewhere else. She'll fake it like it's nobody's business. Bubbling with a plethora of ideas the Gemini woman won't be true to you if she is not quite convinced that you are her perfect mate. She'll be just the opposite of who you think she is, as long as her mission is accomplished.

9. When a Gemini woman is not into you, she'll never be there for you

She'll not be answerable to you about her whereabouts. The Gemini woman cannot be coerced to act against her will. She will abandon you when you need her or never reach the spot even though she promised you her availability. She'll take a rain-check when you require her presence and bail out when you are in difficulty. She is unquestionably indifferent and born with thick skin to random comments or critics.

10. When a Gemini woman is playing you she refuses to be seen with you in public

When a Gemini woman is engaged in a sneaky business behind your back, she will make excuses to leave you, especially when you are surrounded by people. She will look for places that are away from the public eye, hidden and perhaps secretive. While your Gemini woman is not tight-lipped, if she happens to hide the relationship, she's not sure of you. She could be there for fulfilling a goal or intention with no strings attached.


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