How to Get an Aquarius Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get an Aquarius Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


Is your Aquarius woman suddenly acting cold and distant? Is she ignoring you? Doesn't she reply to your calls or messages? If she behaves this way, there must be a reason and it's important to understand it. If you don't know anymore what to do and how to behave in that situation, you've come to the right place, for I will give you precious tips and advice from astrology to better understand the psychology of the woman born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign. And what you should do to win her heart back.

If you are still in love with her, here is all you need to know to get the Aquarius woman back in your life and keep her hooked!

How do you know when an Aquarius woman is done with you?

They grow cold and act distant

The Aquarius woman can act aloof if she has been hurt. She will withdraw and pretend to have never had feelings for you. They are usually firm in what they decide and once they make up their minds to let go, it is hard to convince them to return back. It takes time for the Aquarius woman to give up but if she has had enough, she would be the last person to put up with something nasty.

They shut you down

Even before you doubt, she wears her detective glasses and starts observing all your actions. It is difficult to beat an Aquarius woman in her “out-of-the-box” thinking. She stuns everyone with her creative thoughts and discoveries. So, it is stupid to try and make a fool of them when they are already walking a step ahead in your own plot.

Looks for support from their circle

The Aquarius woman has an amazing circle of friends who stick by and support her. Don’t be surprised if her friends call you out on your viciousness when you have hurt their dear Aquarius friend. While she appears all closed to you, she won’t hide much from the people who are the closest to her. Regardless of how much in pain she is, the Aquarius woman wouldn’t give up on her social life just because you broke her heart.

Thinks logically

The Aquarius woman will always have her facts and figures straight before they draw conclusions. She hates confrontations but if she does, she wouldn’t do it without concrete proof. She analyses and dissects every bit of information that’s she picks up. Least bit tolerant of lies and manipulation, she will cut you out like you never existed in her life.

How to win an Aquarius woman’s heart back after a breakup?

Give her enough space

If the Aquarius woman is acting detached, you need to let her enjoy that space. She won’t budge or deviate unless she herself sees any benefit arising out of it for the greater good. They need some time alone in order to reclaim their power back. When they are hurt in love, they feel like they have given away too much of themselves for nothing. So, if she has cut you off and isn’t responding to you at all, she is trying to avoid any kind of intimacy with you. She doesn’t want to fall weak again. It is best to wait and see if she comes back on her own.

Admit your mistake

When an Aquarius woman has her facts straight, it is pointless to try and distract her with anything superficial. She doesn’t like to argue and if you could just agree and admit to your fault, the chances of her returning back into your life are possibly higher. Broken promises have gotten her shook and unless you apologize, she will remain upset and shun you out completely. Send her a text stating concrete facts breaking the whole situation down and why getting back will not disappoint her again.

How to Keep an Aquarius woman interested in you?

If you have been lying to your Aquarius woman, she will give up on you pretty quick. Are you wondering about the signs an Aquarius woman is losing interest? In case the Aquarius woman in your life doesn’t respect your opinions anymore, throws tantrums, and is spending more time with other people, she is slowly outgrowing the love she once had for you. Here is what you could do to get the Aquarius woman back:

Let them be

Aquarius natives are highly intelligent. They are quick to pick on the energy that envelops them. They are progressive individuals who have a high sense of independence. They live life thoroughly and are optimistic even about the most critical situations. In order to live a happy life with an Aquarius woman, one needs to be clear about their own intentions first. Have your life ambitions clear because it is difficult to keep this woman unless you too have important stuff going on in your life. She won’t have the time or interest to deal with a stagnant mindset. In a world full of unlimited possibilities, she will always be in search of an equal who shares the same life purpose, a big mindset.

Respect their individuality

If you have plans to change the Aquarius woman, it will all go in vain. Despite their coldness, the Aquarius woman has a tender heart. She is a humanitarian who is thinking of bringing in massive changes to revolutionize the whole world. They believe in the values of justice and fairness and wouldn’t hesitate to defend the rights of the weak even at the cost of their own life. That’s how driven she is and she needs you to love her for who she is without devaluing what she does and criticizing her innovative thinking. Applaud her liberal spirit and allow her the room to grow and soar high. That’s the best way to keep the Aquarius woman hooked on to you for life.

Avoid monotony

The Aquarius woman is highly driven in life. She has goals so lofty that it is difficult to catch up with her pace for someone who cannot comprehend her flow of thoughts. She cannot be asked to conform to a routine and doing the same set of tasks as a machine. Her mind is always in search of ideas and with boredom kicking in, she will throw fits. Be creative with the activities you share and communicate your thoughts with clarity. Variety is the spice of life for the Aquarius woman. Invest your time and energy in renovating your space, traveling together, exploring different ways to make love or even revamp your daily routine. She would really appreciate if you get out of your comfort zone to make her happy.

Avoid criticisms

The easiest way to trigger an Aquarius woman is to compare her with everyone else. Even for the sake of it, the Aquarius woman likes to stand out from the crowd. Instead of highlighting all her mistakes and weaknesses, it is imperative that one admires her and understands her needs. She needs a patient man who doesn’t confuse her with other women, pays undivided attention, listens to her and stands by her when others don’t.


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