How to Get a Cancer Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Cancer Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


What a wonderful experience it is to be in love with a Cancer woman! But is your dream turning into a nightmare? Has it become difficult to talk to your Cancer girlfriend? Is she acting weird these days? Being suddenly distant and ignoring you? All these and more are just some of the signs a Cancer woman is losing interest. But you can’t give up on your love life just yet. Astrology might just help you mend fences. Astrology can help you better understand her personality and psychology. Finally, it can help you understand the reasons she is behaving like that and maybe conquer her heart back!

Here is all you need to know to get a Cancer woman back and keep her hooked!

How do you know when a Cancer woman is done with you?

How do you know when a Cancer woman is over you? It's very easy to tell when she loses interest in her partner.

The Cancer woman withdraws emotionally from the relationship. You know her! She is so in touch with her emotions and expresses them so well. But when a cancer woman is done with you, she starts growing distant. When a cancer woman pulls away from your physical touch, that a sign. Women of this zodiac sign love PDA. But now she’s withdrawing her hand every time you try to touch her, right? That’s because she doesn’t feel comfortable around you anymore.

When a Cancer loses interest, some of them even turn rude and quick to anger. Does she fight over everything these days? Is it difficult to have a normal conversation with her anymore? Well, she isn’t just reacting to your words, she also has an underlying feeling to express. But do Cancers fall out of love easily? No, which is why it's important to read the early signs.

Especially the fact that she would want to talk about the issues in the relationship more. Does she often want to talk to you about things like how you don’t have the same interests? Or that you don’t understand her? The thing is, Cancers are wired to try to work things out. And if she starts to feel that something is going wrong, she will want to make amends. Work things out with her in this stage.

How to win a Cancer woman’s heart back after a breakup?

Did you read this article too late? Has she already broken up with you? If you still wish to get her back, I can help. So, how to get a cancer woman to forgive you?

Start by identifying what went wrong and the mistakes you made. There is no chance for reconciliation unless she feels like things will get better. You see, the people born under the Cancer zodiac sign find it very difficult to break up. So, she must have been extremely upset to end things with you.

The next step is to explain to her that you have learnt from your mistakes. Don’t beg for forgiveness. She isn’t that petty as to make you beg. The Cancer female is a reasonable human being. So, have a mature conversation with her.

But don’t pressurize her, let her know that you support her, come what may. The Cancer woman’s silent treatment can be hard to deal with. Rather than forcing her into coming back. A more successful technique would be to remind her that you will always be there for her. This helps in smoothing things over when a Cancer is mad at you.

Support your words with your actions. How do Cancers deal with breakups? Cancer woman after a breakup will scrutinise you too. So, if you are trying to get her back, show her that you mean it.

More importantly, it won’t hurt to get her friends and family’s support. If you are still on good terms with them, try to get them on your side. The more people around her think she should give you another chance, the more are the chances that she will.

How to keep a Cancer woman interested in you?

Now that you have her back, you never want to lose her again, right? I can help you with that too.

Remember to stick by the changes you made. You know women in general, hate it when men don't stick to the promises they make. If you promised her that things will be different, follow through.

Shower her with love and affection. Cancer females love, love. She needs to be constantly reminded of your devotion. So, don't forget to tell her that you love her, at least once a day. And say it as you mean it.

Talk to her more. Connect on an emotional basis. The people of the Cancer zodiac signs are emotional beings. You need to ensure that they feel comfortable talking to you about them. This will only happen if you share yours too.

DO NOT flirt with women around you. If you thought women were sensitive to a little flirting. Try doing it around her. Cancer girls tend to be very insecure about their relationships. Don’t give her any reason to act on that insecurity.

How to know if a Cancer woman likes you again?

Ultimately, how do you know that all o your effort has paid off? How do you know if a Cancer woman is interested in you again? How to tell if a Cancer likes you? Look for these signs.

You become the first person she talks to about everything. Didn’t I tell you that they love to share? Your importance in her life is determined by how soon she tells you about things. If you are the first person who comes to her mind (even if it is after friends and family) then you are it.

She does get angry at the time, but you work it out soon. Just because she’s back, doesn’t mean the mood swings are completely gone. The Cancer men and women are known for their extreme mood swings. But when the Cancer woman is in love with you, she will forgive you easily.

She talks and plans about the future a lot when she is in love. Is she talking about a house with a front lawn for the kids to play in? or some version of a fantasy house for the future. Well, that’s a Cancer female planning her future with you. And hey! That’s a good thing. So, cherish these moments with her. You know you have fought hard for them.


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