12 Ways to get a Cancer Woman to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Cancer Woman to Chase you


The tender Cancer woman needs the promise of steadfast loyalty to chase a man. She is emotive and her intuitiveness makes her a unique lover. How to attract a Cancer woman? What does a Cancer woman look for in a man? What does she like and dislike? And how to make a Cancer woman fall in love with you?

Here is what astrology reveals about the Cancer woman’s behavior when she is looking for a relationship and 12 ways to get her to chase you!

1. Support her emotionally

The emotions of a Cancer female runs deep. She is extraordinarily delicate and sensitive with her feelings. If you wish to have a Cancer woman chase you, you would be expected to handle her sentiments with patience and care. This moon ruled maiden needs a firm shoulder that can understand her psychological needs and offer support with his strength and perseverance. Unless you can empathize with her problems and difficulties, she’ll be hard to win over.

2. Avoid any aggressiveness

While the typical bad boy traits could be initially attractive, the Cancer woman is in for the long haul. She thinks through her emotions and when you fail to touch her heart with your genuineness and integrity, she would be hard to impress. You’ll have to tone down any harshness, manipulative behavior, control your temper and take interest in keeping pace with her long-term needs to draw her in.

3. Prove your stability

The Cancer woman needs a grounded man in her life. Quite guarded on the exterior, she needs to be absolutely sure about trusting someone’s intentions in order to be involved with them. She longs for a home that is her abode of peace and harmony. Her family is her priority and she would ensure the safety of anyone she calls her own. Indecisive tendencies and flighty behavior could immediately turn her off and close her heart forever.

4. Treat her as a special person

She wants to be treated with special attention. She needs the love to be one of a kind. As a woman with such compassionate instincts, she needs the guarantee of lifelong loyalty. Take her out on dinner dates, bring her thoughtful gifts and be considerate about all that makes her happy. Shower her with your warmth and generosity to make her take serious interest in a relationship with you.

5. Groom yourself

To create a lasting impact, you should ensure a presentable appearance before the Cancer female. She doesn't expect a Greek God in life or maybe she does but what’s important while you are trying to get a Cancer woman to chase you is to dress neatly, maintain a good hygiene routine. It goes a long way in updating your image as it enhances your desirability quotient to a great extent.

6. Be kind to her

It could be challenging to have a Cancer woman be attracted to you if you fail to take care of those who depend on you. She wants a gentleman who will treat her with empathy and shows his concern for her well being. She may not be explicit about her desires and hence, she wants a relationship where her silence is understood and her love is sincerely reciprocated. This will slowly build trust and reliability which she looks for in a partnership.

7. Be responsible with your commitments

Flakiness is scary for the woman born under the Cancer Zodiac sign. She would feel threatened around someone superficial and showy. She fears being hurt if she gives away too much of herself to someone who casually handles her trust. If she feels taken for granted, she would withdraw immediately and never look back. Unless she is convinced that she could look up to you and be guided with honesty, she’ll stay away.

8. Make genuine efforts to understand her

If the Cancer woman has faced the pain of broken relationships, she could have lost her faith in the idea of love. She may be skeptical of initiating another bond with a man if he stays away from paying real attention to her. She values traditions and time-tested values that hold her ideals. If you are in the habit of being critical of her efforts, opinions or showing a lack of acceptance of the person that she is, she’ll refrain from chasing you.

9. Make her comfortable

If you would want to win the admiration of the Cancer woman, she’ll look for the closeness that gives her the solace of her comfort zone. She needs to feel lighter, playful and excited around you. Her femininity needs appreciation and her sexuality respected. If she could surrender herself to you and your loving touch builds the heat of passion in the relationship, she’ll be enticed by you. As much as she needs sexual and non-sexual touches, always be receptive to her moods.

10. Recognize her efforts

If a Cancer woman is attracted to you, she’ll want to be around you and share activities that bring forth a fun-filled and memorable experience. She would want to understand you and shower you with unconditional love. She may be devoid of hardcore rationality but her creativity, passion and compassion is enough to keep you warm and provided for. While she may never clamor for a loud show of her investment in the relationship, recognition and compliments will keep her motivated to pursue you.

11. Be mysterious

A bit of mystery will add to your charm and sexiness. It will leave enough room for her to explore, build curiosity and keep some romance brewing all the time. Being a water sign, she loves the challenge of diving deep into the inner world of a partner. So, if you would want the Cancer woman to kindle her desire for you, you'll need to reveal yourself to her slowly. She’ll want to be with you and know you better each day.

12. Act upon your promises

If you are unable to keep your words, the Cancer woman wouldn’t want to enter into a committed relationship with you. So, instead of playing hard to get and keeping her confused, bluntly express your wish to build a future with her. She’ll feel content about taking your efforts seriously and fight for a happily-ever-after.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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