How to Get a Gemini Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Gemini Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


Lost the Gemini girl of your life and don’t know how to get her back? How to keep this impulsive Gemini woman interested and probably settle down with you? If you are confused and don't know what to do, we have the answers to help you win the heart of a Gemini woman back after a breakup and keep her hooked!

How do you know when a Gemini woman is done with you?

A Gemini woman can drive you crazy when you upset her. She will argue like there is no end to it. More often she will make sense but when she is mad, it is difficult to comprehend her. Rub her the wrong way, she will surprise you with her insane impulsivity. She will be stubborn. She will be hard to pacify. The whole journey with Gemini is a tough one because the highest highs and the lowest lows are part of the experience. Not easy for a gentle heart and hardest for the one who seeks to control her.

It is hard for a Gemini female to commit anyway. And when filled with doubts because of your suspicious behavior she is the fastest one to leave the spot, with the idea that she will never return. When she is with you, the initial excitement makes her bite off more than she can chew. So, when the excitement wanes or she is deeply hurt, don’t be surprised if she gets involved with someone else in the blink of an eye.

How to win a Gemini woman’s heart back after a breakup?

Face her wrath

The woman born under the Gemini zodiac sign is hard to keep up with. If you have hurt her, she wouldn’t think twice before giving you a taste of your own medicine. Being an excellent communicator, her words her enough to make you realize what caused her so much hurt in the relationship. So, she will definitely lash out at you at first sight if you are meeting her post the no contact period for the first time. And definitely, the sarcasm will continue till the pain subsides in her heart with time. So, an ideal approach in this case would be to swallow your pride. Give her some time. She will bounce back to her calm self again.

Make her feel secure

She is a free individual. One who advocates liberty of thought and movement. She is like a toddler among the Zodiac signs, constantly seeking an adventure in all that excites her about the outside world. Be her muse. Convince her that she can call you her home. She has been looking for someone who can teach her a thing or two about a stable life. So, unless you can inspire her and keep her awe struck with all the qualities of a good man (but someone with an edge), she would keep wandering till her soul finds a place to rest.

Stop exerting yourself

She isn’t the one who will take your undesired dominance control. She loves being herself without any guilt. If you lecture her on who she should be or is supposed to be, you will lose her interest. So, let her be. She loves to keep her personal and professional life light. So, when things weigh down on her shoulders, it frustrates her. And even before you can bring yourself to understand what happened, she is already gone. Try and connect with her on deeper levels and treat her like an equal. She will stick by and never leave again.

Surprise her

A Gemini woman has her heart and mind set to multiple things at the same time. When you bring yourself to figure her first thought, she will have leap frogged to the second or the third. She loves the unknown. She loves the chase of everything mysterious. So, make sure you always have something up your sleeves to amuse her. There is nothing more terrible than making a Gemini woman give in to boredom and monotony. She can be materialistic to a large extent but never attached to things. So, understand her love language well so that your gestures of love are in sync with her expectations.

How to keep a Gemini woman interested in you?

Admire her creative nature

There is a lot on the mind of a Gemini woman who is constantly curious. She will charm you with her persona and creativity. She will show you the bigger pictures of dreams and motivate you to achieve them. A positive aura that she wears all the time, appreciate all that she tells you because her understanding is often coupled with real life experiences.

Be willing to explore

This woman cannot be tied down to a place and expected to be happy. She will have her bags ready at a moment’s notice. Plan a weekend getaway with her when she is done with the hectic week. Her company will teach you so much because her intellect and ability to lighten your pensive mood is refreshing.

Let her be free

A Gemini female loves blending in with the place she is in. She is a pro at camouflaging to the occasion. This woman is self sufficient. She is the one desired by many for her charm is difficult to ignore. If controlled, she will move faster than the direction of wind in her choice of partners. Believe that she knows what works best for her without giving her an unsolicited advice on how she should conduct her life.

Love her dualism

She finds it hard coming to a decision. She has a fantastic ability to show you two sides of the coin. Her advice is golden because she can show you the bigger picture and also warn you against the high tides. She is fairly aware of the problems with her dual tendencies but takes pride in it as her strength. So, be the one who shows an optimistic attitude towards her and she will love you harder. She needs someone constantly pushing her and helping her arrive at a decision when she finds it tough to move ahead.

Stay mysterious

It is easy for a Gemini girl to get bored if there is nothing that excites her about people. She goes after everything that doesn’t make sense to her. She is constantly on the lookout for everything that keeps her curiosity bubbling. So, don’t show your cards too soon. Reveal them slowly and at the right time.

Keep up with her conversations

She is blessed with the gift of the gab. You will never have to keep guessing what’s on her mind because she can weave sentences that never fail to clarify all your doubts. She has like a zillion different ideas on her head so these will often overlap when she is conversing with you. Having the ability to floor her with your intellect is always a plus. There will never be an end to the extra long hours of conversations that you will cherish forever.


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