How to Get a Leo Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Leo Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


If you have fallen on the wrong side with a Leo woman and wish to win her heart back in your life after a breakup, there is hard work lying ahead of you. So, how do you know if she is still interested in you? And more importantly, how do you get a Leo woman back in your life and keep her hooked forever? Here are the tips and advice you will need to better understand her psychology and personality in order to make her come back!

How do you know when a Leo woman is done with you?

A Leo woman is unforgiving. High and mighty at any point and time, she needs to feel respected and desired all the time. If you have ever made the mistake of inflicting pain on a Leo female, she is capable of giving it back harder.

She hates being confused. If you twist and manipulate facts to her, she will lose her trust in no time. So, when her temper is incited, you will see her claws. Vengeance comes easy to this female who doesn’t fail to lead and take care of her heart.

She is proud enough to never show her wounds. She will weep and mourn in private and walk like nothing ever happened. Extremely territorial and sensitive to betrayal, she knows what is truly hers and will defend and care for them till her last breath.

How to win a Leo woman heart back after a breakup?

Be honest. There is no point beating around the bush with her. She is born to rule and this doesn’t come without the knowledge of that which most can’t see. So, be careful about what you tell her because any discrepancies will never be tolerated by a Leo woman. As much as she loves passionately, she won’t think twice before burning bridges when she is hurt deeply. It is best to accept your mistakes and be true to your conscience.

Make her feel adored. Being in love with a Leo woman is worth all the time and effort for everything movies and fairy tales have you fantasised about love can be experienced with her. Leo women are all about grandeur. She loves being adored and cherished. So, unless she feels valued, it is difficult to get her back. She loves being the centre of attention everywhere. If you fail to make her feel like an important part of your life, she is never returning back. Hence, as much as impressing or winning the heart of a Leo woman is tough, getting her back is doubly hard.

Be lively. The women born under the Leo Zodiac sign despise boredom. They love freedom and the space to exert their autonomy. She opens her arms and makes everything her own. So, be ready to explore the wild. There is no limit to the expanse of the horizon she is willing to explore in her lifetime. So, trust that she is yours and give her the space to be her truest self, that is, a queen in every sense of the term.

Avoid controlling her. She is energetic and ever ready to take up challenges. If you have tried to control your Leo woman before, you may have already felt her wrath. She has an air of royalty which will never take instructions or orders from anyone. So, trying to make her your slave or expecting her to be there at your beck and call, isn’t a great way to be around her. She will never dance to your tune. She is capable of drawing her boundaries and be assured she knows how to separate the right from the wrong. Trust her, she won’t fail you.

How to keep a Leo woman interested in you?

Let her be free. She has high aspirations. Never satisfied with the average, she wants the best of everything that she can afford. Never doubt her love for you. She is the one who will take bullets for you, if you let her be who she is capable of being. A lioness, she isn’t the one to take instructions from anyone. Ruled by the sun god, she is regal in her entirety. She will move eyeballs and gain the attention of all no matter where she is. She is the mighty queen who is decisive and informed. Her sense of freedom is noble, never to hurt but to do the best for those she loves.

Stay loyal. A Leo woman’s warmth and generosity is unbeatable. She is a giver, a provider never shying away from giving it all for the one who touches her heart. All that she truly seeks from a partner is his loyalty and devotion. Show her your undying love, your passion for who she is and she will have dedicated her life to you. She will make sure you experience abundance. Notice carefully, she craves luxury. And in her embrace, it is hard to not feel her fiercely passionate love and extravaganza. She will never tolerate treason. So, ensure you are reciprocating her love.

Be willing to take the backseat. Leo women are the leaders everywhere. They are naturally born to rule and lead the heard. She has a loyal set of followers, ones who would do the impossible to please her at the drop of a hat. He will never shy away in flagging off something that she finds faulty or initiating something for the good of the majority. So, allow her to take the centre stage, let her bask in the attention of everyone awestruck by her grace and charm. But don’t you worry about her getting lost. She is the Queen after all, never forgetting where her heart truly resides.

Make her feel special. A Leo girl will settle for the best man. And when she finds someone who strikes perfect chords with her, she will do everything in her capacity to make things work. There shouldn’t be a reason or season to celebrate who this woman is. Make sure she knows how much you care and want her in your life for she hates a man who is flaky. Show her that you care and appreciate her even when your love language isn’t a materialistic one. Treat her on a fun-filled getaway, a lavish restaurant, a brightly coloured dress, or just a new shade of lipstick, she will appreciate it. Make sure you are always willing to walk an extra mile for this lady.

Make sure you have good sex. A Leo woman is secure in her body. Physicality is an important part of showing your love to this woman. She needs to feel desired by her partner. She needs fire in the bedroom. There is nothing sexier than being consumed by her passion in the bed. She loves experimenting, with the need of being satisfied by her partner and the ability or space to dominate as well. Touch her more often especially when she least expects it. Keep the kinkiness alive and she will satisfy you with the best orgasms ever.


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