How to Get a Libra Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Libra Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


You had a relationship with a Libra woman but lost her recently? She left you and you want to win her back? Or you broke up and now regret your action? In any case, there are things to do and others to avoid if you want her to come back and decide to stay with you. You must know the secrets of her heart and understand her motivations. You need to know how to seduce her again and make sure that her feelings of love always keep their ardour and intensity. So you want to know how to get the Libra woman back and keep her hooked?

Here are some precious tips from astrology and everything you need to know about the Libra woman, her psychology and behaviour to be able to win her heart back and reignite the flame of love in your relationship.

How do you know when a Libra woman is done with you?

A Libra woman is not someone who would breakup without a reason. She gets far too comfortable in her space to make a hasty decision to separate from the man she likes. She wouldn’t want to get into a tussle and destroy her peace of mind for a trivial issue in the relationship.

As regards the signs a Libra woman is losing interest, it will be too evident in her aloofness for she would rather be away than hang around for nothing. Hence, if she doesn't call you back or cancels a date with you, it means she is not interested anymore. As a Libra woman will avoid any unpleasant confrontation, she will want to avoid being around you. She would rather focus her energy elsewhere than engage in quarrels or cruel conversations, even when she is the most hurt.

How to win a Libra woman’s heart back after a breakup?

Be sincere with your commitment

Understand that a Libra woman prefers keeping her options open all the time. And we could assure you that she will never run out of any. She hates the slightest streak of dishonesty. So, when you convey your thoughts, make sure you are confident about what you say with the determination to follow through. Everything about her and around her rests on fairness. She loves a man’s integrity and it is always great to be open about how things are rather than deceiving and manipulating a Libra woman.

Don’t get aggressive

If you are planning to tie her down, consider backing off because she isn’t the one to take your control or be a slave to your authoritarian demeanor. Imposing your opinions on her is like digging your own grave. So, keep things very light hearted when you discuss your plan of action in case you both agree to get back again with each other. A Libra woman will seldom operate in the extremes. Any aggressiveness in your approach to have her back will push her away further.

Listen to her

She is an intelligent person and knows what she is up to with you. When she offers a solution or advice to the situation you are in, be careful about giving her a patient hearing. A Libra woman would always be interested in a man who can understand all that she wants to convey, but at the same time is able to take charge when the situation demands so.

Promise her stability

It is a waste of time to expect a Libra woman to tolerate a man cheating on her. If you are the philandering kinds, you should mend your ways because the strong sense of justice that this woman possesses will drive her mad if she has her heart broken because of another woman in your life. Give her the assurance that you will stay with her through thick and thin. Be transparent in your actions and promises and you will have her sticking to you for the longest.

How to Keep a Libra woman interested in you?

Give her your time

A Libra woman will demand your attention. Also, be patient with her for more often than not, she finds it difficult to stick to her decisions. She has had her share of heartbreaks in the past. So, a woman of this Zodiac sign who seems a little guarded at the onset, will need your presence or availability to rekindle her belief in a perfect romantic life. She will love a man who can walk around with dignity, someone who is comfortable in his space and does not behave the same with every other woman he meets. She wants you to have your eyes only for her, you see?

Be fair with her

A Libra female is always longing for a friend in her partner. She craves a harmonious family life. One which gives her peace and balance within herself and also in the external world. Be true to her. Prove it in your actions that she can trust you with her heart. If you have a poor sense of justice, a Libra woman will flare up her anger at any point and time. Any instances of biases in your behaviour is sure to turn this conscientious woman against you.

Keep the romance burning

A Libra woman will dislike anything mundane and monotonous. To keep the passion alive with a Libra woman you have to make sure you are trying everything new that comes your way. Always make sure sex is never off the table. As charming and seductive as she is to you, woo her with your undivided attention and she is all yours.

Admire her

She loves being celebrated. A charmer and influencer of the first order, a Libra woman is far too attractive to ignore. She is a powerhouse of sophistication and creativity. Every object that she possesses is an extension of her intellect. So, randomness in taking her out or keeping her entertained when she is in your company may not be a great idea because she is always looking for a getaway to culturally rich places that will satiate her knowledge for all things artistic and indulgent to her senses. Hence, it is not just your conversations with a Libra female but also the choices you make in life which should reflect your interest in her happiness.

Keep up with her intellect

Libra women love intellectually engaging conversations. A Libra female would love a man who can fuel up her passions with his knowledge. She loves knowing things in great details. Compatibility with a man is more about the match in the mental frequency than something too surface level. Any dull chatter that bores her to death is a downer for a Libra woman in a relationship.

Learn to adjust

If you are the kinds to pick a fight in a minute’s notice, she will lose all her interest in you. Libra women are far away from conflicts of any kind. She likes to have enough control over everything in her life so that any trouble can be mitigated quickly, if they happen at all. Adjustments can go a long way in keeping any relationship stable, and this is no less true in the case of a Libra woman as well.

Focus on yourself

This is a woman who loves neatness. She admires men who keep themselves groomed and take care of their appearances. Though it is always nice to be comfortable in your skin and space, with this woman, you must be at the top of your game in the overall persona that you exude.


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