12 Ways to get a Libra Woman to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Libra Woman to Chase you


Libra women have a penchant for love and art. They are attracted to men who can blow their minds with their charisma and jaw-dropping seductiveness. Quite picky in love, they are particular about their preferences in a guy. So, what qualities of a man makes him appealing to the Libra woman? How to attract and seduce her? How to make her fall for you? What can astrology reveal about her personality?

Here are 12 ways to get a Libra woman to be madly smitten by you!

1. Talk but most importantly listen to her

Air signs like Libra have good communication skills which enhance their likeability in social settings. It is effortless for the Libra woman to charm men with her wit and beauty. They have a way with words and unless he can equally communicate with flair, the Libra woman may not feel attracted. Responsible communication and respect is what they expect from a man. So, if you wish to woo a Libra woman and win her heart, work on projecting your confidence in body language and expressing your emotions appropriately.

2. Pay attention to your appearance

Your physical image makes a great difference to a Libra woman. She is choosy and a presentable man is what she looks for in a potential match. Groom yourself and show a genuine effort to learn in case you are not prepared. An impeccable appearance will floor the Libra woman. She'll notice all the little details of your behavior and expect utmost sophistication.

3. Avoid extremities of behavior

While the Libra woman loves change and is quite adaptive, she will express some reservation towards a man who fails to bring balance in her life. Stark polarities that showcase a toxic personality will annoy her. She is very particular about how the world perceives her and hence, maintains high standards. She is already aware of her unpredictable nature. So, someone who materializes her ideas and brings stability in her life can make her extremely attached.

4. Keep pace with her

She may have plenty of ideas on her mind. She is never present mentally at a place for long unless something appealing catches her attention. If you slack off or procrastinate, you'll miss out of sharing the joy of playful activities with her. This is perhaps why she wants a man who understands her need for change and appreciates her desire for newness. When there is enough mental stimulation from your end and you understand her silence, she'll fall in love with you.

5. Have strong ambitions

She'll chase you if you play your cards right. Unless a guy wins a Libra woman's mind, he'll hardly stand a chance with her. She wants to be with someone who will inspire and motivate her to learn. She wants a partnership with a man who walks and talks and brings to her the guarantee of a great future together. If you fool around and take her lightheartedness for granted, she'll show you the exit in no time. Be honest with your goals and include her in your plans.

6. Stay organized

The woman born under the Libra Zodiac sign likes her space spick and span. She'll organize things around her neatly and ensure a clutter free environment. The need to drive out all chaos from bothering her is too great to ignore. Messy, dirty and unkept places repel her immediately. So, work on organizing every aspect of your life including your sense of time and responsibilities.

7. Be proactive

A dull mind and a boring man is an utter disappointment for the Libra woman. Get things done when you promise you will. When you are in control of your life and display a sense of preparedness for the uncertain times, you'll be able to win her trust and make her put her faith in you. Understand that there is an innate need in the Libra woman to be with a man who completes her and fills the gaps in her indecisive persona.

8. Treat her as an equal

Have a warm and generous approach towards a Libra woman if you wish to court her. She needs to feel equally important, cared and respected as much as you do. Unless she is convinced of being treated worthy enough, she would not be interested in pursuing a serious relationship. Be fair and sensitive to her emotions and what she expects from you. Hence, keep the communication channels open.

9. Avoid judging her

She is a woman with unconventional ideas. She wants to explore and learn without conforming to unreasonable traditions. She is smart, vocal and receptive to change. She wants to have a taste of the unconventional and break social barriers to make sure she can contribute to bringing justice to the deserving. So, you'll need to get out of a parochial mindset and adopt an open minded approach around the Libra woman.

10. Make her feel secure

She needs to be able to feel safe around you. If you behave irresponsibly, she'll be done. Take care of her needs even though she may never demand or be dependent on you. There are times when she may feel lost. Guide her back to a safe spot when she needs you the most. It's the little things that matter to this amazing woman and if you wish to date her in the future, show her that you are seriously interested.

11. Respect her space

She is a social butterfly. She has a strong desire to meet and learn about people. If you expect the Libra female to be home always, it's a wrong choice. Keep your expectations low with her for she will stun you with her spontaneity. If she feels free in your presence and there are no judgements to be dealt with, she'll chase you like a wild horse.

12. Stay loyal to her

The Libra woman will observe you closely before she says a ‘yes'. Don't be surprised if she goes to the extent of dropping baits to test your honesty. She is aware of her worth and if she cannot trust you or treat you like an option, she'll delete you from her memory. She wants a committed relationship conditionally. Show her that you would be there for the long haul. Make her feel special and treat her like she means the most to you. Prioritize her and you'll win over her attention.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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