How to get a Libra Woman to Forgive you?

How to get a Libra Woman to Forgive you?


Libra women are extremely kind and sweet when they are in control. However, if your arguments get ugly and she feels betrayed or pained, she'll knife you with her curt statements. How to know if a Libra woman is over you or if you still have a chance to get her back? Do Libra women forgive easily? How to apologize and reconcile with her?

Here is what astrology reveals about the behavior of a Libra woman when she is hurt and whether she may come back after a breakup:

How do Libras act when angry?

When Libras are upset, mad or angry, it is likely that she will try to brush the negative thoughts aside and maintain a cool temperament in public. She is far too concerned about her image to let it tarnish for someone else's callousness. She may display no emotion but secretly wait for the right time to settle the score with you.

Remember that Libra women are all about justice, fair-play and balance. The scales will fall in equilibrium as soon as the Libra woman has her plan ready or has found a brilliant opportunity to avenge herself.

With all the grace and charm, she is quite standoffish while ignoring you but she won't forget the humiliation or pain caused to her ever. Expect some indifference and passive aggressiveness from her end till you make room for a real and mature confrontation.

How do you handle a Libra?

Handling a Libra woman would require some skill and tact for she is delicately balanced. Words will make or break your partnership with a Libra woman. She may need repeated assurance of your love if she feels insecure. She is a passionate lover and open-minded in relationships. So, controlling her or making decisions for her may not be quite palatable to the Libra woman. Leave her free and respect her choices if you wish to keep the Libra woman in your life content.

Avoid playing the blame game

The woman born under the Libra Zodiac sign is smart and intelligent. She won't be fooled unless she feels emotionally trapped. Her sense of organization is so acute that she will check her facts thoroughly before talking about an issue of concern to her. She is aware of sensitivity in her relationships and would never do anything to hurt someone unintentionally. If she is pointed fingers at without any real mistake of hers, she'll be hard to pacify. So, never threaten her or send her ultimatums to express your anger, instead keep you cool around her.

Sincerely apologize

It goes a long way when you can accept your fault and vow to never take her for granted. She may be indecisive but she is aware of her weaknesses and will forever try and make sure that its impact does not fall on those she loves. She is caring and loves peace and harmony in her relationships. So, recognize what went wrong and reflect how you could make amends to win her trust back.

Talk it out without being aggressive

Aggression during arguments are far below a Libra woman's dignity to involve herself in. If you think you could be successful in driving home your perspective just by raising your hands or abusing her space, you are wrong. She'll forever walk out of the door or at least lose any emotional attachment towards you. Yelling and bringing up past hurts will have negative outcomes for the Libra woman will later struggle to maintain any cordial relationship with you.

Carefully choose your words

Lying to a Libra woman is a blunder. Calling her names or being verbally abusive is a matter of absolute disgust for the Libra woman who is desirous of maintaining serenity in her relationships. She'll lose all respect for you if you stoop to a level crossing boundaries of dignified communication. Think twice before speaking and keep you cool even though you do not accept the mistake. At least you'll win her appreciation for maintaining the decorum and your sense of toleration in the long run even though the trust may never return.

Buy her a gift

It will pay off well if you buy the Libra woman a present as a token of apology. Express interest to take her out for lunch or dinner if you wish to settle the matter without the heaviness involved. Libra women are connoisseurs of all things artistic. Take care of her interests and likes when you do anything materialistic for she has a rich taste she is very particular about. If she accepts your invitation or your gift, you should know that not all is lost and you still stand a chance.

Be willing to make adjustments

No matter how difficult it seems, you'll have to take a leap of faith and make a compromise with the Libra woman. If your ego comes before her, she'll be disappointed. Libra women are used to feeling left out or mistrusted. Express disagreements but focus on solutions and not the problem. She'll build a wall around herself and be frustrated with your stubbornness. So, leave space for resolving your conflict with her with an open mind or she'll be in search of better prospects.

Why are Libras so hard to date?

Libras are organized and expect high standards of conduct from their partners. This makes them picky as their parameters could be difficult to meet. They would fall for someone good looking, articulate, presentable, who has impeccable manners and can woo her with his confidence. She'll notice every bit of his habits and behavior and if she feels embarrassed or neglected, she may never take the relationship to the next level.

So, making a Libra woman happy can be quite a task if you are not totally ready to invest your time and energy to make her feel special and excited about having you in her life. In case she is disappointed or you manage to tick her off, she'll hold grudges for a long time, often bringing the matter up even after years have gone by.


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