How to Get a Pisces Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Pisces Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


For this deeply sensitive woman, non-verbal communication is often more important. Feelings and emotions are what count for her. This is something you truly need to understand if you want to win her heart back after a breakup. If you lost her trust, it will be a long and difficult journey to build trust back into the relationship. Astrology is here to help you better understand the personality and psychology of the woman born under the Pisces Zodiac sign.

Let me reveal you how to get a Pisces woman back and keep her interested!

How do you know when a Pisces woman is done with you?

Highly intuitive sign of the Zodiac, she knows when you have lost all your feelings for her. She observes more than she will communicate to you. So, what moves past someone else will never go unnoticed to this sensitive female.

A Pisces woman is both strong and weak, depending on her moods. She is a dreamer and you will often find her distracted even when she is deeply involved in the moment with you. No matter how much she cares about the man she loves, once betrayed, she will maintain a distance.

She knows where to draw her boundaries. So, it is best to avoid testing her patience at all costs. She will make you the centre of her universe, capable of taking the back seat whenever. She will make sacrifices for you if you be in her good books but taking advantage of her niceness, care and compassion will trigger all her negative emotions and she will corner you in no time.

Life is a mess for a Pisces female anyway. So, when she is hurt, everything seems to fall apart for her. It takes time for her to withdraw and nurture herself to bounce back again.

How to win a Pisces woman’s heart back after a breakup?

Avoid lying to her

A Pisces woman can find it difficult to trust her partner if there have been too many instances of disappointments already in the relationship. So, bending the truth may not bear the fruits that you are looking for. She is deeply sensitive and understands the vibes people send off. Come out clean with anything you have done behind her back or she will never see the potential in you to be a long term partner.

Engage in deeper conversations

Dig deeper into what can be done to practically make the relationship work. It is easier to engage with a Pisces woman in superficial exchange of words. But this will never create any substantial impact or meaning in your bond. Find a mid way to hold her attention for she has a constant tendency of getting involved in other thoughts without focusing on what’s actually existing.

Maintain trust and understanding

Pisces women are intolerant to dishonesty. They value a relationship based on trust first. Everything else is secondary for this female in the Zodiac. If you display any behavior of unreliability, she will move past you very quickly. So, convince her that you will stick to your words and will not linger.

Having the purest intentions of loving this woman is the way to be for she is an emotional being who fantasizes romance and intimacy like no one else does. Unless there is a strong sense of understanding, it is difficult to mutually agree and engage in a long lasting journey with a Pisces female.

How to keep a Pisces woman interested in you?

Be sensitive to her needs

More often you will find her absorbed in her thoughts and emotions. She will put herself through the ugliest pain but never trouble the one she loves with her problems. A relationship with her more relaxed and easy. There are no burdens that she weighs on your shoulders.

She loves peace in her surroundings. So, unless she is deeply affected by something bitter, she will not go into a confrontational mode. She is very needy. So, whether she asks or not, make sure you keep a check on what she needs or expects. That will show her your care and love her more than anything else.

Let her be on her own

There are times when a Pisces woman will seem occupied in her mind which you have no clue about. She gives too much of herself, so taking a break to fill her cup back again is a survival mechanism this woman needs to indulge in from time to time. This keeps her from collapsing for self care is highly important, especially for those who give too much and expect too little in return.

She will never be away from you even when she seems aloof. If you have been taken advantage of in your previous relationships, be assured, she is the one who will give more than you can imagine. Her compassion knows no bounds. She needs to swim with the currents that consume her mind. Ideally, letting her chart her own path is the most advisable way to be or else she will move away.

Appreciate her creativity

She has a mind that is difficult to comprehend for those looking for an answer or reason to everything. Don’t be surprised if she is found daydreaming all the time. You will notice how lost in her thoughts she is whether or not someone is watching.

Learn to love her way of looking at things and trust that she knows what she is doing. You may mistaken her to be naive but she is highly experimental in nature because of the vivid imagination that she possesses. Support her in all her endeavors so that she achieves everything that she wants.

Avoid rushing with her

Being overbearing with your control will never work in the long run with a Pisces woman. Being a mutable sign, the woman born under the Pisces Zodiac sign is susceptible to change. Respect her pace and follow through.

When the love is lost, Pisces women often end up lying and making excuses. Give her the stability in the relationship for the trust to grow. She is not the talkative kinds so be observant of her emotions.

It is easy to get swayed in the dreamy world of the Pisces woman. Stay grounded and as closer to reality to sustain the bond. Your relationship will work best when you have the power to differentiate what is practical from the ideal.

Focus on a good sex life

Venus being exalted in Pisces, she will be an intensely sexual being. She is a sex goddess to look forward to. A Pisces woman is all about pleasure and she will search for it throughout if her partner fails to blow her mind and give her the best climaxes each time. So, be prepared to satisfy her in the bed.

A boring sex life is a sure fire way to have her distracted. Get lost in each other and prove to her how much you desire her everyday. Her extreme indulgence in sexual activity means she needs to get what she is promised. Give more than you expect for she is the kinds who thinks of her partner’s needs first. Hence, unless the exchange is mutual, great physical compatibility is hard to achieve.


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