12 Ways to get a Sagittarius Man to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Sagittarius Man to Chase you


Flirty, eccentric, optimistic and knowledgeable, the Sagittarius man is a lover you don't want to miss out on. He'll take you on a ride you'll remember for life. How do you seduce and make a Sagittarius man fall for you like crazy? What qualities and personality traits does a Sagittarius man look for in a woman? What does he want in a relationship? How to make yourself the Sagittarius man's ideal match?

If you want to know what astrology can reveal about his personality and psychology, here is how to get a Sagittarius man chase you and make him obsessed with you!

1. Be unavailable for a while

A Sagittarius man is difficult to be tied down. While he hides his feelings, he'll be out on the hunt for the love of his life. He loves being free from attachments. No matter how interested the Sagittarius man seems, maintain a distance. He'll love the chase when he really wants to have you in his life. He'll fight to the finish if he has set his targets and he wishes to woo you. As a fire sign he is passionate about his goals and if you are his dream woman, he'll surely pursue you with great vigor.

2. Stay absolutely honest

He is a man of ethics. He values women who project a sense of high morals and can stand up for the truth. Being an optimistic personality, the Sagittarius man may observe you for a while before he actually commits so as to give you a fair chance to prove your worth. However, before he actually dives into a serious relationship, the Sagittarius guy would have analyzed your values and ensured that he is on the same page with you.

3. Give him his space

The greater the freedom the Sagittarius man feels around the woman he wants to be involved with, the stronger will be the intensity of his interest towards her. He wants to feel trusted and respected. He has lofty ambitions and he wishes to achieve the best, to his fullest potential. Adventurous and thrilling engagements are his soul food. So, if he feels supported and motivated by the woman, he will chase her to make her his muse.

4. Help him learn

As a Jupiter ruled sign, the men born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are hungry for knowledge. Unless his partner helps him expand and grow, she would never be considered a potential match. He wants a true partner in crime. He would have trouble committing too soon in love. He has multiple interests and an intense desire to become the best version of himself. When you contribute to his intellect and communicate ideas, he'll be smitten by you.

5. Keep the conversation informative

In order to maintain a continuity in his love interest, it is best to keep the communication crisp. Talk in a smooth and charming way without appearing too cheesy or dishonest. It will fascinate him more when you are confident and can speak your mind without hesitation. A transparent relationship with simple expectations will ensure that the excitement never dies down.

6. Maintain a high ethical standard

Sagittarius men would be happy being alone rather than being in the company of a woman who does not provide him true fulfillment. He is in no hurry to settle down unless he has really found the one for himself. He wants to enjoy his life but at the same time keeps his morals high. He would expect his soulmate to have their beliefs and values intact even in the face of challenges. He'll break your heart without a thought if you fail to impress him with your truth and integrity.

7. Be spontaneous

Be active and playful around your Sagittarius guy. He finds joy in the thrill of adventurous getaways and exploring the unknown. His fiery spirit craves for a wild and unrestricted experience in romance. When in love, the Sagittarius man would never regret the chances he takes for the woman who wins over his interest. He wants to be on the move and if you could be his partner in crime, he'll be crazy about you.

8. Keep yourself exclusive

The Sagittarius male will be fond of someone who is available for a chosen one only. He needs a woman who knows what she wants and would not compromise on her choices. A woman of grit, class and who maintains high standards can keep him interested. Have an exclusive relationship with him and he would love you for your loyalty without the heaviness attached of a committed relationship.

9. Keep evolving for the better

He is looking for a woman of substance. He needs someone who can focus on making herself better and stand out in the crowd. While physical appeal can certainly attract his attention and impress him, he would not want to be surrounded by someone who lacks ambition. He will push you to expand your horizons and hence, if you let him take charge to show you the way to become the best version of yourself, he'll be happy to be your eternal guide.

10. Make sex a fun experience

He hates a monotonous relationship. He'll quickly make a switch if you don't make the efforts to be creative in the bedroom. His stamina in the bedroom is worthy of praise and he'll leave you exhausted with amazing sex. He is gutsy and bold. His electrifying charm is undeniably hypnotic. So, immerse yourself in the intimate act without expecting much in return for he will be turned off by excessive dependence and expectations. He will never be ready for a commitment right away. So, avoid using sex as a manipulative technique to keep him chained.

11. Keep emotions off the charts initially

He hates emotional drama until he has been swept off his feet and he is ready to settle down. The Sagittarius man loves his social life. Excessive possessiveness and control could drive him nuts for he has to honor the qualities of his planet Jupiter that wants him to move past transient material needs. You'll notice an immense drive in him to stay away from emotional baggage and achieve his lofty goals and dreams. His expectations from life are skyrocketing. So, to have Sagittarius man be interested in you, keep it light around him.

12. Never lose sight of your dreams

Sagittarius men are smart. They love the idea of a woman who can connect with them on an intellectual plane. Unless there is enough mental stimulation, he'll part ways. He is quick and will make his expectations clear right at the start. Unapologetically blunt, it is depressing for the Sagittarius man to associate himself with a negative girl who lacks the inspiration or the urge to make her presence worthwhile.


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Maria Alifa


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