How to Get a Sagittarius Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Sagittarius Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


The most free spirited sign of the Zodiac, a Sagittarius woman is someone who will easily slip between your fingers in no time if things do not go her way. However, the swift movement comes after a long patient haul in the relationship. Once she gives up on someone, she is never going back. So, quite honestly, you will have to figure out more creative ways attuned to her needs so that she can consider the relationship back again. Difficult but not impossible to rekindle the spark in the present.

Here are precious tips from astrology and a few things you should keep in mind while trying to win back the heart of the Sagittarius woman you lost in a breakup.

How do you know when a Sagittarius woman is done with you?

What are the Signs a Sagittarius woman is losing interest in you? A Sagittarius woman is extremely playful, energetic and flirtatious. When in love, she is so charming that you would think it’s a dream. However, when she stands her ground, it is impossible to move her. When she has finally decided on letting you go, she must have done this after being unable to handle things any longer. She is an understanding woman which reflects in the way she makes a ton of friends wherever she goes. Separation to her doesn’t come without the pain and suffering her soul is put through.

How to win a Sagittarius woman heart back after a breakup?

Stay aloof

A Sagittarius female is a lover of everything unknown. She wants to explore and immerse herself in all the adventures of the world. To this extent she loves mystery in a man. So, even when you breakup and need her back, you will need to demonstrate a certain level of unavailability so that the bait looks attractive to her.

Focus on the now

It is a futile exercise to bring up issues of the past with this woman who is always on the lookout for something new. Be apologetic but also speak more about how you could change and make things far more better than they possibly were. You will immediately lose her attention if you try and justify your past actions or behaviours. Though you may be tempted to point out her mistakes, be aware that she knows it all. However, she would not entertain digging up old graves or taking the skeletons out of the closet.

Keep the conversation light

Anything that demands too much of the attention of a Sagittarius female is a perfect recipe for disaster. She needs no heaviness around herself. You can definitely speak more about the good times you have shared in the past but never go down the dirty lane for she will make an excuse and leave in the blink of an eye. Taking her on a guilt trip will spoil your chances back with a Sagittarius woman.

Promise to honour your commitment

A Sagittarius female loves honesty. Avoid selling her dreams that you can never fulfill. Only show or talk about what you could possibly deliver. They are outrightly honest and have no fear speaking up their minds if something bothers them. So, going round the bush with no clarity of thought will take their attention away from you in no time. Just let her know that you want her back in your life instead of confusing her.

How to keep a Sagittarius woman interested in you?

Is it difficult for you to keep a Sagittarius partner engaged for long? Is she slipping away far too quickly and leaving you confused? Here are a few ways in which you could have a Sagittarius woman stay loyal and committed to you.

Be true to her

Whatever be the difficulties you are presented with, never hurt or try and deceive a Sagittarius female with unkind words. Keep a communication channel open for she truly has a patient ear for the people she cares about the most. Tell her that she is the only person you ever wanted because that will show her the passion in you. There is nothing more romantic than being able to be vulnerable before those that matter to you.

Respect her sense of freedom

A Sagittarius woman is a wanderer. She hates being bored or stuck in a single place that does not excite her anymore. It is a never satiating lust that she finds difficult to tame. Plan a holiday with her to go on long drives in the countryside or get lost in the lap of nature with her, she will fall in love with you over and over again. Know that she will come back to you harder when you give her enough space to do her thing. Even though her need for a breath of fresh air every now and then seems impulsive, she is way too stable headed to make decisions in haste.

Keep her engaged

She doesn’t appreciate drama. All that she live for is her freedom. She has no time to harbour grudges against you. It is done and dusted for her, once and for all. Talk about the new beginnings that you want to build with her. Let your eyes glimmer when you speak about the brighter future that you have envisioned with her and she would want to get lost with you again.

Appreciate her

Tell her how much she means to you and to what extent you could go defend who she is. Show her that you love her without asking her to change to who you want her to be. The more you give her the space to breathe, the stronger she will bounce back to you. Let her be who she wants to be.

Make sex a priority

A Sagittarius woman wants the kink in the bedroom without the drama. She loves to learn, enjoy and explore the fullest. She wouldn’t want a lazy partner lying in the bed all day but someone who would sprint at the thought of a heated session of sex. She will look for the exhaustion and sweat during and after the act more than seeking an emotional connection when you have sex with her.

Be on your own

Sagittarius women do not like nor appreciate very needy men. They need someone who is comfortable in his skin and space. An overly possessive partner who demands an explanation from his partner all the time is a turn off for a Sagittarius woman. So, leave her alone and do your thing. When you are able to show your comfort in being all by yourself, she gets the assurance that you will not tie her down for the sake of your neediness.


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