How to Get a Scorpio Man Back and Keep him Hooked?

How to Get a Scorpio Man Back and Keep him Hooked?


The Scorpio man is a sensitive lover. If he has had a breakup, he might just be drowned in his emotions for the longest, refusing to accept the reality. If you wish to get your Scorpio man back after a separation, trying to stay mysterious will only push him away. So, how to win a Scorpio man heart back after a breakup? What makes him miss you? And how to keep him interested after getting him back?

Here are some precious tips from astrology to conquer the Scorpio man's heart back!

Will a Scorpio man come back after a breakup?

The Scorpio man becomes quite vengeful when he is heartbroken. It is either him losing interest in you naturally or you deciding to break his heart. In either of the events, he does regret the time and energy he put into making the relationship work. However, considering the depth of his attachment to someone he loves, the Scorpio male may not accept the situation calmly. He may find it difficult to handle the hard truth and go on a denial mode.

When a Scorpio man is in love, he is extremely romantic. The extent of his emotional reciprocity is visible in the manner he treats you both in and outside the bedroom as well. His feelings define him. So, he would go any lengths to showcase what his girl means to him. He is most likely to avenge himself, make his ex jealous by randomly hooking up or getting into a rebound quicker than she might expect in case his heart was toyed with.

How to win a Scorpio man back?

Stop lying to him. Scorpio men have an innate capability of uncovering the most well-kept secrets. He wants to know everything that concerns him so that he does have to deal with something surprisingly difficult for him. He hates being caught off-guard. His intuitiveness easily gets him to the root cause of an issue. He is sharp and hurtful when he confronts someone who had tried to pull the wool over his eyes. He expects honesty at all costs. If you mull over returning back into a relationship with a Scorpio man, be sincere.

Have a life. While you may want to have the Scorpio man with all your heart, you may just want to stop showing any desperation. If you give away too much of yourself, you may not be valued by him as he already sets very high standards in the matters of love. It would be a good idea to keep yourself busy, remain occupied with new hobbies or interests and show him what’s missing.

Express compassion. Being vulnerable is a great way to connect with someone. If he has to trust you again, you will need to work doubly hard to win over him. Trust is a major component of companionship for the man born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign and once broken, you may never find yourself in the same place again. However, at the very least you need to escape from blatant lying and handle the situation with more empathy towards the damage you caused. It is better to practice deep listening to all he has to say rather than losing self-control.

Promise unquestionable loyalty. The Scorpio man commits to a person with all his heart. If you realize your mistake, make a consistent effort to express that you care about having him back. Scorpio men will find it hard to forgive and forget. They will remember the details of what you said or did to hurt them. Promise to protect his heart and keep his secrets safe. Unless you are sure about your interest in him, stay away.

How to know when a Scorpio man is done with you?

In case he has had enough from the relationship, he will resort to a firm no-contact.

If he was the one who wanted to break up or separate, then it would be done and dusted forever. He won’t linger. While he may not reveal to you what his plans are, depending on his desire for vengeance he might either wage a war or just let you go in peace. He won’t push you into a relationship and never beg if you broke his trust. The Scorpio male exercises his free will at all costs. So, you could try all you want but if he has lost all interest in you, it may be a tough call.

His stubbornness is too strong to bypass. Being someone who likes to stay in control everywhere, he might want a good explanation before he decides to let her go. He would blame and use all forms of manipulation techniques to have her back if he is still obsessed. He may also stalk her on social media or physically. So, as contradictory as it sounds, he is also prone to holding on to the memories of his ex-lover for a really long time.

How to keep the Scorpio man hooked?

Give him space. Scorpio men will show you the door out of their lives if you wish to be involved more than he would allow anyone. The Scorpios don’t trust anyone too quickly. It is real hard work to carve out a special place in their hearts. Actually, it takes months and sometimes years. They are careful about their space. So, if you want to be attractive to the Scorpio man, make sure you respect their privacy and move slowly in trying to learn about them. Being clingy will only backfire.

Good sex appeal. It is hard to deny the importance of good sex with a Scorpio man. These men are so sensual that without any effort to strengthen physical intimacy, they may not really value the relationship as much. Put some work in enhancing the attraction through words and gestures. Flirt with him. Look your best. Touch him more often and tell him about your fantasies. He is a pleaser but he will also demand in the bedroom. An exciting relationship with the Scorpio man builds with the willingness to make love without inhibitions.

Connect emotionally. Understand what his heart desires. His expectations are usually quite high when he is in a relationship. To keep him hooked, you need to relate to him on a deeper level. He will not fail to pick on your lack of attachments. Express your compassion and offer to help him whenever you can. Learn about what excites or upsets him. Lighten his moods with some romance in your daily schedule. Escape with him, take on an adventure without a plan. Unless you are equally invested, the Scorpio man may not be hooked.


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