How to Get a Scorpio Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Scorpio Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


If you are wondering whether you could get away hurting a Scorpio woman, the answer is a big No! Be ready to get stung bad if she has caught you red handed. This woman defines mystery the best. Figuring her mind out is perhaps the most difficult tasks you will put yourself through, so better not try.

Did everything between you get quite cold because of a mistake you made? Did you hurt a Scorpio woman and leave her wounded? It will take a massive effort from your end to get this woman back. Here is everything you need to better understand a Scorpio woman’s state of mind when she is in pain and what you could do to win her heart back in your life again. An additional bit of information before we dive deeper here, the Scorpio women are notorious for taking offence to something you are not even aware of doing. So, watch out for the little details there to dissect the situation and plan your moves accordingly. Here is how to get a Scorpio woman back and keep her hooked!

How to win a Scorpio woman heart back after a breakup?

Let your actions prove your words

The Scorpios are not the ones to trust people blindly. They take their time to figure out someone to an extent where they can go by what the other person says. So, let your actions do the talking. You may promise her the moon and back but if you mislead, she will have you regret that for life. You must have experienced her wrath before, so you are aware of how difficult she could be with her mood swings.

Be willing to listen

She is not the one to let you go without speaking a word. She will expect you to understand how deep is the hurt that you have caused and she hopes you understand her more. So, when you have a chance to speak with her to make the amends, be prepared for a full session of heated arguments bleeding your ears. She is a vengeful woman who would leave no stone unturned to have what she wants and leave when she wishes to. So, if you have little or no time to give her a patient hearing, she will not entertain you around herself especially when you were the one who hurt her.

Accept your mistake

Stop making excuses and accept the fact that you were at fault. You should be able to convince her that you genuinely know the pain you have caused and are willing to make necessary changes in your behaviour or actions. Nothing that she is willing to invest her time in is limited to the surface level, so when she points out what could have possibly gone wrong, rest assured she has done her homework well. So, there is no space for bluffing around a Scorpio female.

Pay attention

You might be tempted to get distracted when she is having a discussion with you. Avoid that at all costs for she will snap at you in split seconds. She is eyeing every move you make so any discrepancies in your words and actions will raise her guards again. She is a fighter and a survivor. If she could open herself up, she will also make every possible effort to save her heart in the event of another jolt. This woman will rarely give you chances because of her lingering trust issues but if you notice her being liberal around you, there is every possibility of having her back in life.

Get busy with your life

Scorpios love mystery. They love the chase. The longer this thirst for more knowledge is left unquenched, the more interested she is in you. Also, she is a boss woman who loves being around people who are equally empowering. The more you nag and pester her, the more irritated she might become. It is always better to convey your sincerest apology and then move on with your priorities in life. While she loves people who are honest with her, she also wants them to have a personality that makes her look forward to a life with them. Remember what got her attracted to you initially? You need to keep the same spark going.

How to keep a Scorpio woman interested in you?

Be her cheerleader

Scorpio woman craves for appreciation. In the core of her heart she longs for a sense of belongingness to the people she cares about. When she feels for you, there is a tendency to become territorial. Hence, a Scorpio woman could be all yours for life if you make consistent efforts to compliment her for all the things that she does for you and make her feel needed. Support and strive to be her muse.

Show your commitment

While you may be the person trying to play hard to get with every woman you have known ever, this is not the female you should try those tricks with. It will make her intensely jealous. So, when she shows her interest in you, be there. Honour her. She is protective of her space. Only her most trusted enjoy her company. Lack of faithfulness doesn’t go very well with a wild Scorpio female. So, make sure you aren’t trying to get another female involved at any point and time in the relationship.

Let her be herself

This is not the woman you can ever be successful taming or dominating over. She is highly observant but will not express what she feels overtly. She will snap at you at an ungodly timing when you were least expecting it. As much as you would like to give her the space she needs, refrain from completely being ignorant of her existence. You cannot belittle the importance of making a Scorpio woman feel truly valued.

Keep the sex alive

Often sex gets ignored when the relationship reaches a certain level of comfort or monotony. Scorpio women are highly sexual creatures. There is no downplaying the fact that they are passionate, dark worshippers and lovers of everything that exists outside the realm of human understanding. They thrive on good sex in a relationship. A Scorpio woman eschews mundane routines. So, keep the spice burning and growing with experiments in the bed and beyond.

Mind what you say

This is a sensitive sign in the Zodiac. She can feel what you don’t express, Be respectful and kinder to her. She takes a long time to believe in someone and when she does, there is no looking back. You would find her noticing more than she speaks wherever she goes. That she does mindfully. So, be careful about your choice of words for she will be analysing every sentence of yours. She is someone who will be heavily involved with you in the relationship. Being intuitive, she is quick to judge someone, often being surprisingly accurate. She knows how to destroy the ones who hurt physically or verbally if she is in a vengeful mood.


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