12 Ways to get a Scorpio Woman to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Scorpio Woman to Chase you


The water sign Scorpio is perhaps the darkest sign of the zodiac, a connoisseur of the underworld and all things mystical. Her aura is magnetic and if you wish to get her to pursue you, you definitely need to level up for she won’t settle for the average. How do you attract a Scorpio woman’s attention? What makes a Scorpio woman chase you? How to make a Scorpio woman fall in love with you? How to win over a Scorpio female? Here are 12 ways in which you can win over a Scorpio woman’s heart!

1. Compliment her

The Scorpio woman wants a partner who doesn’t shy away from telling her what she means to him or what draws him to her. Even though she is a bit hardened on the outside, she wants someone who is lively and is understanding of her moods. She knows herself but she craves for a man who can mirror her strengths to her, for she is already critical when her mind dives into the dark side.

2. Respect her

The Scorpio woman is very sensitive to disrespect. She will take things personally if you still have not bonded with her. If you speak without thinking, you might just hurt her sentiments. Remember that she is always guarded and once hurt, she may not forgive easily. You might actually be put to test before she thinks of chasing you with all her soul. Unless she is convinced that you treat her as an equal and value her opinions, you may never catch her attention.

3. Avoid playing games

Try not to play tricks on the Scorpio woman you have been eyeing. She is very intuitive and you may not succeed in outsmarting her. She smells manipulation from afar and if you have plans to deceive her, you may not go a long way. Be honest about your expectations rather than bending things in your favour through any form of sneakiness. You do not wish to have a Scorpio woman as your enemy.

4. Stay confident

A confident man conducts himself differently. He is aware and knows how to present himself before the world. Stay true to who you are without trying to fit in to any standards set by someone else or a mould in order to be of anyone's liking. As long as you hold your head high and stay humble, your Scorpio woman will find you irresistible.

5. Make passionate love

Love making is an art that a Scorpio woman is naturally gifted with. Sex to her is almost an act of worshiping the divine. She knows how to marry her darkest beliefs with her seductive qualities to give you the best experience you could ever ask for in bed. If you have received a green light to please her, make sure you have done your homework well. The best way to seduce a Scorpio woman in bed is to let go of all rules and inhibitions when you make love. Show your passion without being emotionally detached. Unless she feels like you really want her, she may not reciprocate in the same frequency.

6. Let her be

The Scorpio woman is highly observant and intelligent. She definitely knows what she is up to and it is best to give her a sense of freedom but also one of belongingness to you at the same time. She is intense and indulgent in her thoughts and this gives her a depth of knowledge that only few could challenge. Take pride in who she is and be her source of strength when she needs your support. This is a very effective way to make a Scorpio woman miss you.

7. Give her security

It will always pay off well when a man ensures stability to the Scorpio woman. She wants to feel safe. She longs for a person that gives her peace. A lover that makes her truly feel like home. Keep your words and let your mannerisms and kindness blow her mind. There is nothing more sexier than a man who ensures his lady is taken care of.

8. Stimulate her mind

It is imperative to seduce her mind first when you choose to make a lasting impression on the Scorpio woman. Use all resources available at your disposal to show her that you have the right intentions to make her yours. Text her, connect with her on social media and try making an enticing conversation with her over a call if the situation permits. A good way to flirt with a Scorpio woman over text is to drop hints about your admiration for her without any pretense. Avoid being cheesy or untruthful at all costs or she will be turned off.

9. Surprise her

There is nothing like being cared for with a pure heart. An element of surprise in your love language will set a great pace for the sparks to fly in the connection. It proves your genuine effort to know what makes her happy. What better than a man who takes note and listens to everything that you share with him? Get her some flowers, plan a date night, take her shopping or just escape somewhere at the most unexpected time.

10. Make the effort to look your best

The Scorpio woman does pay attention to detail. She loves to admire the beauty in everything she sets her gaze upon. Unless something is appealing to all her senses, she would not waste her time chasing it. Look neat and groom yourself to set your best foot forward. Know that she has multiple options coveting her and unless you really stand out in the crowd, the Scorpio woman may not really be interested.

11. Avoid monotony

It goes without saying that boredom and monotony can kill the chemistry that is so very essential in a relationship. In order to make a Scorpio woman chase you, make her wonder by keeping the mystery alive. Don't show all your cards right away. The unknown will pique her interest and if you want her pursuing you, work on generating curiosity in her to know more about you.

12. Stay calm

Haste makes waste. You need to be cautious of not rushing things with the Scorpio female or she might be alarmed of some danger lurking in the background. Patience is an attractive quality that a Scorpio woman is looking for in a man. A grounded personality that supports her dreams and anchors them to reality is a highly attractive potential mate for the Scorpio female.

13. Build trust

The Scorpio woman generally takes a long time to trust someone. She is scared of having her trust broken. In order to protect herself from harm and betrayal, she puts up walls to shield her heart. In order to make a Scorpio woman chase you, you will have to make consistent efforts to win over her faith. Give her time and let things follow a natural course.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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