How to Get a Taurus Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Taurus Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


The Taurus Zodiac sign is a loyal partner who operates very practically in relationships. The Taurus woman doesn’t rush into love relationships. She weighs in her pros and cons before she gives away her heart to someone. Have you been in love with a Taurus woman and is she acting aloof out of the blue? What are the signs a Taurus woman is over you? How does a Taurus woman behave when she has a heartbreak? Will a Taurus female move on soon or come back to you?

If your relationship with a Taurus woman has hit the rock bottom, here is all you need to know to keep a Taurus woman interested and get her back in your life.

How do you know when a Taurus woman is done with you?

She avoids physical contact

To a Taurus woman, sensuality is an expression of love. She values the act of touch and no matter the final act of climax, she is more engrossed and deeply involved in the art of seduction and love making. Being able to infuse your emotions with passion in bed is a great way to win the heart of a Taurus woman. When a Taurus woman is pissed, your sex life will go on a toss. From a person who may not be able to keep her hands of you to someone who avoids being around you is a disturbing transformation that would be too hard to ignore.

She is no longer her generous self

The Taurus woman is tender and kind hearted. Even though she may scare people off with her high standards, once in love, she pours out all her emotions in the littlest acts of kindness that she showers you with. She is compassionate and highly grounded being an earth sign. If you have been in a relationship with a Taurus woman before, you would know her need for harmony in life. When the Taurus woman stops paying attention to your needs in order to make you comfortable, she has given up on you.

She is stubborn

More often than not, the Taurus woman would behave in a way making her lover feel like what she believes in is cast in stone. It is difficult to make her see the other side of a situation if she has already made up her mind.Though it seems pretty selfish, she craves for a stress-free, orderly and a planned routine to operate in her daily life. You might try and make the mountains move for her but once your Taurus woman is done with you, you might consistently find her at loggerheads with you, rarely adjusting with your modus operandi.

How to win a Taurus woman’s heart back after a breakup?

Be honest

Trying to play a Taurus female for a fool is a blunder. While you may play well on her blindspot, she is quite smart to solve the puzzle. She knows how to create the strongest boundaries and protect herself from all the drama of inconsistent behavior. Confess that you have broken her trust or acknowledge all that went wrong. Come up with a fair solution to the problem that she seeks to solve. (P.S. While you may try and please her, don’t lose your self- esteem to win her back in case you clearly aren’t at fault).

Avoid dumping your opinion

It is best to avoid a heated argument with your Taurus woman. She doesn't handle chaos too well in her space. She would always prefer a partner who is gentle on her rather than dumping her aggressive ways of life on her. She is a rooted person whose tolerance for any level of flashiness is too low. Holding on to your convictions like your life depends on it while being insensitive to what she expects at that minute is a sure path to doomsday. Keep your cool and respect her opinions while being patient with her side of the story could make your work a lot easier.

Come up with a logical explanation

If your Taurus woman loves you still, she will fight with the whole wide world for you. When she is blinded by your love, she is oblivious even to the differences of your personalities. She is slow and generally shows her emotions in waves. If you have triggered her, she will be extremely hurt to entertain all that you have to say. Nonetheless, going round the bush with no clear light at the end of the tunnel will make you look directionless which is something that she fears right from the beginning of the relationship.

How to keep a Taurus woman interested in you?

Is your Taurus woman losing interest in you? How do you make a Taurus woman commit to you? What makes a Taurus woman chase you? Here are a few things you need to ace to win over a Taurus woman:

She is not casual

The Taurus woman may appear pretty much reserved in her approach. The fear of being broken and losing a sense of direction is her weakness. She would need a person who doesn't force her to believe in anything temporary. Her depth of emotions makes her question everyone’s intentions and she finds it difficult to accommodate flakiness. She needs a man of substance who promises to be responsible with her heart.

Love her fiercely

The Taurus female needs to feel supported because she is too busy fighting with her external environment and making a mark. Protect her and ensure her that you would be there no matter what. Accompany her in her escapades and surprise her with the finer things of life that she values and enjoys.

Promise her stability

Make sure you have a plan in place and she is aware of it. There is nothing that pushes away a Taurus woman like insecurity. If you are having troubles getting your life together, discuss with her and seek help. She is a strong lover who sticks by her partner through thick and thin. Playing with her peace of mind and taking advantage of her presence in your life will shoo her away.

Be genuinely appreciative

To keep a Taurus woman hooked to you, be exactly who your true self is. This bold woman likes to be chased or courted. She has a high intellect and to be able to showcase your knowledge without being too loud about it is appreciative to a Taurus woman. She is sophisticated and has a feminine energy that isn’t loud. While she may be floored by someone initially, she will take immense care in giving away her heart to someone unless he has proven his integrity.


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