How to Get a Virgo Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?

How to Get a Virgo Woman Back and Keep her Hooked?


You miss her and want her back in your life? You are still in love with your Virgo woman and would like to make up with her? Do you need advice to bring back to life your relationship? What are the best ways to show a Virgo woman you love her? Let me reveal you all the secrets you need to win the heart of a Virgo female back and keep her interested in you forever.

How do you know when a Virgo woman is done with you?

A Virgo woman is quite picky in her choices. Until every facet has been carefully examined, she is hard to convince. She takes time to analyze what works for her. This might give the impression that she is hard to get or difficult to woo. Once she is done, changing her mind is a daunting task. Her overly critical nature is hard to bear with unless you are absolutely smitten in her love. The moment she discovers that the person she cares the most about has wrong intentions for her, she will barely put you on the pedestal again. Being a polite woman, she is smart to draw her boundaries and moves ahead without making an ugly scene of the situation. The moment you give her a sense of toxicity in the relationship, she will leave for good with the aim of never returning back.

How to win a Virgo woman heart back after a breakup?

Treat her with respect

Just like everyone else, this woman needs to feel respected around the people she chooses to spend her time with. Money isn’t the first thing on her priority list when looking for partnerships. Call her old- fashioned but she refuses to engage in anything casual. She is process oriented. So, in case you are planning to drop some bombs without any prior intimations, she may not like it. She will never tolerate chaos. If you have a lot inside your heart since the breakup, it is good to pick your words carefully instead of being rash and hurtful while trying to mend your ways and build something new again.

Plan a beautiful evening

The women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign have a rich taste in everything they fancy. From restaurants to theaters, they have particular choices and will not compromise on the same. The inherent critic in them is rarely put to rest. So, make sure you attract your Virgo woman to yourself with the perfect mannerisms of a date night. Be punctual, bring her some flowers. open the door, pull the chair, drop her back home and the likes will be highly appreciated. However, be genuinely interested in doing this for her because she expects predictability in behavior.

Give her something concrete

A Virgo woman desires a man who is far from anything casual. She doesn’t entertain indecisiveness. Hence, she will always seem torn in her choice because her crazy desire for perfectionism put her on a critical mode all the time. This makes her quite condescending even when she doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. She wants to be extra cautious of who she wants to build her future with because any mess calls for trouble which she likes avoiding at all costs. So, make sure you have answers to all her questions that will test how sure you are about having her in your life.

Be duty bound

A Virgo woman can be charmed when you fulfill your duties with the highest level of honesty. She has a sense of service to others, especially for those who need her. She will love you when you can shoulder responsibilities and that needs to be reflected in your behavior. Give her a routine that you follow religiously. Follow rules and orders that you are obliged to. She pays high importance to the details of any job that you undertake. So, a seamless performance is expected every time if you have to win over a Virgo woman back again.

How to keep a Virgo woman interested in you?

Be organized

The tough task master that she is, if things don’t happen the way she expects, she will easily get offended. Make sure you have your manners in place. If you are highly unorganized, try making the effort to keep things in place and tidy the surroundings. Quite obsessive, she expects perfection everywhere. So, to keep her interested in you for long, you should make sure that the littlest details of an idea or a situation are taken care of.

Display your intellect

A dim witted persona is quick to get a Virgo woman bored easily. She loves conversations that are witty. A man with a high intellect will surely sweep her off her feet. It is okay to not be aware of everything in great details but a little knowledge of everything may save your day around this smart female. Any relationship with a Virgo female will take off only when your strength and intellect is proven in your words as well as actions.

Give her stability

A Virgo female likes everything planned. Being an earth sign, she is quite fixated in her ideals. If you strike her with new ideas every now and then and appear confused, she will get frustrated with you quickly. She cannot take the jolts of impulsiveness too well. So make sure that there is a certain level of security that you give to her when she is a part of your life.

Be responsible

A Virgo woman is easily attracted to men who can display qualities just like her or who are more likely to adapt to her ways. With her, there is patience required. She is not the one to get swayed by emotions easily. She needs rationality and will show her confidence in a man once he has proven himself. Acting responsibly is the best way to be around her than trying to manipulate her with lofty claims and flowery speeches. She is often too distrustful. So, measure your words cautiously before you speak.

Value her advice

This is the woman who will never take the center stage or seek recognition for the brilliant execution of everything that she takes in hand. She is a meticulous planner and can see what most neglect. Much uncomfortable in receiving attention, she will do her job in silence without unnecessary jabber. Her advice is valuable and often accurate. So, make sure you have her in your confidence before making a big decision that impacts your life and hers as well.

Give her time

This woman is quite slow in jumping into anything. So, you will have to be patient and consistent in your approach towards her if you want to keep her in your life forever. She is initially reserved and to most she appears selfish and distant. However, once she starts trusting you, she will open up and let you explore all facets to her personality. Emotional display don’t come to her naturally. She needs to be sure that will not be used or hurt. Once that assurance is had, seeing her truest self is easy. She will be committed to you for life once she promises her loyalty to you. Make sure you are equally capable of giving her an equal footing in your life.


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