12 Ways to get a Virgo Woman to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Virgo Woman to Chase you


The ultra feminine Virgo woman needs a man to make the first move. She is conservative but once you have her attention, she is a dedicated lover. But how do you attract and woo a Virgo woman? How to make her fall for you? What makes her get crazy about you? And how do you know if a Virgo woman is interested in you and likes you more than a friend?

Astrology has a few secrets to reveal about this woman's heart, her behavior and psychology. Here are 12 surefire ways to make a Virgo woman chase you and fall in love with you like crazy!

1. Practice modesty

This woman doesn’t believe in flashiness or an unabashed display of accomplishments. She is attracted to those who stay humble and have an open mind. A loud show of achievements or aggressiveness may be trashed out as outright crappy. She isn’t the type to sleep with a man unless the waters are tried and tested. If the immediate idea is to get into her pants, you may not be on the same page. Stay patient with her and work towards impressing her with your simplicity.

2. Woo her mind

The Mercurial sign has an affinity for those who can share with her ideas and expand her knowledge. She desires a mental compatibility, an exchange of words. She can be quite talkative. She will gauge your intellect, making sure you are closely meeting her parameters of a perfect partner. Her critical character makes it difficult for her to avoid the pretension that you may project. It is hard for her to resist the magnetic connection with an intellectual man. Someone who displays persistence to know and learn relentlessly is drop-dead gorgeous to her.

3. Have a concrete plan

A woman born under the Virgo Zodiac sign needs a promising relationship that stands the test of time. She needs someone who is in charge of his life. One might call her over analytical but unless your firmness is tested, you may never find the key to her heart. Quite intuitively, she can usually tell when there is a desperate effort to hide the truth from her. She isn’t clingy, She wants an equal partnership. She needs a partner who is an achiever, driven in life to make it big. If you don’t seem to be potentially a true match, she may never go after you.

4. Stay a 100% honest

She is in search of a sincere man who wouldn’t break her heart with lies and trickery. She is a practical woman. Show her the real you minus the pretentiousness. There is no room for dishonesty in a Virgo woman’s world. She lives her life on bare facts and when the truth is wrapped in deceit, it disturbs her peace. She would travel to the far in order to uncover what’s hidden from plain sight. So, if your vibe feels untrue she may withdraw immediately.

5. Be creative in adding the fun element

Your Virgo female does need some rest from a tightly packed schedule. She is used to being occupied with work, at home or in her professional space. More often than not she negates the importance of relaxation and an adventurous escapade. If you are successful in convincing her to let go of the control and structured lifestyle, she might find her inner child who also craves for fun.

6. Appreciate her genuinely

Never disregard the importance of complimenting your Virgo woman. She isn’t the one to melt with cheesiness. Invest some time to know her and shower her with some genuine appreciation. Try and understand what makes her happy and what doesn’t. Flirt with her. If she happens to be a workaholic, divert her from the pressure of routine. She takes time to fall for someone. With a conservative approach to life, she will get attracted to an honest connection in all probability.

7. Give her space

Virgo women need the space to unwind and be all by themselves. They like to be home which is their comfort zone. They are the reputed cleanliness freaks who want things around them to be orderly and neat. If in case your Virgo woman makes a mess, she still has an organised folder in her mind. She is an introverted character who often needs to recharge and rejuvenate from the high volumes of stress that she takes on her shoulders in her life. So, let her be and allow some room for her to get back to you as soon as she is ready.

8. Prove it in your actions

She is work oriented. She is super observant and critical. It is quite difficult to pull the wool over her eyes for she is noticing every move of yours. She has an insatiable thirst to scrutinise and learn people’s flaws. If you are in the habit of making empty promises, it will be intolerable to the Virgo woman. Stand by your word and follow through. When she is certain that she can depend on you, she will chase you.

9. Make room for communication

The sign ruled by Mercury, she is at the top of her communication skills. Quite often she might guard her emotions and fail to express her hurt. Be sensitive about all that she wants to tell you without smothering her with judgements. It might so end up that she bottles everything too long and then explodes with no warning in case she hasn’t been heard. When the communication channel is open, she is content and happier in the partnership.

10. Pay attention to their needs

This is a woman of service. She likes to help people and keep their interest in the forefront. Unless she is satisfied that she has made someone’s life easy, she may not rest. This also means that she will often overlook her highest good while being of use to someone in need. Be kind to her and add value by helping her even when she doesn’t ask for it. She works pretty hard almost round the clock trying to put things in order. Care about her and you would be truly special in her life.

11. Reciprocate passionately in bed

The Virgo female might appear quite traditional and conservative on the outside but she is one of the most sensual zodiacs there exists. They are deeply lustful and are quite kinky once they have enough faith to bare out their true selves. They love to learn new stuff so once they are attracted to you, they would eye you like a prize, fantasizing about you if you strike the right chords. So, stimulate them mentally and talk dirty once you receive the signals.

12. Be a good friend

The critical nature of the Virgo woman makes it difficult to connect with a large group of people. She likes to be on her own, focusing on her job and upgrading her skills rather than mindless chatter. She is a bit reserved and instantly connecting with people may not be her forte. In order for a Virgo woman to build on to the attraction, she needs to find enough merit with tangible benefits. Try being a great friend, win her trust first for she will be carefully weighing the connection before she plans to chase you.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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