The 12 Houses in Astrology and their Meaning

The 12 Houses in Astrology and their Meaning


One of the most significant sources for an individual in astrology is their natal chart. The natal chart captures every element of our immediate universe at the time of our birth. It tells us about who we are, and what we will be. All this information condensed into 12 sections. 12 sections that we call houses. Do you want to know more about what the cosmos says about you? Would you like to take a peek into your future? All of that starts with your birth chart. And in this article, I am going to talk about the 12 houses in Astrology and their meaning!

What do the houses in astrology mean?

Before we dive deeper into this conversation, let’s understand the basics. What are houses in astrology? What is the meaning of these 12 houses?

The study of the skies at the time of our birth is done by dividing it into four quadrants. These four quadrants are further divided into 12 sections called houses. Each quadrant holds 3 houses. Each house is ruled by a zodiac sign, starting from Aries and ending with Pisces. And each house represents a certain aspect of your life. Combined, all these houses cover areas related to your personal life, the people, and the external forces that will affect you. They give some indication about the general direction in which your life will be headed. More in-depth knowledge can be gained by learning about 12 houses in astrology and their lords.

Now, it might all sound like everything is set in stone. However, all great astrologers believe that human beings have an almost supernatural ability to control their destiny. A knowledge of what’s in store for you, shouldn’t make you sad or bitter. It should give you the determination to make it true or turn it around. Ready to take your fate in your hands?

What does each house in astrology represent?

1st House: Self – “I am”

The 1st house in astrology represents you. It is a representation of who you are, what you look like, your talents, your weaknesses, and where you are headed. This is the house of your personality and your potential. The first house is also the house of the firsts. It governs the first impression that you make on people. the image you portray. Your first instincts. Your childhood is governed by the first house too. The 1st house is the total of who you are as an individual. And what you can become. The house is ruled by Aries.

2nd House: Valuables and Possessions – “I have”

This house governs your money and material possessions. It talks about the finances you will have at different times in your life. The possessions in terms of major assets like house, land, etc. that you will own. But beyond that, it also talks about your spending and saving habits. This is the house which tells whether you incline to be materialistic or not. It talks about how you feel about money and its possession. The house is ruled by Taurus.

3rd House: Communication – “I think”

The third house in astrology represents the way you communicate with the people around you. It covers both your verbal and non-verbal means of communication. It is important to understand how this expands. The way you communicate with people determines your relationship with them. This house talks about how you process your interactions in this world. It is a representation of your social intelligence. The house is ruled by Gemini.

4th House: Family and Home – “I feel”

The 4th house of astrology represents your foundation and roots. It governs the family life of an individual, both of the past and the future. In that sense, it also governs the way we develop as a human being. It is the family we grow up in that governs a lot of the beliefs we hold throughout our life and the habits we have. Expanding on this sense of home, this is also the house that represents the domestic comfort and harmony of our life. The house is ruled by Cancer.

5th House: Inner Joy and Pleasure – “I will”

This house represents how much of your childhood innocence you preserve in your adulthood. Now that might be a little confusing way to put it. So, allow me to simplify. This house governs your creativity, your zeal towards life and the pleasure you derive from it. This pleasure can also be the pleasure you derive from your sexual life. It also has some connection to the number of children you have. Although the fourth house governs that aspect more strongly. If this house has a stronger lord then that might change the decision-maker. The house is ruled by Leo.

6th House: Health – “I analyse”

The 6th house governs our health and immunity towards diseases and failures. Primarily this house is read as one that defines how healthy we will be. The periods in our life when we might be inflicted by a major disease. And how our general constitution will be. However, a huge part of remaining healthy has to do with our resilience in general. This translates to this house also determining how resilient we are in the face of adversity. The house is ruled by Virgo.

7th House: Partnerships – “I balance”

This house governs the one-on-one relationships you will have with the people in your life. This means not just romantic, but business, friendship, family and all other types of partnerships. This house also has to say about the enmities you will have in your life. The purpose that we have in life to a large extent control the partnerships we have. After all, it is what we want to achieve in life that brings us closer to others. Partnerships make us a contributing member of this society. The house is ruled by Libra.

8th House: Transformations – “I desire”

Certain moments in our lives transform us. On a physical, emotional, and even spiritual transformation. Two of the most important transformations in this regard are sexual awakening and death. Both of them have a mysterious origin and a universal presence. Other such transformations governed by this house are addictions, rebirth, regeneration and transformation of outlook as we grow older. However, above all else, this house governs the sexual desires and life of an individual. The house is ruled by Scorpio.

9th House: Higher Learning – “I see”

As the name suggests, this house governs our education and learning. On the surface level, this house represents the formal education we will receive. But on a deeper level, it also represents the spiritual awakening of an individual. It represents the personal beliefs, philosophies and even the holistic learning of life. The languages we learn, the cultural knowledge we hold. Essentially this house governs our desire to learn and open-mindedness towards new approaches. The house is ruled by Sagittarius.

10th House: Social Status, Legacy and Reputation – “I use”

The real self of an individual is governed by this house. By real self, I mean the image that you will have in public. The social status in terms of the success an individual will attain, the fame and the honour associated with it. This then also expands to the legacy that this social status will translate into. Therefore, this house governs your reputation when you are alive and even after you are dead. The house is ruled by Capricorn.

11th House: Associations – “I know”

This is the house that governs our networks and friendships. While some of us have huge circles of friends, others have a hard time making connections. Some of us can find the best people to surround ourselves with. Others always face deceitful people in their life. Some friendships last a lifetime. Some are destined to end within months. all of this is governed by this house. This house also represents the professional networks you will build. To a large extent, our vision for our life also rules the kind of networks we build and the associations we have. The house is ruled by Aquarius.

12th House: Subconscious – “I believe”

The twelfth house of astrology completes the circle and brings us back to the inner you. This is the house that governs our unconscious identities. The person we are deep inside. The person that comes to the surface only in a few conditions. Yet, dictates all the other decision we take. This is the house of your strengths and weaknesses. Our dreams, karma, desires and undoing are all governed by this house. This is the house of mystery. The house is ruled by Pisces.


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