Ignoring a Cancer Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Cancer Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


Cancers, whose symbol is the crab, are sensitive to separation from their lovers. They will generally hold their exes in good regard if the relationship was mutually called off. If you have split-up with a Cancer man, how to make him come back? Does a Cancer man move on easily? Will a Cancer man come back after a breakup? What to do to make him patch up? How to get back together and keep him interested? What works and what doesn't?

Here are a few things you should know if you are ignoring the Cancer man after parting ways with him!

What happens when you ignore a Cancer man?

Gets suspicious. Cancer men do not handle breakups with ease. The Cancer man learns to trust blindly when he is in love. After a breakup, he might already visualize you with someone else while he laments and gets nostalgic about good old days. You may achieve the intended result of causing deeper pain to the Cancer man just by ignoring him as if he doesn’t exist. His imagination will only make things worse as he starts daydreaming about how you broke his trust even if his understanding is unfounded.

Stays guarded. He is overprotective. It is hard not to notice his zeal in sheltering someone while he deals with the storm. He wants to guard himself on realizing that he had perhaps given away too much where it was never honored or respected. The Cancer men love to keep his partner guarded in their protected territory. They do not fail to claim their right over what’s theirs. So, when they sense a lingering threat or face a heartbreak, they get into a hermit mode.

Emotional outburst. The Cancer male will find it hard to hold back his tears if you fail to acknowledge his presence in your life. He is a sincere lover and an unkind attitude without any major fault of his may break his self- confidence. When in a relationship, they may have built castles in the air but with their dedication tampered with, they may be unforgiving. An emotional or nervous breakdown may be expected when they confront their broken dreams. They are highly empathic. They are intuitive about their surroundings. When they lose their ground, it is difficult for them to react calmly to the insufferable jolt.

If you ignore a Cancer man, will he come back?

You might want to stay friends as closure comes slow for the Cancer man. He hides his real feelings and hence, frustration might consume him for a longer time than expected. He may never realize or understand what went wrong in the relationship. His attachment may be evident in his numerous efforts to seek closure if he isn’t convinced. Just like all the other signs he has an ego too but his intensity of involvement might make it difficult for him to sever all ties.

He may find it difficult to deal with his pain and seek comfort in those closest to his heart. He is sensitive to harsh criticism and hurtful words. If his partner dealt with the breakup with negligible care and callousness, he may never forget and withdraw into his shell forever.

Being a straightforward person, he may also come up with accusations that add fuel to the fire. But that is never wrongfully intended but a hasty expression of his fragile ego. Their gentleness may take a backseat for sometime if they feel the need to be on a defensive mode.

Being territorial, they are prone to showcase their jealousy if the breakup has been caused by a third-party involvement. They never got involved in the relationship to fool around. One of the most loyal signs of the Zodiac, they suffer most of their hurt in silence. They often have deep seated insecurities that may not surface when they are happy but betrayal may force them to exert their strength and put up an astonishingly uncaring attitude.

How to get a Cancer man interested again?

Propose a long-term stable relationship. The man born under the Cancer Zodiac sign is more inclined towards a fulfilling relationship with a single person. The idea of casual relationships don’t appeal to him. Unless you really wish to pursue a serious connection, it is better to leave him alone. Showing a genuine interest in building your family with him is a better proposal to get a Cancer man interested again. Have concrete plans about your future with him and show an independent character. Indecisiveness may not be a great way forward if you wish him to be back in your life.

Avoid forcing your demands. The Cancer male doesn’t like any aggressiveness when it comes to the matters of his heart. If he has been hurt, it will take sometime for him to bounce back again. Make room for friendship instead of being pushy about a relationship right away. He needs to be heard and understood. If his belief in you has been shaken, he may be way too closed to reveal his true feelings. Haste makes waste. Stay patient till he reciprocates positively without any pressure to make false promises.

Be kind and show empathy. Understand his side of the issue. Put your needs to the back burner and prioritize him. If the relationship has any lacuna, he should be equally taken into confidence before a harsh measure is taken to drive him away. Be open to his ideas and ask for a real conversation so that future problems could be avoided. This also means you respect him enough to care about his likes and dislikes. Valuing his concerns will repose his faith in a relationship with you. If you ignore and alienate him, discontent might brew and the relationship will be doomed.

Give him some space. The Cancer men are secretive like other water signs. If the relationship has faced challenges in the past, he may have certain reservations piled up. It is a good idea to never stalk him. He may be hesitant to engage if you seem intrusive in his personal life. Make him feel comfortable in a healthy conversation. Let the skeletons remain in the closet unless he shows the urgency to discuss it. While you may have shown sufficient interest, show the grace to accept his decision. Remember, the Cancer man is attracted to classy women with dignity who show subtle methods of persuasion rather than force.


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