Ignoring a Pisces Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Pisces Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


Pisces are rare beings who have a mystical bent of mind. Since they are often detached from the world around them, they react in an unusual manner when they are ignored by someone they are attached to.

So, how does a Pisces man react to being ignored or given a cold shoulder? Will a Pisces man chase you harder if you ignore or neglect him? How to win his heart again after a breakup? How to make him miss you and come back after you have parted ways?

Here is your guide as to how a Pisces man behaves when you keep him at a distance after the breakup and refuse to entertain him in your life according to astrology:

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man?

When you ignore a Pisces man, he may lose his calm.

He is usually a cool and sweet person when he is in his element. As a water sign, Pisces are kind and loving to everyone around them.

So when a Pisces guy is ignored after a break up, it might puzzle him.

With a tendency of getting depressed, the heartbroken Pisces man will fall in a rabbit hole. He will try looking for an answer or a closure and if he doesn't receive it, he is the kind of man who has a tendency of going into dark thoughts.

He'll self-deprecate and blame himself for things that went wrong. He could even indulge in illicit activities or substance abuse if he is heartbroken beyond repair.

It might also surprise you that Pisces men are also capable of putting up a no-show if they are done with you.

While they aren't the ones to get angry or frustrated too easily, if they do, they could lose their cool, leave you and move on.

If you ignore a Pisces man, will he come back?

It's hard to predict a Pisces man's behavior since he is a creative individual with mysterious plans up his sleeves.

Ignoring a Pisces man will drive him crazy. He would go into an overthinking spree, unable to determine what to do.

He usually obsesses over things he puts his mind to and when he is avoided by the one he loves, he'll lose his mind. He would look for answers everywhere, fearing he must have done something wrong to offend you.

He is a compassionate being who wants to make everyone around him happy. He would put himself in pain to bring a smile on his partner's face.

But once the Pisces man is convinced that you weren't the right choice for him, he will be gone for good.

He may come back to you for unanswered questions but once he is done with you, he will be done and will move on swiftly.

Pisces men are rare because they are deeply emotional.

They tend to have intense and immersive thoughts. When they get swayed into the darkness of their negativity, it's hard for the Pisces man to let go since he takes his relationship seriously and cares about the people he loves.

As sensitive men, Pisces natives love the people dearest to them.

So if you broke up with him with no fault of his, he may not forgive you quickly. He could take it personally and refuse to let go of the emotional turmoil you caused to him.

He may never trust you again to come back to you fearing that you would ghost him without a reason or cause him pain he would struggle to emerge from.

How to get a Pisces man interested again?

The Pisces man is a sweetheart.

But Pisces men are also known to be pessimistic and confused, which affects their decision making abilities.

The man born under the Pisces Zodiac sign has a soft core and showers his compassion on everyone who meets him.

He is generous and kind and loves to pamper his loved ones.

If you want to get your Pisces man interested in you again, you need to apologize to him for all the hurt you made him go through.

Sincerely accept your mistakes and never try to manipulate your Pisces man because he has a strong sense of intuition.

He can easily know it if something is off or if he is being lied to.

Pisces men are romantic and are considered the epitome of grace. If you need to get your Pisces man to chase you or pursue you again, you'll have to be kinder and nicer to them and everyone around you.

They hate dealing with dishonest people and if they feel you are negativity, they'll cut off ties with you and never ever give you another chance to get back to them.

Give them space.

Pisces men love their freedom. They shouldn't feel like you're trying to impose yourself on them or expecting them to be a certain way.

They hate fulfilling people's expectations.

They are mystical and are in search of the divine truth or at least like to keep the environment around them printine.

If you mess with his peace, the Pisces male will run away from you.

So, allow them to be on their own but make your intentions clear to him.

Communicate your love for him.

Show that in your actions but truly caring about him. Unless he truly feels like you do have his best interests, he may not be motivated to love you back again.

It may take a while but keep at it and you would know.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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