Ignoring a Sagittarius Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Sagittarius Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


The archer is charming, flirty, knowledgeable, spiritual and benevolent. A Sagittarius man can be deeply indifferent when he does not find someone compatible. He aims to explore the world to find his best love match. So, how do you know a Sagittarius man is not into you or not interested in you anymore? How to make him come back and chase you again? Should you play mental games with the Sagittarius guy? Will a Sagittarius man return after a breakup?

Here is what you need to know about if you choose to ignore a Sagittarius man!

What happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man?

He may argue with you. Sagittarius men are very confident of their knowledge. They are generally the teachers of the zodiac in astrology. When their understanding is challenged, they take it as a great insult. If he has got his facts in place, rest assured he will tear you apart with piercing language if you were bluffing. When he is ignored, he senses a lack of interest. This drives him to look for reasons to justify your behavior. He will confront you, ask questions unless he finds it pointless already.

He will change his behavior if he is hurt and upset. The Sagittarius male may never be too open about his emotions but behind that veil of an adventurous and carefree archer, he is prone to fall hard for someone he considers perfect. He might ask for some space, get into isolation, defend himself in case you blame his typical callousness for being ignorant. He is an independent person. So, if you ignore him out of the blue, he will be miffed with your indecisiveness and lack of sensitivity.

He will move on. Never doubt his brilliant ability to set out on another adventure when he is already bored or the present circumstances don’t serve his future vision or goals. He is always looking at expansions in life. If you break his heart or stay aloof without paying attention to his needs, he will not stick to his comfort zone forever. He may have traveled the world to find someone like you but if his trust is played with or you give up on him, he will also have moved on.

If you ignore a Sagittarius man, will he come back?

His words will be harsh. If your Sagittarius man is lied to, he will be triggered instantly. He is a seeker of the truth and light. He is brutally honest about himself and expects the same from those he considers the closest. The fiery element in their nature can reveal an extreme form of temper they hide so skillfully from the world around. When rubbed the wrong way or taken advantage of, he may never come back. He is like the bomb that may blast when his patience runs out.

He has commitment issues. It is important to learn that the man born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign is never too fond of commitments. He would always maintain a distance even from his partner. He hates being attached to someone for it obstructs his quest for knowledge and adventure. This is why he may have trouble in finding his soulmate until sometime late in life. If he is honestly conveyed that you seek some time off from the relationship, he will happily give it to you because he loves his privacy too. But if your approach is unkind and selfish, devoid of respect and gentleness, the ‘bad guy’ that he carefully conceals shall reveal.

He is quick to forgive and forget. There is also a possibility of the Sagittarius man being open to amicably resolving your issues with him. They are very caring, humorous and kind in general. If you are hurt and genuinely want him back, he may rethink the stance of moving out of your life for good. They are the most optimistic of all other Zodiac signs and even when they get nasty, rest assured they would return with a huge apology. After their anger subsides and they find enough merit in solving differences, they will return back to you. However, *conditions apply*!

How to get a Sagittarius man interested again?

Be sincerely apologetic. You can make a great impact on the Sagittarius man if you are truthful, willing to learn, have higher aspirations in life and are open to accept the deadliest challenges. He has a big heart and despite his openness to experiment with life, he can also be fiercely committed in a relationship. When you open your heart out, accept your mistakes and honor your promises to him rather than getting into endless arguments, he will melt.

Get busy with your life. It leaves a marked impression on the Sagittarius man when his partner has lofty ambitions and is willing to trust him to suggest some directions. He is like the guru wanting to teach you and help you out when you falter. If you wish the Sagittarius guy to be interested, never let your career stagnate. He needs to be convinced that you won't be the cry baby who needs a nanny all the time. Show him the confidence and curiosity to take risks. He would never take you for granted.

Give him plenty of space. The more suffocated the Sagittarius male feels in a relationship, the harder he will try to break free from the shackles. He is too focused on his growth to crib about smaller issues that drain his vitality. He needs to feel free and trusted with his intentions. No matter how carefree his actions seem, he craves for someone who acknowledges his pain and provides him a firm shoulder. Take time and convince him that you won’t play with his heart or be ignorant of needs.

Have a positive outlook in life. This is a sign that runs away from any negativity around him. If you mess with him, he might manipulate you to find his freedom. He may like to cause some drama when life seems monotonous but you need to be able to accept his weaknesses. Improve your communication skills to keep a check on any excesses that might transpire as a result of lack of care, attention and nurture.


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