Ignoring a Scorpio Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Scorpio Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


The water sign Scorpio is an intense lover of the Zodiac. He hides a mountain of secrets, revealing only parts of him with someone he feels safe with. If you have been in a relationship with a Scorpio man, you know that ultimate mystery and seduction rules over his mind. Were you dating a Scorpio man and have recently broken up with him? How do you make up with the Scorpio man? How to win the heart of a Scorpio male again? Should you ignore a Scorpio man to make him come back? How to keep a Scorpio man interested in you?

Astrology has all the answers to these questions, plus a few insights about his personality and psychology!

What happens when you ignore a Scorpio man?

Are you planning to offer some silent treatment to your Scorpio man thinking he might come back to you? If you are hurt by him and don’t wish to initiate any contact with him, the Scorpio man might be quite irritated if he still cares for you.

It is always a wise move to keep your Scorpio man informed about what went wrong or the reason for your coldness. His thoughts could take him to the darkest corners of his mind where he starts contemplating and cultivating negative thoughts about the whole matter.

If you show your disinterest, he may remain as confused as he could ever be. And this spirals up more anger and frustration. With a mind that is curious about everything within and beyond the physical realm, if you choose to ignore him without any warning, he will definitely set off the wrong buttons. What could possibly happen is him turning the whole situation on you and making it look like it was your fault.

Your Scorpio guy is emotional. He might appear blank and cut off but deep inside his heart yearns for a partner who understands even his silence. He isn't much of a talker but he feels too much and a lack of communication from your end might fan the flames. You will just reap exactly what you have sown.

He is a smart guy who observes keenly in a relationship or otherwise. He sees through all the lies because his intuition is so much on point. The man born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign is soaked in emotions so deep that messing up with him will only make him withdraw more. So, in case it is your fault and you just plan to play a game with him in order to minimize the shock of his temper, it’s a lost cause anyway.

If you ignore a Scorpio man, will he come back?

He is an overthinker. It is best to keep things as transparent as possible so as to avoid giving him the room to make mountains out of molehill. If you plan a no-show, he will start cooking up multiple scenarios in his head, only to end up hurting himself and making you the villain. In case it gets etched on his mind that you are already seeing someone and he is just an option, his jealousy will seep in. The Scorpions are very possessive of what they consider their assets and if they fear threat, they might just let go and never return.

He is a private person. While your Scorpio guy wasn’t beating his own drums when he decided to woo you, it is also unlikely that he would try explaining himself to you again in order to prove something. He would rather hear the real story from you than have someone step in to explain your situation to him.

He wants your attention even though he may not tell you explicitly. This crazy lover wants to go to hell and back with the person he cares about so much. He is ready to fight it out only if you are equally willing to without holding on to an ego. He wants no drama and if you are seeking one for your self-validation, he might just be turned off forever.

With a prolonged period of ignorance, the Scorpio man might become vengeful. True to his spirit, he may not spare you if you have taken advantage of him or tried to make a fool of him. Be prepared for the sting and to never see him again. With a person who takes time to fall in love, falling out of love may be equally hard but he wants to protect his heart.

How to get a Scorpio man interested again?

Scorpio men are secretive. Build the trust back again. The Scorpio doesn’t want to keep guessing about you. Keep things honest and open. If he can have faith in you and you could convince him that you are the only one, things should become stable again. However, don’t overdo it or he might have his guards up.

Don't try to play a bad game with him. In case there have been problems from his side, try to find healthier ways to deal with it rather than playing the “tit-for-tat” game with the Scorpio man. Throwing fits, playing psychological tricks, using manipulation techniques and constant nags won't help you much with a Scorpio for he is never interested in someone who is deceitful or controlling.

He is very sensitive inside even though he tries to put up a tough exterior to save himself from hurt. He wants a sincere lover who isn’t playing games. It is always a great idea to act calm and confident in your space rather than acting clingy for his support all the time. The Scorpio man needs to feel that you are self-sufficient or that you have a life of your own.

His life is private and displaying neediness is a surefire way to lose his interest in you. He will appreciate you more when you are truly loyal to him and blind trust is what you have earned in his life. Be intensely passionate about all that you do for him. He needs a partner who is dedicated and learns to surrender to him. Stimulate his mind and have an open communication about your expectations from him.

As difficult as it is to win his heart, it is equally a tough job to match up to his expectations. If one is flighty, the Scorpio man could never be ideally compatible. He demands an involvement that might be draining for someone who doesn't wish to invest a lot of her emotions in the relationship. He is a “no-nonsense” man who values your time and would respect you only if you have your values in place.

If you have denied him sex, it is important to know that your Scorpio male prioritizes physical intimacy. To him, emotional intimacy is best expressed with real physical actions and hence, sexual energy is quite sacred to him. He doesn’t respect rules while he makes love so in case you are scared to submit or surrender during sex, he might not be your cup of tea. Have a stable attitude that is confident and not afraid to speak your mind. Try learning about the mysterious side to life. He is a lover of the occult. If you could add to his sense of wonder and exchange some knowledge about the metaphysical, you have a greater chance of winning his heart.


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