Leo Man in Bed: How to Turn Him On & Make Him Crazy?


Ruled by the sun and graced by the fire element, the Leo man has a big heart and warm aura that is undeniably attractive. This feline sign of the zodiac is generous and playful, falling in love or out of it easily. Quite a sexual beast, he is loving but equally demanding in bed. So, what is a Leo man like in bed? What are his sexual preferences? What turns a Leo man on? If you want to know more about this male's sexuality, here is all you need to know about the Leo man in bed!

Leo man sexuality traits

He likes to dominate. The King of the jungle, your Leo male commands honor and respect. He craves attention. To be able to please any woman he desires is one of his biggest accomplishments. The Leo man's ideal woman is one who lets him take charge and set the pace of the sexual act. Everything that he does to excite you is for self gratification and that to him is fundamental when he makes love.

He is quite possessive. The Leo man values loyalty. He is quite the womaniser of sorts unless he commits. He expects to be told things exactly as it is rather than concoction of lies. He marks his territory and stands no competition on the way. Pulling the wool over his eyes is foolish for the Lion king can smell deceit from a distance. Be honest and value him and this could just set you apart from a thousand others willing to court him.

What does the Leo man like in bed?

He needs attention. Praise him like a god being worshiped and he is happy. Stroke his ego and pamper him, he will press all your erogenous buttons in no time. Missionary is his thing and he isn’t a huge fan of orals but he would definitely like to receive one. He is proud of his manhood and likes being told how stellar his performances are.

He likes the feminine charm. The surefire way to turn off a Leo man quickly is being too flashy and outrageous. He likes his woman graceful and sweet, subtle but surely a queen. What ends up disappointing him in bed is someone who disrespects him and puts him in a submissive mode. He is a giver and though he is open to experimentation, he would carefully weigh his standing before he surrenders.

Insatiable sexual appetite. His sense of pride and ego are quite exalted. The Leo man is a sexual animal with sexual prowess that is difficult to keep pace with. He hates to see himself as an underachiever so he would push himself hard to emerge out a winner when he is done with you. However, sex is merely a matter of pleasure or entertainment and you may not have him necessarily immersing himself in you emotionally.

Leo man in bed with Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman is a sexual being. The man born under the Leo Zodiac sign is all about grand gestures and warmth when he lures someone to the act of lovemaking. While both are passionate love makers, their values differ. The Leo man is capable of keeping things casual while the Scorpio woman gets deeply emotional and cannot handle his superficiality.

Leo man in bed with Libra woman

The Leo man and Libra woman end up having a lot of fun in bed as they are both playful, adventurous and mutually attracted. They would love to hang out, immersed in PDAs while being respectful of each other's beliefs and values. They don’t mind doing it dirty regardless of the place, fighting hard to keep their hands off each other.

Leo man in bed with Capricorn woman

The Leo man and the Capricorn woman operate differently with regard to their core values. A passionate encounter could be hard to come by given their lack of trust and fear of a fallen self- esteem. The manner of sexual expression is discomforting as the lack of spark is all too evident making it hard for sex to be ever fulfilling.

Leo man in bed with Cancer woman

This couple can build up anticipation and foreplay in the most exciting way during the initial phase of attraction. The expectation of the Cancer woman is met by the warmth that the fire sign Leo brings in between the sheets. She will be floored by the chivalry and tease of the Leo man. However, if the Leo male fails to control his display of ego, it could scare away the Cancer woman leading to an unsatisfying sex life.

Leo man in bed with Aries woman

The Leo man and Aries woman have great potential to be the best sexual partners given similar preferences and level of passion they have for each other. There is high energy in these fire signs that is waiting to surface in their sexual encounters. The need for sexual intimacy is so primal to these signs that a sexless life is a ticket to boredom and disappointment in their relationship.

Leo man and Aquarius woman

The Leo man and Aquarius woman will fight to have an incredible sexual experience. No way shall this union be bland for there is enough passion and drama. They are passionate lovers who get drawn towards one another without much effort. Their mutual curiosity and wild experiments with sex fans the flame of attraction for the longest.

Leo man and Gemini woman

The Leo man will rarely have a connection like the Gemini woman who understands his vocals and adapts to his expectations so well. The mental stimulation that a Gemini woman brings to the table is too hot for the Leo man to resist. Sex between the couple is playful and enjoys new experiments. If all goes well, there will be enough stability for the union to last forever.

Leo man and Libra woman

An open communication of their likes and dislikes makes it easy for the couple to work out an incredibly satisfying sex life. Staying in control of their desires with a strong mutual attraction will be a hard task. They value their social standing a bit too much and this brings them a common ground to cultivate respect and conduct. Mutual trust forms the bedrock of a blissful sex life.

Leo man and Sagittarius woman

This is a bond where the natives let each other be exactly who they are. The beauty of their sexual relationship is complete surrender and devotion. The fiery energies work like magic to satisfy their needs in bed. The Leo man and Sagittarius woman share an inherent need for adventure and pleasure that builds the perfect connection.


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