How to know when a Leo man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when a Leo man is done with you? 8 Signs!


Leos never have any difficulty expressing their dislike of someone. So, it is pretty easy to know if he is upset with you. The trouble lies in knowing if the Leo man is done with you for good. Often, they are either too busy, seem cold, distant or aloof. Or they are angry about something you did and you might interpret it as something else. Now, there is a rare chance of this next situation happening, but I might as well mention it. When he is done with you, and you don’t even realize it. So, how do you know when a Leo man is done with you and has fallen out of love? You need to know because you have to decide your next step too. Whether to work to get him back. Or send out feelers for your next boyfriend.

Whatever you decide to do, here are 8 signs that will tell you when a Leo man is done with you! And a few secrets astrology can reveal us about his personality.

Do Leos move on quickly?

It is important for you to know that you have a very short window to do something. The men born under the Leo Zodiac sign are very quick to move on. If he's already done with you, he's thinking about ways to break up. So, you have a very small time frame to either get him back, or leave him before he leaves you. How do Leos handle breakups? They look for fallback. Nah, these are not the people who want to take their time to deal with the hurt. They will jump right into the next thing. You might want to too. But first, let's see if you will need to or not.

1. His behavior alters from chivalrous to bitchy

Leo men are known for their pride and regal behavior. When they are around the people they like, they can be very noble. Especially the women they like. Around their lady-love, they are Prince Charming come to live. King Charming, for that matter. However, much like all other monarchs, they have a tough time hiding their dislike. When a Leo man leaves you, there is always a bitchy behavior that possesses him in the days preceding the breakup. Is he being a jerk to you lately? Are you unable to point out why that is? He might be contemplating an exit from this relationship.

2. He isn’t his cheerful self when you two are alone

Anyone can be sullen for any number of reasons. Right? What you need to figure out is whether you are the reason for his sadness? The best way to do that is by drawing comparisons. Does he seem cheerful and happy when you two are with others? Does he always seem to be busy on his phone or laptop or with his work when he is alone with you? And even when he is giving you his attention, he isn’t exactly happy about it. Before a Leo man dumps you, his entire demeanor will change. He will always seem upset. And I’m sure that his sullen energy has started to seep into your life too. So, you either ask you Leo guy what’s wrong. Or you move on with your life.

3. He is avoiding you as much as possible

A lot of a Leo male’s tactics before a breakup have to do with putting as much distance as possible. The first step in doing that is to avoid you. How do you know if a Leo man doesn't like you? If he would much rather spend time with anyone else, but you. He will make plans with his friends even when they are doing something he doesn’t like. If you ask him whether he has the time or not, he will make up a work-related excuse. And if you ever get a stray text where he’s making plans with someone else (a text that he will delete eventually), know that things are over from his side.

4. He will confront you about things you didn’t even know were an issue

If you haven’t been particularly bitchy to him, he would try to ease you into the breakup. The Leo male does this by picking up unnecessary fights. This is also his way of putting the blame on you. Making it seem like you couldn't give your all to the relationship. And fights over small things will begin to erupt. Over trivial issues like the amount of time, you take to get ready. Or how your friend talks when you are with her at a restaurant. Random and weird things that would make no sense at all.

5. He couldn’t care less about your opinion

If you are like me, you would never even make friends with someone who doesn't care about your opinion. Let alone someone who thinks your opinions are worthless. A Leo guy who is done with you will treat you like this. And remember, no one is worth being treated like shit for. Whether it is a plan to hang out. Or a major decision in your life, he will stop asking for your opinions. Even when you do give an unsolicited opinion, he will totally disregard it. Or worse, he will humiliate you for chipping in.

6. It will all be about him all the time

It’s not news that the Leo man is selfish by nature. Things are different when they are in love, though. He is as selfless as can be and sometimes even sacrificial. But when the Leo guy wants to dump you, he will become unbelievably selfish. Everything will be about him. How you dress, how you talk, what you do with your life, will all be about him. He will pick fights about the impact that your lifestyle choices are having on him. Or how you aren’t giving him enough attention anymore. It would start to seem that your significance is negligible in that relationship. And everything has to be the way he gets to come out best in a given situation.

7. There will be a problem with everything about you

A Leo male who has fallen out of love is the nastiest creature you will ever see. He will make you feel miserable about yourself. This is just his process of justifying breaking your heart. He wants to convince himself, and you, that you were just not worth it. And so, he will start pointing out faults in you. No matter what you do, it will always be wrong. Things that he used to love about you earlier, will be irritating him now. He will criticize you even worse than a Virgo ever would. Trust me, you don’t have to take this shit from him. You don’t want to waste your time on a man, who isn’t even strong enough to break things on even terms.

8. He will call it quits

If your Leo man is noble of character, he would break up clean. Without walking in circles around the issue, he will directly call it quits. If he doesn't do it directly, he would show the signs I mentioned above. But eventually, he will break up with you. If you want him back, then you might want to act before things get to this point. However, if vengeance is on your mind, I don't blame you. He has been an ass to you. But two can play that game. Break up with him before he gets a chance to break up with you. Nothing tastes sweeter than revenge, served cold.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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