What is the Leo Man's Ideal Woman?

What is the Leo Man's Ideal Woman?


What does a King look for in his future Queen? The answer to this question will answer another one. What does a Leo man look for in a potential lover? It is no secret that Leos are very picky when it comes to their girlfriends/boyfriends. This is a Zodiac sign with great taste and a lot of self-esteem. Naturally, anyone who they would devote their time and attention to has to be worth it. If you haven’t wondered this about any other man from other Zodiac signs.

When you meet a Leo male, you will find yourself wondering what is the Leo man's ideal woman? Here’s your answer a few astrological secrets revealed!

What does a Leo man look for in a woman?

The list is long. But we will try to cover the essentials.

The Leo guy looks for a woman who is confident and classy. There’s an ill-conceived notion about the men born under the Leo Zodiac sign, that they are attracted to surface beauty. Well, it is only partly true. They are attracted to the surface beauty of a person who is classy and confident. Someone who knows how to dress well, how to carry themselves properly in public. And someone who doesn’t drown in self-doubt and insecurities.

He likes women who can hold their own and don’t need to be saved. The Leo man loves to swoop in and save the day. But they loathe damsels who are always in distress. If you need someone’s help to get you through every difficult situation then that’s weakness. The Lion eats the weak. He can be a hero only if he saves someone strong.

The Leo man covets an ambitious woman. To a Leo male, there is nothing sexier than a woman who is out to take over the world. sure, they might clash with such women at their workplace. But that doesn't mean that they don't respect them. When looking for a romantic partner, they search for someone ambitious. After all, ambitious people achieve great heights. And he loves the view from up there.

Intelligent and smart women are always on his list. He doesn't want beauty if it comes without brains. Leos are great intellectuals. Their conversations are deep and meaningful. You might find them idling around, but deep down they are very observant and focused. Naturally, they look for someone who stimulates this drive within them. And someone who cannot match their wits fails to make the cut.

He wants someone who can shower him with love, affection and admiration. And of course, despite all those high ideals for their significant other, things do come down to the Leo man’s own need to be loved. They cannot be with a woman who is too busy in her own life to not give them the attention that they need. Sure, he can be understanding for some time if you are busy and all. But if you cannot shower him with the love he needs, then he won't be interested in you.

Leo man likes and dislikes in a woman

Now that we know what he looks for, let’s drill down a little. You can get the Leo man’s attention if you have all the qualities that I mentioned above. But to hold his attention is another matter.

The Leo male likes a woman who has a passion for life. Some people just wander this earth to complete their life cycle. Others truly live the time that they have been given. These are the go-getters, the risk-takers, the adventure seekers. And these are the things that a Leo man likes in a woman.

He loves a woman who is mature enough for the both of them. Leos, male or female, can be a bit irrational at times. Most of the time, they act like teenagers. It is this immaturity that creates trouble for them in a lot of relationships. So, while they might not realize it, they always look for someone who can handle herself and them in their time of need. Someone who can resolve fights and not pour kerosene over the fire.

More importantly, the Leo guy loves a woman who can be challenging. The Leo man can get any woman that he sets his mind to. And he has a lot of admirers too. But the problem is that most of these women turn out to be a real snooze. So, he looks for women who always keep him on his toes. It could be her enigma, her drive, her passion, anything. He doesn’t mind a little bit of competition either.

On top of the list of things that a Leo man dislikes in a woman is volatility. Unlike the Libra or Taurus male, he isn’t a sucker for stability. He enjoys the ups and downs. But he hates the drama. The unnecessary fights, arguments. Regardless of whether these are with him or with someone else. If he has to hear about it, he hates it.

He dislikes women who don’t focus on their appearance. There is a bit of superficiality in him, but with good reason. How a person looks has a great impact on what people think about them. Someone who doesn’t care about their outwards appearance at all shows that they don’t care. That is not the characteristic of an ambitious, driven person.

He hates people who are weak and easily give up. Life throws us many blows. The trick is to stand up, dust yourself off, and keep moving. Sure, some days can be a lot worse than others. But a quitter will find no respect in the eyes of a Leo. They don’t discriminate among people based on gender or race or anything, except for the strength of their will, determination, and character.

What does a Leo man like in women of different zodiac signs?

Leo man compatibility with Aries woman

There are fireworks between a Leo man and an Aries woman in a relationship. There's just so much that they love about each other. But for the Leo man what stands out is the Aries woman’s innocence and enthusiasm. Her child-like wonder and the sparkle in her eyes is what captures his hearts.

Leo man compatibility with Taurus woman

The Taurus woman brings to the Leo man's life stability and maturity which he lacks. While the Leo man bounces from one cloud to the next in his dreams, the Taurus woman makes sure that reality looks just as pleasing for him.

Leo man compatibility with Gemini woman

The Gemini woman is the only one who has a social life that matches Leo's expectations. He loves her ability to host exceptional social gatherings and have deep meaningful conversations. The Gemini woman knows how to keep the Leo male entertained.

Leo man compatibility with Cancer woman

Relationship with a Leo man means that you will have to give more love and affection than you get. And that’s no problem for the Cancer female. The Leo male loves her ability to give more love than she gets and her empathetic nature.

Leo man compatibility with Leo woman

Who can the King look better with than the Queen? Leo man and woman get along perfectly purely because of how well they understand one another. Together they are the power couple that they both want to be.

Leo man compatibility with Virgo woman

It can be difficult for the Leo man to get along with the honest criticism that the Virgo woman sends his way. But he loves her strength of character and her ability to always look her best. She never lets anything affect her disposition and continues to strive to be the best.

Leo man compatibility with Libra woman

The Libra’s honesty and balance are what attracts the Leo man the most. She would never be unfair or unjust. More importantly, there is no drama when it comes to the Libra woman. She loves peace and harmony even more than he does.

Leo man compatibility with Scorpio woman

Remember I said that the Leo man loves and enigmatic woman? Who can be more mysterious than the Scorpio woman? I also mentioned that he loves a challenge. And keeping up with the Scorpio woman is the greatest thrill that he can get out of any relationship.

Leo man compatibility with Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman is adventurous, carefree, and passionate. On paper, she is the perfect match for the Leo man. She always pushes the Leo man to do more. There is never a moment of boredom with the Sagittarius female.

Leo man compatibility with Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman and Leo man are the perfect power couple. They are both ambitious and help each other achieve their ambitions and goals. They compliment each other's style both publicly and privately.

Leo man compatibility with Aquarius woman

The enigmatic Aquarius woman always keeps the Leo man on his toes. He can never predict what she will do next. And that’s what keeps him obsessed with her. He loves everything about her. She both surprises and amuses him.

Leo man compatibility with Pisces woman

The Pisces woman brings to the relationship a much-needed calm and maturity. She cools his worst impulses and brings to his life clarity of perspective. He depends on her advice and knows that she will always have his back.


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