How to Make a Leo Man Jealous?

How to Make a Leo Man Jealous?


So, you want to fight the Lion? I can’t decide if I should admire your bravery or call you crazy. Pride is a sin. And there are no bigger sinners in the zodiac signs than the Leos. Whose collective noun ‘Pride’ cannot be an accident. But will this proud man succumb to jealousy? Or will he pretend like it doesn’t affect him like the Aries man? Maybe he’ll blow out like a volcano, like the Cancer man. But what if it doesn’t affect him at all, like the Gemini guy? You never know how the battle against a Lion ends.

Are you ready to find out how to make a Leo man jealous? I can only wish you good luck in your attempt to win it back and give you all the secrets I have because you will need them!

Are Leo Men Jealous and Possessive?

The simple answer to that is yes, Leo men are jealous and possessive. It might not look like he can care about anything enough to get jealous. But that is the thing you see. His own ego is what makes the Leo male so jealous. He cannot be upstaged by anyone or anything. When something seems to threaten his position, he gets jealous. Even the thought of someone trying to challenge him is enough. Enough to make him roar like a beast and charge into combat.

What makes matter worse is that he blurts what he feels. Now, it is a good quality to be able to speak your mind. But then your mind should be sure that what it's saying is the right thing. The problem is that the Leo guy blurts out his suspicions too. He doesn't even give the other person a chance to clarify.

He’s extremely worried about what others might think or say. The men born under this zodiac sign try very hard to pretend like they don’t care. Like nothing that anyone says can ever affect them. But it actually it does. It really hurts them bad. And a lot of the times, jealousy arises due to this fear of public humiliation.

The Leo man does have a fragile ego. More importantly, he has a very fragile ego that gets hurt at the most unintended slights. You can never be good at guessing what might tick him off. Disloyalty is not the only thing on the list, which is extremely long.

What Can You Do to Make the Leo Man Jealous?

I sometimes forget to put a danger warning before writing about potentially dangerous stuff. So, fair warning my friend. Things can get nasty when a Leo man gets jealous. Analyse your situation and use this tool only as necessary. Of course, if you two have broken up and you want him back, then you should go all out. There’s no way around it.

Here’s what you can do to make him jealous:

  1. Flaunt Your Admirers. He needs to know the value of what he has in you. For that, he has to look at how much those around you value you. Remember what I said about how much he cares about what others say? If he sees how many admirers you have out there, he is sure to get jealous. This kind of jealousy will make him hella possessive. Let him know that he's not the only one who can make you feel like the Queen you are.
  2. Show Interest in Your Admirers. Now, just that other men have an interest in you is not enough. You have to make him feel insecure about his position in your life. How do you do that? You show interest in getting to know these other men. Talk about them with him or when he's around. Try to find out more about these men. Praise them in his presence. And also talk about how sweet he or they were to you. All of this is sure to raise some ears.
  3. Don’t give him the attention he craves. If there's anything the men born under this zodiac sign cannot live without, it is being the centre of attention. So, what happens when the woman they love stops giving them that approval? It is sure to make him insecure. Not just about himself, but his position in your life. He cannot afford to be demoted. Even after a break up the Leo man expects reverence. Don't pay him any attention at all. Pretend like he doesn't even exist.
  4. Show him who the Queen is. You need to let him know that you are not his subject. You are a Queen who can get all the attention in the world. When she wants it and wherever she wants it. If you are good at being the centre of attention, don’t let your care for his pride get in the way. Upstage him. Be the sexiest woman in the room. Let him see the value of what he has in you.

How the Leo Man Shows Jealousy?

So, what’s next? Let’s see. Gave you a fair warning that things could get ugly. Check. Still went ahead and gave you the tools. Check. Now, let’s see how you can measure the results. A jealous Leo man can often be seen sulking and frowning. It will be as if you have sucked the life out of him like a dementor. He will roam around with a frown on his face. Never smiling or laughing. And he’ll let it be known that he’s not in a good mood. How will he do that? He’ll tell you what’s bothering him to your face. Of course, he won’t admit his jealousy. That will make him look weak.

Also, how can he let you know that what you do affects him? That will embolden your resolve. At least that’s how he looks at it. He’ll start flirting around. And this is where the ugly stuff begins. The Leo male only knows how to fight fire with fire. So, he’s going to give you a taste of your own medicine. He will flirt around in your presence. Just to let you know how it feels. And if you don’t play it safe, he might lose interest in you. You don’t want to go there if you are still with him.

Making a Leo Man Jealous After Breakup: Will it Make Him Come Back?

If you haven’t been able to control your jealousy play, you might lose your boyfriend. But if you were already broken up, then you are sure to get his attention. Making the Leo guy jealous will get you his attention. But that is not the last battle. The war will be on even after that. So, here are some other tips and advice that can help you get him back for good.

Show interest in him. It will surely make him feel great if he gets attention from you. Despite seeing the number of men who are after you. This will be a victory over all of them for him. But don’t look desperate. He needs to know that he has to earn your love. So, make him wait. Play hard to get. If he asks you out, make an excuse to not go. Always look your best. As much as he might deny it, the Leo guy is attracted to physical beauty. If you keep looking like the sexiest woman in the room, he won’t leave your side.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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