What is Leo Spirit Animal and its Meaning?

What is Leo Spirit Animal and its Meaning?


Who can even dream of capturing the spirit of the Lion? To even draw that comparison would be an injustice. It is always surprising to me how one Zodiac sign became so different from the other eleven. You can love them, or hate them. But you cannot deny that people born under the Leo Zodiac sign cannot be ignored. They always hover above everyone else. Everyone wants to be friends with them. Or at least be known to hate them dearly. What makes them have such a strong impact on the people around them? The answers go beyond astrology into other factors that influence their behavior and personality. Their ruling planet, their symbols, their element, all describe what it means to be a Leo. And if you want a summary of their personalities, then you only need to look at their spirit animals. So, are you ready to broaden your understanding to the Leo Zodiac sign?

Here is everything you should know about the Leo spirit animal and its meaning in astrology!

What does Leo Zodiac sign symbolize?

Leo symbolizes the orientation into adulthood. The stage of life where man is at the end of their teen years and the promise and responsibilities of adulthood are on the horizon. This builds in one's mind invincibility, a passion and a drive to make an impact. Ah! What an amazing thing it is to be young! Can you then blame them for being arrogant? The promise of the world is always in front of them. Leo natives are extremely sure of their abilities because they haven't faced a situation that they couldn't overcome. Their own limitations are not known to them. And everywhere they go, they represent a promise of a better life to those around them.

This puts Leos in a unique position. Some people admire their confidence and passion. The others loathe them for it. And I don't blame those people either. No one likes a snob. But if you get to know them better you see there is also an innocence about them. They haven't been scorned by the world yet. So, while they have their own faults and biases, they are not evil. Their spirit is pure and aims towards doing good.

What is Leo's spirit animal?

Without a doubt, most Leos would relate to Lion's spirit the most. And why wouldn't they? They share so much in common. Let's begin with pride. No not the group that lions live in. I mean the pride that comes with being royalty. Leos and lions walk with their heads held high. They don't mingle with common folk and only a select number of people get to walk in their circles. They are fearsome. People don't mess with them easily. And those who do, don't live to tell the tale. But they protect those whom they love, with their lives. They might not always do the grunt work. But when they do get up to work, they go for the kill. The fear that the strike is accompanied by respect and admiration. After reading all this, I'm sure all Leos will agree.

Let's move away from reality for a while. The reason for doing this is the fact that the next animal that captures Leo's spirit is in fact mythological: Dragons.

Both dragons and Leos share an impactful presence. They cannot be ignored the moment they enter the room. And their reputation precedes them. There are many myths about dragons across the globe. Just like there are several rumors and narratives about Leos among the people who know them. but that doesn't faze these mighty creatures. They know that their very presence fascinates people. This feeds their confidence and makes them even more sure of themselves. Which brings us to the next similarity between them. Leos and dragons never doubt themselves. They are not narcissists. But when they are good at something, they don't need people to assure them.

Another Leo spirit animal is the Peacock. The majesty of both Leos and Peacocks attracts everyone around them. They don't need to go the extra mile to attract people towards themselves. They have tons of fans. This knowledge of their own abilities also develops an arrogance in them. An arrogance that makes it difficult for them to get along with the sensitive people around them. But a key Leo trait is reflected in peacocks. The entire world is fascinated by them, but when it comes to love they have to be the ones to attract partners. Just as Leos only dole out affection towards someone else when they are in love.

What planet are Leos ruled by?

Astrology assigns ruling planets to all Zodiac signs. These planets influence the characteristics of the people born under this zodiac sign and are also critical in their growth. These planets are not simply celestial objects but representations of Greek and Roman Gods.

The Leos are ruled by the Sun. Which represents the Greek God Apollo. Sun imparts a forceful personality in Leos. Much like the sun, their light is so bright that it illuminates everything around them. people just gravitate to their energy. The Sun also imbibes in them optimism and a never say die attitude. They don't let failures get them down. In fact, failures drive them more than success does. Apollo is said to be the most attractive of all Greek Gods. So, no wonder Leos have so many admirers.

The attraction towards Leo natives isn't just physical. The Sun makes them seekers of knowledge. They are readers and intellectuals in their own way. People come to them for good conversations because they are also amazing conversationalists. And the majesty of the Sun also blinds it to small things. They are so focused on immediate gratification that they ignore the small details. Those small things become big problems for them in the long run. This leads to a self-centered, egoistic and narrow-minded personality.

What is Leo's element in astrology?

If you don't know the answer to this, I'm sure you will be able to guess it right.

The Leo element is Fire. No other sign reflects the characteristics of this element better than people of the Leo zodiac sign. The reason for this lies in the fact that Leo not only belongs to the fire element but is also ruled by the Sun. Their personality is blinding. The warmth that they emanate can both scare and soothe those around them. Their presence is infectious. Like the fire, it spreads so fast that it is difficult to keep track of its course. Leos learn passion and ambition from their element. They know that they can overcome all obstacles in their way by the sheer force of their will. The problem with that is that many times they forsake empathy and compassion in favor of their ambitions.

But it is the fire that makes them creative. From the devastation that fire creates rises new beginnings. Leos always look at the chaos and find something meaningful. They forge better relationships by first going through a trial of fire. And they can give everything to those who matter to them. They love with just the same intensity. But only the other fire signs can handle their power.


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Maria Alifa


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