What Animal & Symbol is Libra and What's its true Meaning?

What Animal & Symbol is Libra and What's its true Meaning?


It is tough to visualize a Zodiac sign as an animal when it isn’t represented as one. Because whenever we think of animals, we only think about them as wild beasts. Ready to charge, ready to kill. And then you think of the Libra zodiac sign and wonder: "How could this kind-hearted human being ever be anything like that?". What we don't realize, is that there is more to an animal's personality than surviving the wild. And it is these behaviors that resonate with the zodiac signs that we become. Ready to take a trip into the animal kingdom with the Libra zodiac sign?

Here’s all you need to know about Libra spirit animal and symbol, and its true meaning in astrology!

What is the spirit animal for Libra?

The thing about associating a spirit animal with a zodiac sign is that it is difficult to find just the one. Zodiac signs are not a ‘one size fits all’ deal. There are layers that you need to comb through to understand the whole picture. This is one of the reasons why not all people belonging to one zodiac sign behave the same way. Consequently, multiple animals can be the zodiac spirit animal of a particular sign.

The first animal which represents a big aspect of the Libra personality is the Grey Wolf. Right off the bat, I have associated the Libra zodiac sign with a carnivore. Well, allow me to explain why. The grey wolf symbolizes the importance of loyalty and family. As George R. R. Martin says in the Game of Thrones "The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives". The Libras are known for their loyalty towards their loved ones. And their ferocious love for their family. These are the people who stay in touch with the extended family and always send gifts or cards on birthdays and festivals. They value relationships and give their all to maintaining them.

The second animal that represents this zodiac sign best is the Raven. Among other things, the Raven stands for equality and balance. These two qualities are represented by the Libra symbol too: The Scales. Ravens prefer harmony and are known to be peace-loving creatures. Their intelligence has long helped them have a charm like no other. Much like the Libras we all know and love.

Meaning of the Libra Symbol

On first look, and for someone who hasn’t studied astrology, the Scales are a weird choice to represent a personality. However, if you know a Libra well, this depiction will make total sense. For there is no other constellation in the stars that comes as close to this zodiac as the Libra constellation.

First and foremost, the Scales represent balance and justice. Harmony in life is the key that drives all interactions of people born under this zodiac sign. They ensure this by making sure that everything is balanced. More importantly, they make sure that they are just. The widely known and oft-criticized Libra indecisiveness also arises from their inability to come to a just decision.

Just as tipped scales take time to give a decision, the Libra to takes their own sweet time with their decision. Thus, arises the notorious Libra indecisiveness. Very rarely would you come across a Libra man or Libra woman who is good at making decisions? That person too probably has a stronger ascendant or moon sign. Yet, you can rest assured that whatever they decide will be something that is in the best interests of all parties involved.

How did Libra end up with the Scales? What is the myth behind the constellation Libra? What Greek god represents Libra?

The Goddess of Justice, Themis, is the actual representation for the Libra zodiac sign. The Scales are the ones she used to deliver justice. One version of the mythology says that in the beginning, the Goddess lived on earth, among men, to help them differentiate right from wrong. But as man progressed, he got more and more corrupt. To the point where the Goddess couldn't stand it anymore and decided to leave for heaven. Yet, as she loved humans, she kept a watch over them in the stars. And made sure that justice was always served.

The meaning of Libra zodiac sign

The Libra represents a phase of a human being during its middle age when it starts to understand the concepts of justice and harmony. The Karmic cycle isn't very clear on which age group the Libra belongs to. But it is the realization of community and the importance of living in harmony with one another. To understand the Libra zodiac sign better, it is important to understand its defining personality traits.

Libras believe that justice is the foundation of a society. You will never see them dispensing injustice. And neither do they stand for it. They are usually very calm and kind human beings. However, they take on a ferocious side when exposed to injustice of any kind.

They are exceptionally amazing at creating a balance. They never have an issue balancing work and personal life. Or relationships. This makes them wonderful negotiators as they can see what is best for both sides. But we cannot overlook the influence of their ruling Goddess, Venus.

Libras tend to be romantics. With their charming personalities by their side, it is easy for them to attract the people around them. They might have issues in their romantic relationships. But a lack of romance will never be one.

Like most romantics, they too have high standards and exquisite tastes. They don't just like anything. Only the best that the world has to offer. And in their closest company, they keep people who share these tastes or add an exquisite value. This is not to say that they have a limited circle of friends. Libras are widely popular. And why wouldn't they be? What is there to not like?

The Libra Zodiac Sign Element

The Libra zodiac is known to be an Air Sign. What does it mean to be an Air sign? Every zodiac sign is associated with an element in nature depending upon their personality. Based on commonalities they are grouped with other zodiac signs. Libra finds itself with Gemini and Aquarius in the Air signs category.

Expression of feelings, thoughts and emotions comes easy to Air signs. It just flows through them. This is truer for Libra than others as they are very much in touch with their inner selves. What else did you think made Libras such great partners?

This also helps them become an extremely sociable person. You will never see an air sign standing alone at a party. Unless they are Aquarius, in which case, they probably chose not to mingle. They make friends everywhere they go. And they build relationships and not just gain acquaintances.

They have an almost divine ability to being able to see things from the perspective of others. This brings the Libra a greater understanding of the emotions of the other person. Naturally, it makes them the better judge of things in all situations. This is also something that helps them create a balance.

And much like the forces of nature, air signs pair best with fire signs. Air helps the fire grow and spread. It provides the oxygen fire needs to sustain itself. And this develops a spiritual connection between these groups.


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